She takes it from drab to fab! It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!

Guess who forged her mother’s name on the paperwork and then ran away at seventeen to join the Navy? And got herself a degree in main propulsion engineering? And worked on some of the largest deep water oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico?

And perhaps most ballsy of all … hired a housekeeper for over a year and never told her husband?


Just kidding.

As if.

I only forged my mother’s name once, while in high school, to get out of gym class so that I could go four wheeling with an asshat whose muscles were three times bigger than his brain. My gym teacher caught me and then my mother psychologically banished me to Siberia and to this day, my frontal lobe suffers frostbite the instant I enter a school gymnasium.

I never had the chutzpah or genetic disposition to do anything cool like join the Navy. I was a self-absorbed, uncoordinated, seventeen year old rebelling the only way I knew how … in a miniskirt and four inch black patent leather heels. So even if I had tried it, I’d have probably gotten as far as the driveway before breaking both my ankles, resulting in an emergency trip to the ER where I would have met Dr. Hottie with whom I’d become totally infatuated and over whom I’d cry buckets after being discharged. From the hospital. Not the Navy since I never made it to the Navy in the first place because of my lousy DNA.

Did I mention that my entire body swam in stupid at seventeen?

To answer my own questions above … I’m talking about Jessie of Designs by Jessie. You can find her ad over there —–> in my sidebar. She’s the one offering $4 off your first order and she’s just extended the offer through the end of November! Enter CREATIVEJUNKIE4 at checkout!

I have an anal-retentive, penmanship bond with Jessie. Her children drive her nuts because they write their letters from bottom to top. My youngest drives me insane because she starts her letters out fat and then they gradually succumb to anorexia by the time she gets to the right margin.

Jessie takes the plain and ordinary and transforms it into something pretty damn good looking. I’m about to jump into a FedX box and ship myself off to her, out of sheer desperation.




This is one of her pretty camera strap slip covers. The front and the back. Don’t you love how they coordinate?

I wish my front and back were so coordinated. What the hell, Mom and Dad? Were you blind when you made me? Drunk? What?

These patterns make me feel refreshed, like someone splashed ice cold water on my face while I was in the throes of a hot flash. You know? Hot flash? When the sun decides to cop a squat in your bra for ten years?



Jessie’s camera strap slip covers slide right over your existing camera strap, that plain, black torture device the manufacturers include with their cameras. What they lack in imagination, they more than make up for in functional hideousness. We’ve all seen the straps, right? Those thick, mini-seatbelt looking things that hold your camera and hang from your neck and cut into your skin and give you a rash and make you scream OH MY GOD, I SHOT TWO HUMANS THROUGH MY PRIVATES, HAVEN’T I DONE ENOUGH ALREADY? SOMEONE ELSE HOLD THE DAMN CAMERA after three hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

My PSA for today: Don’t shriek in aquariums. It scares the fish.

Think of the manufacturer’s camera strap as an ugly ass couch with scuzzy dog hair all over it, ripped and torn, held together with duct tape and dried up mustard. Who wants to sit on that when you have a party?

But everyone will fall all over themselves to get near it if you cover it with something pretty!

Not that I’m advocating treating your camera strap like a couch. You don’t want your guests fighting over who can sit on your camera strap first, especially if it’s around your neck. That could be awkward, especially if you’re lying there dead from asphyxiation, leaving your guests to wander about aimlessly, asking out loud “Who wants to play Scattergories?”



They’re lined with fleece interfacing for durability and comfort. Oh, and guess what? They’re washable too. So if your neck oozes ring around the collar, or your daughter eats Cheetos and grabs your camera so she can play Ansel Adams, no problem!

Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for polka dots? If Nate had just worn polka dots on our first date, he wouldn’t have even had to buy me dinner. Just dessert.



Looky, looky! Jessie can make a little pocket for your lens cap! So now, you won’t lose your lens cap when you set it down on a guard rail in order to take a shot from atop the 120 meter ski jump in Lake Placid, only to miss the shot entirely by having a myocardial infarction because your husband likes to stand at the edge of tall buildings and pretend to jump off them due to some latent Superman tendencies. It’s not until four hours later, back at the hotel, when you realize your lens cap is still perched 120 meters up in the sky and Clark Kent refuses to go back and fetch it, even though you offered him a quickie with your 17th personality, Lois Lane.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.



If you love the feel of softness around your neck, you can even ask Jessie to attach some plush, furry minky to one side of your strap. Personally? If I had my druthers, I’d wear nothing but minky all day every day. Unfortunately, I have kids and they absconded with my druthers a long time ago, probably burying them in the back yard somewhere, right next to my social life.



This is one of Jessie’s Perfect Pockets. It’s made to carry your cellphone, small camera, iPhone, iTouch, iPod and quite possibly your toddler, if she’s small boned and squishy. She can even customize it to carry your crackberry at no extra charge!

The Perfect Pocket, not your toddler. I assume you’ve taken care of all those customizations yourself.



.I don’t know about you, but I throw my phone into my purse where it cavorts with all sorts of sharp things like pens and keys and my favorite four pronged fork that I lost last year and recently found hiding on the floor of my car’s back seat, underneath a fossilized Christmas ham. My poor cellphone screen winds up being used as an etch-a-sketch with half its keypad stuck down by chewed-up spearmint gum and then when I try to dial my mother in North Carolina, I wind up yelling CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? HOW ABOUT NOW? to some poor, socially challenged, agoraphobic shmuck in Idaho who just trampled over his thirty cats to answer the phone.

I could avoid that entire scenario if I had a Perfect Pocket.



I’m not sure what I’d do with all the free time I’d have from not scrounging around the bowels of my purse for my phone. Knit a sweater, maybe? Learn a language?

Conquer a small country? Is Liechtenstein still available?

Is Liechtenstein a country? Or a small musical instrument?

I’ll take How The Hell Did I Graduate College Suma Cum Laude for $800, Alex.



Hey, how many of you work at a place where you are required to wear a lanyard with a security tag around your neck?

I do!

OK. Fine. I work from home. Happy now?

But security tags make me feel important so, every once in awhile, I create one in Photoshop, print it out, laminate it, throw it around my neck, run around the house in my jammies and pretend like I actually matter. Sometimes I’ll even pretend to be really important and duct tape my cellphone to my ear just like a bluetooth and then buzz my imaginary secretary and request a lunch reservation at Le Cirque with Anderson Cooper. Around noonish.

