A multiple choice quickie …


The above image is a photo of which of the following:

  1. Reasonable suspicion that Jack the Ripper is alive and well and practicing on my Pfaltzgraff
  2. Nate’s last meal
  3. Defense Exhibit #1 in State of New York vs. Woman Driven Completely Batshit Insane by Husband Who Insists on Cutting Spaghetti With the Ferocious Intensity of a Rabid Beaver
  4. All of the above

Answer:  (4) All of the above.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Tune in next time to see the same defendant spontaneously combust when her husband insists on proving his point by shouting “Boom!” at the end of every sentence, on the next edition of STOP IT, STOP IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD , STOP IT BEFORE I GOUGE MY EYES OUT WITH A FORK.



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115 thoughts on “A multiple choice quickie …”

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    on the plus side…he did cook you pasta for the first time in forever for Valentine’s. Is that possibly worth all of the scratches? Nah…probably not. I mean you have probably cooked spaghetti something like 28,357 times in your marrige and the plate does rather look like a rabid beaver got at it so…nope, you are well within your rights to head bash!


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    ruby red slippers

    Love that! I to get sooo iritated with those lines all over my dishes-isn’t there a way to magically make them disappear??

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    We have a set of Pfaltzgraff plates too. They were one of our wedding gifts 12 years ago. I’ve never once scrubbed them because I decided all those little grey lines where part of their charm. *lol*

    (What in the world is SITS?)

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    Your blog is freaking hilarious!! I just read all of your posts from SiTS and then snooped around and read some more. You are officially one of my favorites…

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    I don’t know why I’m using that format. Just blown away by your awesomeness, I suppose :0)

    Congrats on being featured today–I’m so glad you were! I’ll be visiting often.

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    LOL! That’s why we have **cough** cheap plates! Hey wait a min…just remembered I haven’t actually SEEN my plates in awhile. Oh yeah! That’s cause we use paper plates! LOL!! Nate, Nate, NATE!! Control that strength man! 😀

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    LOL LOL – Love it! Tell him to use a fork and a big spoon so he can just twirl his noodles instead of cutting the crap outta them! Better yet, take a small plastic cup and use the rim to chop his sketti before serving it to him. It works great to cut it into tiny bite-sized pcs! I did it with all 3 of my boys when they were babies-hehehe

    Stopping by from SITS! Congrats on being featured. I’ll be back for sure! 🙂

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    Would you please give back my dishes? I have the exact same pattern. Copycat!
    You know you can buy Nate a set of kiddie knives, that won’t damage the plate when he’s cutting, his spaghetti. Also, glad to know that Nate and I are the ONLY people in the world who cut their sghetti. Great minds thing…..

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    Knives? I know what those are, but my husband doesn’t – unless we are our eating at a restaurant. Stopping by from SITS and wanted to say congrats to being the FB!!

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    …shouldn’t that be “gouge HIS eyes out with a fork?” maybe that’s the ticket!!!

    visiting for the first time from SITS!

    nice to meet you!


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    I’m going to be the only commenter who will not mention anything regarding you know what.

    I think you have a bad ass sense of humour. Me likey.

    I’m going to snoop around, ’cause I’m like that…and then if I feel up to it I think perhaps I’ll copy and paste your site to my sidebar. But I’ll probably need a drink or two first…that is A LOT of effort to put out in the middle of the week.

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    happy SITS day – use it as an excuse to go out and buy some little kids’ dishes and silverware before EVER serving Nate spaghetti (or anything else harder than… ummm… canned peaches) because it’s a crime to ruin good dishes like that!

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    Oh m G! That is funny. I totally didn’t get it for a little bit. Took me to read #3 before I figured out the funny. I am a little sloooooooow like that. =) Congrats on the feature! Have a great rest of the week in bloggy comment love!

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    Congrats on your SITS day!

    Um, are ya sure you don’t have MY hubs over there at your house???? This would be so like him except I keep the good stuff away from anything resembling a knife LOL!!

    Seriously though, sometimes if it’s not etched in you can remove those marks. Try Bar Keepers or even a paste of baking soda.

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    that’s some serious spaghetti eating — I’d serve it to him already cut up, I think. or make him eat noodles that won’t require cutting.

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    Oh boy, I’ve been reading through your posts here and have finally settled down enough to actually write a comment. I’ve bookmarked your blog for those moments when I need a real good laugh! Thanks for making my evening such a fun one!

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    I LOVE this! The horrors we put up with!! I wish I could take a picture that could show how my kids throw the laundry I just spent days washing and folding into the hamper with their smelly socks because they couldn’t bother to put them away…but I have no idea how to create scratch n’ sniff jpeg, so I guess I’m SOL! DO you have a couple of extra forks for me to gouge MY eyes out with? Another annoying habit around here is the way they bring my silverware into the car or their rooms or the 4th dimension, but never get them back to the drawer, so I’m kinda low these days 🙁
    Funny stuff! Keep writing! 🙂

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