Are we human? Are we dancer?

There will be no Sunday Regurgitation today because Emily emailed me this video she made and I liked it enough to change my schedule which is entirely contrary to the oath I took as a card carrying member of the Anal Retentive Society.

President Obama: Words for How We Feel Now from Emily Troutman on Vimeo.


If I had to choose the words I would hold up, they would be:

Hopeful. Because while I didn’t guzzle the Obama kool aid, there’s something about him that makes me think that that tiny little speck I see way out there in the distance might actually not be, as I feared, a painful reminder never to peer directly into my DSLR’s flash when cleaning it and for this, I just have five words: turn the camera off, numnuts. Maybe, just maybe, that speck is actually light at the end of this long ass dark tunnel that I like to call NOWADAYS which is littered with pink slips and crumpled up 401K statements and empty homes and ginormous blank checks and big piles of crap.

Skeptical. Because #1) I am immediately suspicious of anything that is marketed to turn my life around and I need to only glance at the three inch coating of dust on our treadmill as a painful reminder; #2) It’s a pretty big sandbox he’s playing in and as moms everywhere know, there will be some who won’t scoot over to make room or who won’t play fair or who won’t stop flinging sand and before you know it, plastic dump trucks will be flying and there will be a huge patch of pee that no one will cop to; and #3) no family has the right to seem that perfect, let alone actually be that way. They are way too attractive and happy and well behaved. There’s too much hand holding and bumping of fists and upping of thumbs going on. Do families actually do this? Is this normal? Maybe we should try it. As soon as Helena stops burping the alphabet and Zoe stops screaming that her life is unfair and Nate puts down his crackberry long enough to recognize me, I’m going to suggest it.

Dancer. Because I have no idea what this song means and if I hold up this sign, maybe someone will clue me in.

Proud. Because, quite simply, I am. Proud to live in a land where I had the opportunity to participate in my government and elect either an African American or a woman when I thought I’d have to mail in my vote from a nursing home before I would have such a choice.

Proud to watch such a peaceful, respectful and gracious transfer of power.

Proud of everyone who voted and participated in the process.

Proud of my president and proud of my country.

I like your video, Emily. I hope others will like it as well.


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14 thoughts on “Are we human? Are we dancer?”

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    I LOVE THIS! I love your writing about this subject, because it tells how I feel. I really like the ‘Obama Koolade’ because that was me too. I did vote for him, and I definitely felt he was the best candidate, but I didn’t guzzle the ‘Obama Koolade’ and yet, I’m feeling really positive about him! Thank you for sharing!

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    I enjoyed Emily’s video and your comments equally. I love the way you think and write. As for me, I am surprised that my usual skepticism toward politics and government have been replaced with optimism…at least for a while.

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    Great video!! Ok.,you know how I feel..I saw several words that describe me in that video, anxious, worried, skeptical, scared, and I have to say hopeful (but still very skeptical in the back of my mind) that Mr.Obama can turn those words into the positive words for me..we’ll see, I really hope he can. Of course proud to live in a free land where I can vote!!

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    Great post! I enjoyed the video. I didn’t vote for Obama but I am, as always, very proud to be an American. I am very hopeful that this nation is in good hands. 🙂 We just have to trust in our system.

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    I’m still drinking the Kool Ade but responsibly. I know that one man can’t change our nation by himself and we as citizens still need to not only help but to keep him in check.

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    hello from dubai – thanks for coming over and leaving your comments 🙂 we were watching american or perhaos world history being made on our tellies. dare i say congratulations>?

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    You expressed my views in better words than I could have ever written. No politician has ever kept ALL of their campaign promises. I hope we are all patient and willing to do whatever we can so we get back on our feet again.

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    as a non-american, i found it all very interesting. i want to believe that obama will be able to make the change or, at the very least, inspire the people of america to make the changes necessary to help not only your own country’s economy et al but the rest of the world as well. i totally love your sandbox analogy. i am a natural cynic when it comes to politics but must say that obama and his campaign (a clean one no less!) have left me with hope that there are decent politicians out there.

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