But if I had to wear one in public? Like, officially, with actual real live people?

I’d make sure it was pretty.

Or rather, Jessie would.



Like these. Why the hell not? Is there a law that says lanyards have to be dull and boring, devoid of any and all personality whatsoever? I mean, what are they, Wolf Blitzer?

Sorry, Wolf. You just make it too easy. By the way, tell Anderson not to be late for lunch. I hate waiting.


Up for grabs:


Two (count ’em, TWO ) $25 shopping sprees at Designs by Jessie!

Not just one.


That means two winners, for the mathematically challenged. Not that there’s really any math involved because I’m not a sadist, no matter what they say.

Think holiday shopping!

49 days until Christmas. Thought I’d throw that out there!

Alright, so I’m a teensy bit of a sadist. Sue me.


The devil’s in the details, right?

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me what I’d find if I jumped into your car this instant and looked at the floor. I’ll go first … my car? I shudder to think. Get your shots updated. And bring a shovel. Maybe we’ll discover Jimmy Hoffa!
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. You young’uns – do you even know who Jimmy Hoffa is?
  • Shopping sprees expire one month from winner notification.
  • Winners must confirm notification within 48 hours or I’ll have to choose a substitute and then my blog schedule will be totally messed up and I’ll be cranky.
  • No entries after 9:00 pm eastern time on Sunday, November 8, because that’s when I will be famished and dragging myself up to the trough for a snack. Stay back. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL. Unless you have a donut.
  • I will use to choose the winners. Oh, it’s no problem! No problem at all! You are so welcome!
  • One entry per person. Entering more than once drives me batty. And believe me, I don’t need to be driven batty. I can walk there quite easily on my own.
  • My blog theme Thesis is still messing with my comment numbers. It numbers all the way to up comment #300 and then starts back at #1 again. It’s infuriating but I’m aware of it so go ahead and post your comment and don’t worry if there are duplicate comment numbers! I’ve got a handle on it!
  • I’ll announce the winners on Monday!


That’s it!

Good luck!



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196 thoughts on “She takes it from drab to fab! It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    I know … no one ever wants to go first because the odds of picking #1 is … well, I think it’s the same as any other number right? But psychologically speaking, never picks #1.

    So, even though I already answered the question in my post, I’ll just stand here and take up #1’s spot.

    See? It’s all good. Now, go forth and enter!

  2. Avatar

    Ok, well I’ll go second then :O)
    Well, if you went to my car, you’d have to first locate it to where ever to bank took it when I lost my job last February. Sticky folk, those bank people, and their need to get paid. But before that you would’ve found empty cherry coke bottles. lots of them. and possibly an empty snickers wrapper ( or 5 ).
    Basically it was one big 7-11 trash can.

  3. Avatar

    There’s quite a bit of paper (old newspapers, magazines, notes, flyers, etc.) on the floor of the back seat of the car. Good thing I don’t take passengers very often. Thanks for the givaway!

  4. Avatar

    Oh my gosh…am loving the camera strap covers! I would love to win one of the gift certificates.

    Let’s see…on the floor of my truck right now: nothing! ONLY because I had to give my mom a ride somewhere the other day, so I threw everything in the back! (Don’t even ask what’s in the back!)

  5. Avatar

    Hmmmm… Backseat – two car seats one littered with cookie crumbs cashew pieces and smarties. On the floor beneath seat one – one and a half pairs of baby socks and one pair of baby shoes – maybe an empty juice bottle, a travel doodle thingie, and a book. On the floor of the other car seat – nothing – I try to keep this clean since the teachers at Ry’s school help her into and out of the car at drop off and pick up. Front seat passenger floor – a big black garbage bag full of various candy wrappers old bank slips, fast food containers and about 20 empty Starbuck’s Doubleshot cans. (I decided to clean out the car last week). A torn up and stained 8×11 ‘used to be fluorescent green’ paper number 23 that I’m supposed to put in the window when I pick up Ry but am to embarrassed to use anymore. And, three books on cd. I listen to them on the 30 minute commute to work and am terrified that one may end and I wouldn’t have a

  6. Avatar

    A bucket with dog toys, leashes and a few treats! Of course a few dog hairs and bits of dirt and leaves that he picks up on his daily walk!

  7. Avatar

    oh I tried to make a camera strap myself, ya its not so good. My car floor, I hope you will find my USB key that is so freaking small I keep loosing it, it has some stuff on it I really need…….

  8. Avatar

    ON the floor of my minivan right now, you are likely to find a few teeny-tiny shoes belonging to various Disney princess figures, the stray Lego or twelve, a dinosaur herd intermingling with some African safari animals, more likely than not a few dozen CHeezits and Goldfish, and eleventy million bottles of water that have wriggled their way free from the case I bought at Sam’s Club and stowed in the way back, and now come careening forward through the roadblocks of dinosaurs, princess shoes and snacks of yore to jam up under my foot in alarming ways whilst I’m cruising the expressways. Good times!

    Oh, and also you’d probably find some stray H1N1 germies, since we’re freaking rife with them right now. 😛

  9. Avatar

    front seat covered by purses, plastic bags for the library, old sales ads, probably old napkins used as kleenexes, old wrappers from slim jims, old can of coke or some type of soda pop, next area chip bag empty of course, more snot filled napkins used as kleenexes, pony tail holders ont eh floor, in the booster seats, backseating area fix a flat maybe jumper cables, way back box of cd’s for donation to a charity, old shoes that no longer fit for charity, and folding captain chairs for soccer…did I mention desert sand,dust, and dirty is mixed in them.

    I think my van killed the h1n1 virus by sophication…call csi to find if it worked.

  10. Avatar

    Yikes~ my car is a mess right now! You would find lots of “artwork” that my toddler creates at daycare and a few dozen Halloween candy wrappers. And 3 coats. I don’t know why.

  11. Avatar

    If Jimmy Hoffa is in your car, who is that in mine? Under the empty water bottles I keep planning to put in the recycle bin, but never seem to get to? The ones that fall out whenever someone gets in or out the passenger door? If it’s not Jimmy, perhaps it’s Amelia Earhart? Under the expired Costco coupons. Yes, that must be her.

