Forget Santa Claus. Why can’t the stork be real?

by Creative Junkie on July 5, 2010

Currently, there are eight cousins in our family.


Four girls.

Four boys.


I invented two of them.


The girls came first.

In fact, it was pretty much an estrofest for the first seven years.


Until my two sisters-in-law starting thinking about bras and tampons and weddings and bankruptcy. Then they started popping out testosterone all over the place a little over three years ago.



Although, I have to admit that testosterone is totally cute.


It is impossible to get all eight cousins to remain still.

And smile.

Without appearing as if they have gas.

Really, really, really bad gas, in the case of one.


So currently, it’s a tie in the gender race over here.

And it’s up to one of my two sisters-in-law to break it.

Because that train left this station a long time ago. With booster rockets.

Choo choo!

*insert deafening jet engine roar*


But I admit …


There are times when I really wish I had bought a return ticket.




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