  12. Avatar

    Hard french fries, stale cheerios, and quite possibly a half-eaten cheeseburger. He’s 3. It’s all on the floor in the backseat with a half million Hot Wheels. I never have leftovers, so there’s no food up front 😉

  13. Avatar

    I have been pretty good about the front seat of the car, but the kids and the backseat…well, you’ll find books, stuffed animals, and probably a sleeve of crackers!

  14. Avatar

    I actually have a shovel on the floor of my van. Along with 3 umbrellas, enough crumbs to feed a third world country, various empty wrappers, soccer cleets, 2 empty gatoraid bottles and a sock. I don’t even want to know what is growing under the kids booster seats so please don’t make me look!

  15. Avatar

    You would easily find enough dog hair to construct an entirely new dog from scratch. I have three large dogs – I couldn’t keep up with the shedding even if I vacuumed the car every day!

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  17. Avatar

    Ha! You caught me on a good week. In the front seat? A file folder (yellow) with directions to the place where I had my last job interview. (also the GPS, but the streets around here change names 50 thousand times between each suburb and I get lost!) In the way back of the station wagon? Cloth grocery bags, my pink wind breaker, a quilt with Grover dancing all over it, and 6 floor tiles that I bought at a garage sale in August. I was going to alter them, but they are still in the car. What is not in my car? A window scraper. We just moved South from Ontario to the Southern US. That makes me happy!

  18. Avatar

    First of all, you would never want to look on the floor of my car. However, if i had to tell you – it would be all sorts of PAPERS. Paper cups, reciepts, wrappers, newsletters, mail… you get the jist.

  19. Avatar

    In the floor of the minivan – do you really want to know???? You asked so here goes – some books – of the kid variety – some goldfish (don’t know how long they have been there) – maybe a couple of tissues (i can’t tell you right now if they are used or not – yuck! – blame the two year old) – a pull up (an extra in case the 2 year old needs it) – some clothes – and a bag of goodies from a halloween party. Off to clean the van now – thanks!

  20. Avatar

    Floor of the red minivan…

    Lots of couponc scattered about not saving the van any money!
    A picture album that need to be taken back to the store that cannot put it together right.
    An orange folder that probably contains something important.
    An art creation from preschool.
    An empty fast food sack.

    Does Jessie make car organizers?

  21. Avatar

    Oh, my. I hate to think about what you’d find on the floor of my minivan. I know there’s a build-a-bear bunny wearing a cinderella dress back there. There are also crumbs from who knows what kind of snack foods. Oh, and probably some random hot wheels and lego people.

  22. Avatar

    I love her designs. I wish I could sew anything, but I can barely sew on a button. My mother is worse – she once hot glued a hem…

    In my car you will find 3 hoodies discarded by my son, his water jug from tennis, about 5 half-filled water bottles which I stupidly left in the car and now can’t drink from because I hear leaving the water bottle in the car causes cancer; several torn up copies of Smithsonia because I like to look smart when I am sitting at one of my kids’ appointments waiting, which is how I spent a lot of my life… oh, and Jimmy Hoffa. My son plans to take him to school as a science project soon…

  23. Avatar

    An old Ranger Rick magazine (that dd looks at when in the car), some headbands, ponytail holders and bobby pins. Crunched up leaves, a box of tissues that makes it’s way from the back car seat to the floor and back again. Perhaps a treat or two? =)

    If I don’t win I know what I’ll be adding to my wish list for Christmas this year!

    Have a good one,
    Jen Davis

  24. Avatar

    I love her work-so beautiful and clean looking.

    So, would it surprise you if I said nothing was on the floor of my van? yep, I need a clean van. it does get messy, full of crumbs and kids stuff, but I try to keep it clean, ordering my kids to pick up their stuff. Now the carpet on the floor is another story. it is stained and gross. I’ve even told my husband that i would love to get it cleaned and would accept that as a Christmas present.

  25. Avatar

    Right now… 6-8 empty Red Bull cans-various sizes, a bottle of multi-vitamins (how long can I live on caffeine and vitamins?), a size 5T sweatshirt, an adult windbreaker, legos, scraps of paper, a ball cap, a fews pens, a small box of crayons, wet wipes, an assortment of G.I. Joe figures, some hot wheels…… and on and on and on

    Great giveaway!

  26. Avatar

    lol, I actually just cleaned my car out, so you’d just find the tiny trash can I keep for the kids in there.

    What a fun post! Thanks for the chance!

  27. Avatar

    The floor of my car is covered with Christmas CD’s, various receipts (mainly from Starbucks), a few fuzzies, a lone raisin, probably a dust covered lollypop, six bottles of hand sanitizer, and maybe a partridge in a pear tree.

    Great giveaway – love those camera straps!

  28. Avatar

    Love your blog – I was LOL!! You would only find dirt on the floor of my car right now. I have actually been keeping all the crap out of it! Yeah, my husband can’t believe it either considering what I had in my old car!!

  29. Avatar

    This blog is awesome 🙂 Nothing on the floor of my car… with the T-tops off it goes everywhere, so I’m really good about keeping it clean. 😉

  30. Avatar

    Back seat: O magazine, 2 free health magazines from ER waiting room (been there twice in the past 2 weeks!), and 2 half empty water bottles from same ERs.

    Front seat: sled dog beanie whose name escapes me at the moment, change cup with only pennies b/c everyone else takes the silver, and some trident wrappers.

    Not bad considering the past month!

  31. Avatar

    I’ve drooled over Jessica’s camera straps for some time now! It would be way cool to actually win this so I could finally buy one.

    Is that pathetic enough? Do you thin the random generator number thingy will recognize the patheticness and lameness of this comment and take pity on me?

    I didn’t think so.

  32. Avatar

    I need help!!! I collect everything!! Some of the clothes in my closet date back to the 70’s and all are so jam-packed in I have trouble pulling out only one item at a time. I love and collect costumes, wigs, glasses, hats, scarves…… you name it!! My kids tell me I need up to date clothes! My friends just look at me and smile……

  33. Avatar

    There is nothing on the floor of my car besides sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and the sweet smell of rose petals. HAHAHAHAHA. Wait, that’s my mom’s floor. Mine has a fake 2′ long penis we made for Halloween.

  34. Avatar

    I’m fairly certain that I just drooled so much it broke something electronic on my desk. Had to have. Good lord that stuff is awesome! I’ll take a camera strap and a pocket pretty please 😉

    I don’t really have a car. My husband bought one last year and “gave” me his, but he still calls it his, so I don’t really have one to call my own. BUT, on the floor of either car you will find nothing but lint and dirt because my husband is OCD about leaving stuff in the car.

    In my old car though? The one we donated? You could find $35 in change from a jar the fell over and rolled around and I was too lazy to clean up. Throw in some decade old McDonald’s french fries (from back when they were good, before they change the oil), some hair ties, and 85902 scraps of paper, and you’ve got yourself the normal state of a car that I own. 🙂

  35. Avatar

    FAB stuff!!

    Oh goodness, I could say “nothing!” but that’d only count for the front seat. Back seat?! Windshield visor I never use (hubby bought it but I hate them), various sweaters of mine and daughter’s, trash, trash, trash, Bible & Bible study books (I figure I need them in the car, why take them in?), and more trash.

    Seriously, this weekend that’s my goal… of course, I said that LAST weekend… 😉

  36. Avatar

    OUCH! Getting a little personal here Andy! LOL
    ok… My Jeep has the top and windows still in the back seat from taking them out last spring and they never did make it to the garage for storage. A car seat for my grand-daughter so I’m always ready. A handy carry bag with my favorite fabric swatches and my latest quilt designs (Cause you never know when you might spy a quilt shop that you just HAVE to stop in! The one who dies with the most pieces wins!) A Tupperware container of dry cereal for the grand-daughter after hours in that quilt shop 🙂 My HUGE water bottle for emergencies… we live in the Mohave Desert and you never know. Sun block under my seat… again… think desert living and sun, jeep, top off almost all year. And then there is the dreaded crayons melted in the crayon box from the last time sweet grand-daughter sneaked them into the car so she could color on our little road trip… Ugghhh Trying to come up with a way to recycle those little suckers.
    Thanks as always for my daily dose of laughter and not feeling so alone in the world with similar experiences and thoughts that if I blogged or said my family would have me committed!!! And for the great little give away!

  37. Avatar

    board books and sucker sticks and wrappers would be my best guess. I try not to look at the floor. My children do all kinds of horrible things to my car.

  38. Avatar

    Ahhh! I love it! Well, let’s see, The floor of the car is MOSTLY covered in cheerios, and a baby dummy or two… and LOADS of stray McDonald’s french fries, I know, I know, gross. Some of them appear to have fossilized the last time I cleaned them out… Ugh. This is what happens when you have 4 car seats in the car, though. And jackets, sweaters, and the random sock that never gets brought into the house, for some odd reason. And the rain cover for the old car seats, which aren’t even in the car anymore. Oh, and some carrier bags. And a packet of crisps, unopened, but been there for eons. And some hair bobbles, and… oh man, I need to clean that car out!

  39. Avatar

    There is nothing on the floor, but I don’t think you will manage to find the seat to get in!! Do you really want me to rat on myself here, sheesh… on that seat you will some halloween candy wrappers, some kleenex, clean of course, mints from my frequent trips to Sonic, some bank receipts, a pen or 2 (hey that might be exciting!), maybe some of last weeks lunch! HA!

  40. Avatar

    On the floor of my car are six things: Two floormats, two seats, two amplifiers (one disconnected, both under one seat so actually, you wouldn’t see them looking down at the floor of my car).

    There are innumerable uncountable things, mostly grains of sand, pebbles, maybe a fragment of dried leaf as it has been wet recently and I mowed the leaves a couple days ago so they get stuck to your shoe and end up in all sorts of weird places despite removing my sneakers upon entering my abode.

    There is also wear, plenty of wear, as the car is from 1991.

    Thankfully you didn’t ask about what is in my trunk, which smells like feet. (Thankfully not Jimmy Hoffa’s feet.)

    (Hmm, now I wonder if she makes actual seatbelt covers… Shift knob covers? My shift knob is so worn it’s sticky from the abraded material underneath.)

  41. Avatar

    If you were to walk out to the sunfire right now and look on the floor you’d find tons and tons of leaves and pebbles and gross out-doorsy type stuff! I keep her pretty clean other than the floor 🙂 and right now there are leaves everywhere so it’s hard not to track them in the car, house, office, etc. =)

  42. Avatar

    My car floors are scary. Thanks to the kidlet, there are books & nekkid barbies & crayons. Oh my! There are markers & wrappers &old food…thanks kid, I’m now grossed out & want to get a new car. (Have to blame the kid, right? 5 yr olds leave coffee cups all over the place, don’t they?)

  43. Avatar

    There’s an umbrella and some papers…really boring right? =D
    What a great shop! I love those phone cases!
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  44. Avatar

    You’ll probably find some candy wrappers, sucker sticks, empty water/pop bottles, oh and my favorite some puke left over from our DS getting car sick LAST CHRISTMAS on our way down to Kentucky! Oh yeah, an umbrella and window scraper.

  45. Avatar

    What you would NOT find is the floor of my car!! there is so much stuff on the floor I have forgotten what it looks like. You would find marbles, dinosaurs, bits of Lego, hairbands, pony tails and whatever else my kids have discarded. If you are very lucky you won’t find a mushed grape and a half-eaten biscuit (cookie)!

    Would love to win – have had my eye on one of jessie’s camera straps for quite some time.

    Does the random number generator have amy Irish roots? Here’s hoping!

  46. Avatar

    I don’t have a car – just seem to walk everywhere! But if you were to ask what’s stashed in the shopping net of the pushchair (that goes everywhere with me – along with the kids) …. probably the same things that everyone has listed on the floor of their cars.

  47. Avatar

    Love these. I have to wear a lanyard everyday and love the camera strap covers!

    On the floor of my car. Heaven help you. French fries, pencils, pennies, soccer shoes, a stray sock, paper, Halloween candy wrappers and whatever else my kids didn’t pick up like I told them to last night!

  48. Avatar

    If you were to look at my car floor right now you would see my millions of “green” shopping bags. Those things are like crack and I can’t stop buying them. Other than that you would see various pieces of food and dirt drug in from my kids…which reminds me. I so need to vacuum my car out!

  49. Avatar

    I have an 8 month-old who still does not sleep through the night. In my car you would fine a whole bunch of empty coffee cups from McDonald’s, Starbucks, local coffee shops, convenience stores, etc. In addition, you would find all the receipts that correspond with said coffee cups. 🙂

  50. Avatar

    If you jumped into the floor of my car (and omg who would?) you would find numerous petrified chicken nuggets and other food laying in and around my youngest’s seat. Discarded hairbows from the older girls. Toys. lots and lots of painful, toe gouging toys.

  51. Avatar

    Whew in my car you’d probably find cups and waterbottles everywhere. For some reason those are the last things to get picked up! lol

    I’d love to win for the perfect pocket for sure as I dont even have a camera! lol Thanks great contest

  52. Avatar

    The things you’d see on the floor of my car: Umbrella, tennis shoes, reusable shopping bags…boring stuff! There is no excitement there! The phone cases are cute! I really like the patterns she uses. 🙂

  53. Avatar

    On the floor of my car, you’d find a bunch of old water bottles and those stupid fliers people stick under my windshield wipers. And my window scraper/brush for when it ices over.

    Thanks for the giveaway :]

  54. Avatar

    Its been a few years (6 to be exact) since I was 18 but Jimmy Hoffa was still before my time. However, thanks to my love of E!’s True Crime shows, I do know who he was!

    If you got in my car right now, I would be really embarrassed. You would find a ton of CRAP. Magazines, tupperware (clean, don’t worry!), shoes, sweaters, probably some trash….ugh, I should really clean out my car.

  55. Avatar

    If you got into my car (wouldn’t that be fun? That would mean you’d be visiting me!) you’d find some garbage, a 2″ wide curtain rod that my mom gave me and I haven’t removed since I got it 2 months ago, and my youngest daughters backpack with a change of clothes in it for preschool so I won’t ever forget to bring it. That’s about it!

  56. Avatar

    Sadly enough, I am lacking a car at the moment. The last time I took the bus it was pretty clean, but the drunk sitting in front of me dropped his bottle of Karkov voldka. Yeah, I need a new car.

  57. Avatar

    I read this at the right time because I just vacuumed, believe it or not. I couldn’t get over how well it sucked LOL.
    BTW, you brought back a great memory of the ski jump at Lake Placid. I missed out on a quickie though.

  58. Avatar

    So adorable! I’m off to check out her site and make out my wish list, and my Christmas shopping list. My car? a soccer ball, 1439 receipts, 284 dirty tissues, enough sand to give the Sahara a run for it’s money, 83 happy meal boxes and their corresponding toys, 15 shoes (because, of course they don’t all match each other), an assortment of unmatched gloves and mittens, a few coats and jackets, and, well, to be honest, last week I found an unopened package of turkey lunch meat from our last trip to Costco. Somehow it went unnoticed when we unloaded the trunk. I know. ewwwwww. Just bein’ honest.

  59. Avatar

    The front seat isn’t too bad. The BACK seat, however, has a sun visor, a pink cowboy hat (that has been in there since my Toby Keith concert in August) a box of Kleenex, and the contents of my work bag that spilled out this morning that I was too lazy to clean up. Oh, and a Nalgene bottle.

  60. Avatar

    Well the front ain’t so bad, but the back thanks to my daughter there are sunglasses, her little purse, oh her school hat, let see oh and a clipboard (why???) and shoes (about 2 pairs). Who knows what else is hidden in between the seats too afraid to look.

  61. Avatar

    This is an AMAZING giveaway! I just perused the store and found all I need for my sisters this Christmas! (And something for me too!) So, what’s on the floor of my car? NOTHING. I just sold my car and am stranded at home, so help this desperate homebound chica get some shopping done! : )

  62. Avatar

    Ah! Everything is so amazing!

    My car’s actually pretty clean right now. I’ve got the disk set for the audio book Eclipse (3rd in the Twilight series) cause I’m trying to keep up with the cool kids. That’s probably it on the floor right now.

  63. Avatar

    If you looked on my car floor you would find an umbrella, garbage, newspaper ads, and a dress. (I have been meaning to drop the dress off at the dry cleaners for months now)

  64. Avatar

    My Eclipse is never, never, never, did I mention never clean. Everyone who knows me, knows this and still they always laugh when they get it my car. God love ’em.

  65. Avatar

    You would probably be able to find enough cereal and other breakfast foods to have quite a tasty meal. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be too tasty because they would be old and stale.

  66. Avatar

    You’d find dried grass all over the floor. I just picked up everything else last week because someone broke into my car & threw every bit of paper and stuff they found in the glove compartment, console, door pockets, etc. all over the stinkin’ car! Only thing they took were my beloved sunglasses 🙁 Don’t know why they didn’t take the d@mn grass, though!

    Thanks for the opportunity @ at a great giveaway.

  67. Avatar

    sippy cups with leftover juice, milk, or water….dry cereal, books, baby blankets, shoes, socks, and who knows what else. 🙂

  68. Avatar

    Oh goodnes… my car is a mess right now! it has a polo shirt, a dress, a coat, a brush, a basket with random painted christmas ornaments and scrapbooks stuff sitting on the back seat. Also… like 7 packs of notebook paper unopened, random toys from kids meals (meant to go in my treasure box), a uga flag, a note book from a premarital retreat my fiance and i went to, a few books, a bible, and probably sooo much more! My car is a MESS!

  69. Avatar

    Nothing at the moment because I was in an accident last week and just got my Jeep back from the repair shop yesterday and they cleaned and vacuumed it really well for me!

    Give me a day or so and it will be very messy again!

  70. Avatar

    Dog hair holds my vehicle together. That’s why I drive a Jeep that is 12 years old and has 160,000 miles on it. You probably can even find some cat hair from the previous owner. The dogs are pretty pissed about that, but it’s their punishment for shedding all over my Jeep.

  71. Avatar

    On the floor of my car you will find all kinds of pre-school papers with practice writing on them, fruit roll-up wrappers and empty water bottles. And a couple of jackets in size 4T and 12. 🙂

  72. Avatar

    First off I must say that those camera straps are just adorable. I love the bright, fun designs.

    If you were brave enough to open the door of my pickup you would be hit with a funnel cloud of dog hair that would rise from the floor. If that wouldn’t scare you then you could check out the old weekly fliers where I am sure have since past their expiration date.

  73. Avatar

    Ugh, I hate that I’m admitting this outloud! 🙂 You would find several toddler toys and books, sippy cups, months old goldfish crackers, several empty coke bottles, my construction hat and boots, granola bar wrappers, and dog hair. I need to go clean now!

  74. Avatar

    If you went into my car right now you’d find:
    school uniforms
    empty Chick-fil-A cup
    gym clothes
    3 pair gym shoes
    teacher’s editions of 3rd grade math, history and English books

    If you kept digging, rumor has it that there is carpet on the floor. I don’t know if this is true because I have three children who think my car is a rolling closet/office/dining room/trash receptacle.

    I think I’ll go on an archeological dig tomorrow and see if I find carpet. lol

  75. Avatar

    You’ll find some bits of fall leaves, and coins that my friend Deb tossed into my car for good luck when I first got it. Oh, and a diet iced tea bottle or two.

  76. Avatar

    You would only find the floor mats and a bit of gravel in my car. I honestly try and keep my car clean and don’t leave any trash in it. I think that I’m getting a bit neater as I get much older.

  77. Avatar

    Being 20 my SUV is like my 2nd home so there’s a lot of stuff. In my backseat there’s my backpack for school all my textbooks and like 3 packs of notebook paper. Like 8 different hoodies for outfits and 3 different pairs of heels when I go to the club. There’s also like 3 empty gatorade bottles and a never ending amount of chewing gum wrappers. I’m gonna go clean my car now!
    Psssssst pick me! I never win ANYTHING.

  78. Avatar

    My grocery list is hiding in the front floorboard and the backseat is my 2 year old’s toy box. She’s got a few balloons, a pillow case that acts as a mermaid tail, and a zillion tiny Barbie bits and pieces. Combs and shoes, not boobs and arms.

  79. Avatar

    i just cleaned it out last week. and I found my sunglasses on the front floorboard broken. hubby claims to know nothing about it. he uses the car majority of the time. also lots of trash & pop bottles.

  80. Avatar

    Yikes. Let’s see, I have three little kids and a mini van so if you looked in there currently, you’d probably find a little bit of everything. Mostly, crumbs, toys, books, and that pair of socks dd insisted on taking off because they were “bumpy”. Yeah. I couldn’t figure that one out either.

  81. Avatar

    Some idiot at the rental car place gave the mom with 2 young boys (me) a 2010 model, so I’ve been very anal retentive about keeping it clean. On the floor in the front seat you will find one child’s monkey backpack/leash for a 3yo who refuses to hold hands and will just lay down in the middle of a store then get up and run like Forrest Gump, a box of Kleenex, my ice scraper (already!), cell phone charger, and Zune connector.

  82. Avatar

    you’d find a bag of trash..i just cleaned up in there! Unfortunately the little trash bag remains lol

    great giveaway and GREAT products!

  83. Avatar

    If you checked my car floor right now, you would find some reusable shopping bags, a few stray pieces of trash and some toy my son dropped. It is actually half decent right now…lol.

  84. Avatar

    What floor? haha!’s THAT dirty! I’ve got clothes that have gotten too small for my kids (because I never took them out for them to wear ’em!) in there, receipts galore, half-filled trash bags (where I TRIED keeping my car clean), and just recently my daughter found a bag of grits that I had bought at the grocery store (who knows when?!) and forgotten about.

    That’s just the beginning… 🙂

  85. Avatar

    Hmmm That’s a tough question. My car also went the way of the high falootin’ bank guys – you know, the ones with jobs?? The only thing that gives me a bit of satisfaction is knowing just how many of my ‘beasts books, snacks, fast food wrappers, empty Coke cans/bottles, and God only knows what else, they had to wade through in order to do whatever they do with their newly acquired loot.

    Can you imagine one of them having to get into my car with their freshly dry cleaned suit on?

    Oh wait. They probably have people for that. And it’s probably some other mom.

  86. Avatar

    Our car has basically matting for our feet and plastic grocery bags form the store in case we need them for something, grocery store flyer, so not very much on the floor

  87. Avatar

    Great post … thanks for the laughs!

    I’m normally a very clean person … but my two-year-old isn’t. So I know for a fact (because I look at it and cringe everyday) that my car floor is filled with Nerds, Cheerios, cookie crumbs, chocolate covered raisins, a few ripped stickers, and some teddy bear erasers. I’ll clean it up tomorrow, but by Monday, it will look exactly the same! But as much as I hate the mess, I love the reason it’s there, so I can’t complain too much.

  88. Avatar

    You would find meeting notes from teacher meetings strewn all over the floor of my car–so much for important memos (oops)

  89. Avatar
    Stephanie Van Rossen

    I *LOVE* those camera strap covers. They totally rock.

    You won’t believe this, but there is NOTHING on my car floor right now. DH just vaccumed it for me and it’s nice and clean. 🙂

  90. Avatar

    Let’s see, once you push your way past the dried (hopefully) leaves, stale cheerios, and smooshed goldfish you might find the floor board covers or maybe my homework from last week’s Sociology class.

  91. Avatar

    Love these!!!!!! Just gorgeous.
    If you jumped in my car right now you would see childrens books, a diaper (not used of course), baby wipes and I think there are two broken crayons and I am just the grandma.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  92. Avatar

    Currently I have leaves in my car because I bought three crepe myrtles yesterday and crammed them in my jeep cherokee. I had to throw everything else in the back which now consists of a Christmas presents, clothes, shoes, coupons and whatever goodies I have found along the way! I love the camera straps she has! I have been needing one!

  93. Avatar

    On the floor of my car right now you would find some books and toys and a file folder of papers that I need to bring inside and go through, but would rather not.

  94. Avatar

    What a nice giveaway – Thank you for offering this!

    In my car? Probably empty shopping bags for my next trip to the grocery store…..umbrella….pretty boring stuff really….

  95. Avatar

    If you jumped into my car right now, you’d be impressed with how clean it looks. Just don’t look too closely! The pockets behind the front seats are jammed with a multitude of earbuds… I have three teenagers, and for some reason, when their earbuds for their ipods stop working, they end up in my car (in case someday they want to listen to the car stereo and don’t care that only one ear works – does that make sense to anyone over 19?). In the very back behind the bench seat, is a very neat pile – a folded blanket in case the car breaks down and we’re cold, some reusable grocery bags in case we need to stop at the store, an emergency kit with jumper cables, a first aid kit, a few water bottles. There are magazines and a pad of paper tucked in next to the console between the front seats, for those times I’m stuck waiting to pick someone up from work or band practice. There are a couple of quarters in my cupholder for trips to Aldi. Sunglasses – two pair. If you looked under my seats you’d find a multitude of straw wrappers, I’m sure – my oldest works p/t at McD’s.

    Love your blog, by the way – fun to read! And I LOVE the camera straps and pockets… keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  96. Avatar

    I have a fetish about keeping my car clean so the only thing you’re gonna find is my floor mats and my shopping bags. 🙂

  97. Avatar

    Oh dear, the floor of my car? Well, the one thing you probably wouldn’t find easily is the actual floor! I’m not organized, I have small kids and we live in a place that is 90% dirt. I haven’t looked at the floor in a couple of days but I’m pretty sure there are a few handwipes, lots of dirt, some acorns, leaves, rocks, toys, books and who knows what else. My kids think any flat surface is a great place to store whatever they are tired of carrying. Drives me nuts. . . although I too walk there perfectly well on my own.

  98. Avatar

    An ice scraper and floor mats and maybe some dead grass that got tracked in from cutting across the yard – that’s it.

  99. Avatar

    k! I’ll play! The floor of my car…ugh. Well you’d find DIRT, pebbles, umm…ashes (hanging head in shame) and possibly some hairy, dirty, ash covered bits of candy, not to mention leaves, dried mud and quite possibly a bug or 2! LOL!

    **waving HI JESSIE** I NEED one of those security tag holder things! We’re encouraged at work to clip them to the bottom of our shirt and not wear them around our neck (to avoid being strangled by a client :p) yep! really! but I am the different one of course who takes her chances and wear my tag from my strap around my neck! My current one is black with yellow smilies on it…I NEED a change!!

  100. Avatar

    On my car floor is empty water bottles (bad for the earth, I know I know…), magazines, Berenstein Bear books, mittens (yes, we’ve already had our first snow), and sick tissues….I feel much “free-er” now that the truth has been laid out 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  101. Avatar

    The floor of my van looks like Toys R Us threw up! I have 4 kids and whenever we go somewhere they have to bring a plethora of crap with them. So right now, there is 3 Star Wars figures, 1 lime green water gun, 1 black cap gun (omg what does that say about me lol), 2 pairs of socks (why I don’t know), 1 transformer star wars ship, a couple of marbles, 1 nerf ball and a huge book of Dr Seuss stories. Let’s not mention the candy wrappers from Trick or Treating!

    Thanks for the chance!

  102. Avatar

    I had to buy a 4dr pickup because there was never room on the passenger side for a passenger due to my junk! But, the floor of the new truck (in the back) today is full of packages to be shipped out and lots of empty fabric shopping bags (begging to be filled at the grocery store, oh goody). In the front, we have an empty Fuze bottle, a stray sock, my riding boots & spurs, hand sanitizer, box of kleenex, 2 dog leashes, a horse halter, various Halloween candy wrappers, and all of last week’s junk mail. Wanna go for a ride with me?

    Thanks for the fun post.

  103. Avatar

    This time of year, my car floorboard has mostly crunchy fall leaves in it. And then they get crunched up by tinier feet than mine and ground into the carpet, and then become this nasty layer of crunchy dirt. Yummm… 😀

  104. Avatar

    Well you just reminded me I really need to clean my car out! Oh goodness what isnt on the floor of my car!! There are toys and more toys paper and crayons from those creative moments of trying to draw the trees as we zoom by! And who knows what else!

  105. Avatar

    Oh, um, ew. This is off the top of my head… A plastic bag, some papers, a drinking straw, a book thats cover was completely faded by the sun before it melted the glue and all the papers fell out (and it’s still in my car, I know…), CDs my college roommate burned me (4 years ago!), crumbs from who knows what…. Yikes, hope my mom doesn’t see this–she has always given me a hard time about how dirty my car is!!!

  106. Avatar

    I just cleaned my car out the other day so all that can be found on the floor right now are dead leaves. Drove me crazy when I first saw them there this morning, but leaves are better than what was there before…when I couldn’t even see the floor mats.

  107. Avatar

    Ugh….I shudder to think what all is in there…but the things I know are booster seats, sunglasses, a giant green pillow that my son insisted he had to have from his grandma’s, a mountain of spare change, and whatever crumbs & assorted garbage my kids have managed to leave behind or stuff in the crevices…sigh…I should go clean my car!!

  108. Avatar

    Lol for the first time in months, if you were to look on my car floor you’ll find whatever my niece (who I payed to clean it yesterday) shoved under the mats 🙂
    Hey thanks for this chance to win. I really enjoyed reading your posts 🙂

  109. Avatar

    on my car floor you would have found dog hair from my Golden Retriever (when we took her to the vet), but my super nice hubby just took it to the car wash to get it vacuumed. Yay!

  110. Avatar

    My car is always a mess, my 3 kids just mess it up as soon as I clean it out! Right now I think there are a couple of discarded jackets, bunch empty kids takeout cups, crumpled up straw wrappers, some loose change, leaves & rocks, lots of crumbs and whatever else my kids have dumped down there lol!

  111. Avatar

    Gosh, I just about bust my gut reading this. Hilarious! My face hurts from laughing so hard.
    (Thanks, I really needed a laugh today!)

    Let’s see, if you were to jump in my car right now…guessing its the passenger’s seat…if you were to look at the floor you’d see a big ol’ barrel of Dum-Dums. In the back seat would be assorted thrown wrappers and chewed up sticky little white sucker sticks, courtesy of his little sugar highness, my 6 yr old, Bubba (aka monkey).

    Thanks for the opportunity to win something. I love her stuff!!

  112. Avatar

    Ohhh on a normal day, shoes from small child, toys from said small child, and grass from outside. (okay and a straw wrapper or two or maybe three from Sonic….UGH that place kills me!). But today, because my husband rocks, you would find nothing but the floor mats! 🙂

  113. Avatar

    At this moment you would find an unopened jug of Tidy Cat litter crystals waiting to be brought into the house by a lazy teen, about 3 half empty Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke bottles, papers from the Sexual Harassment workshop that was mandatory last week, Tim Hortons and McD’s empty bags where breakfast once lurked…a bag of peanuts from Gillette Stadium, opened, with scattered peanuts all under the front seats, guess I should toss them to the squirrels huh…lol.

  114. Avatar

    In my car, you would find out church bag (the same bag we swear we would take out of the car so we would actually remember to read our Bible). There would also be a bunch of receipts to bills we actually paid. Finally, you cannot discount our fast food containers. Thank you

  115. Avatar

    well for the first time in a long time you would find a rubber mat.. I cleaned my car out finally.. well maybe a couple pieces of puppy food. *grin*

  116. Avatar

    Sure I freely admit that I came for my chance at the free giveaway like all the other hounds with our hands out. Holy cow that was funny. After I passed 40 I need some kind of warning when I’m going to be laughing like that. If you are going to cause me to bypass my discrete feminine protection and require plastic sheets and rubber tubing you could at least have the decency to put a warning in bright red letters at the top. So forewarned from now on. Oh and as far the 40 part, I’m 29, really. A really, really mature 29. Oh hell you don’t care. I just hope I win and her stuff is really cute.

  117. Avatar

    Hey, you know, I have the most random things in my car right now. So you would find a charger with the DS charge cables plugged in. You would find the most recent book published by the Dalai Lama and a highlighter, and the mail from yesterday. I forgot to bring it in. I also have a cup. It has tape around it. It had a crack and I didn’t know until I was driving. So I pulled over and taped it with the packing tape in my “junk drawer” aka Glove box.

    I should throw that away maybe.

  118. Avatar

    If you were to look in our floor you’d see a lot of sand from when my husbands at work, and a small trashacn in the backseat that somehow doens’t manage to catch much trash – cough, husband, cough!

  119. Avatar

    You crack me the hell up! And I covet that camera strap! Lovelovelove them.

    Okay, back of my Tahoe right now has a cardboard box containing two large serving platters and 2 smallish Easter baskets. (my girlfriend cleaned out her garage, and found these that I left at her house last APRIL, and just got around to giving them back!. A Macy’s bag with a sweater I have yet to return.

    I’m sick of hearing those stupid platters clanging around everytime I hit a bump. Should get off my ass right now and go take them out.

    or not.

  120. Avatar

    Ha! My passenger side floorboard, you can’t even see it. It’s covered with drink bottles, food bags, and old mail.

  121. Avatar

    Just about anything and everything. Mostly papers, some jackets that the kids left, a package of baby wipes, a box of tissues, kids artwork from nursery at church, etc. I really need to clean my van out!

  122. Avatar

    You wouldn’t find anything in the front, but in the back you would find a ton – reusable shopping bags, newspapers, misc crap, and a hairdryer I meant to return to Target a month ago but never did.

  123. Avatar

    actually I was good yesterday and cleaned out my car and vacuumed so its clean, nothing in the floor but floor mats

  124. Avatar

    Right now? Absolutly nada! Hubby just cleaned it out for me yesterday. Were talking detail here, he was totally sucking up. I don’t know what for yet, but I’m sure I will find out soon. If I would have entered this two days… it would horrible. I have an obsession with Mcdonals. and the bags never make it out of my car… yikes!

  125. Avatar

    I’m hiding the KING on the floor of my backseat! Not “the” king as in Elvis, but the KING as in that darn Burger King “King” who creeps everyone out when they think of waking up and that thing is staring at you. All of my friends and family want him gone so I decided to kidnap him and take him to a place no executive at Burger King would ‘ever’ think of. (McDonalds warehouse, in the back, where all the new inventions are kept, the ones that never make it to the restaurants…)
    Also I there are two car seats, numerous toys, empty water and juice bottles and some gym clothes (just in case I ever make it to the gym) Thanks for having this fun, fun, fun contest!!!

  126. Avatar

    Hmmm, I’m pretty sure you would find candy wrappers, old schoolwork, a stray jacket, an extra pair of shoes, among many other things on the floor of my van. When we bought our new van this summer, I decided to turn over a new leaf and actually keep it clean… it actually lasted about 3 months! But now it’s getting away from me again. Of course, my four mess-makers don’t help one bit!

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  128. Avatar

    If you jumped in my car right now you would fine fast food wrappers, fast food bags, two big books of cd’s. a toy gun, a toy sword (small) a booster seat, And two pom dogs (every time I open my door they jump in to go too). Oh and lets not for get the lady bugs. They have swarmed the area and love my white car for some reason.

  129. Avatar

    Well…if you would jump in my car…you would be amazed how cool imaginary cars look!

    Yes that’s right…I don’t have a car at the moment…it’s wandering around…somewhere out there in the big big world!

    *sigh* I hope it finds me soon though!

    Lovely straps! Really cool!

    Take care!

  130. Avatar

    I have a three year old and a 1 month old–I bet you can imagine what is probably living on the floor of my car!! I could probably feed a starving child for a month with the leftover crumbs in my seats! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  131. Avatar

    Mainly toys, empty chocolate milk cartons, a lot of gloves, babywipes, and quite possibly Jimmy Hoffa – it’s hard to tell underneath all the rubbish. The front seats are pretty clean though. I really should go clean it right now.

    Also, I could really do with one of those lanyards – I keep forgetting to take mine off when I leave work so I run around with an ugly white one with my company logo on all day. It’s not pretty. And I could do with a pocket for the iphone my SO will get me for christmas if he knows what’s good for him (he probably doesn’t)

  132. Avatar

    I just love reading your blog!!! You make me smile and laugh when I read it. OK, if you got in my car you would find dirt, and gravel. Now if you got into the truck, you would find tools, paper, wrappers or even water bottles or pop cans. That is our junkie go in the bush/camp vehicle. lol Thank you for the chance to win. It would make up for my not getting anything for my birthday. :o)

  133. Avatar

    Hmm right now on the floor and backseat .. are my visor protector, booster seat .. found a book I been looking for under the seat .. and in the front seat .. nothing ..

    I LOVE these camera straps I need a knew one and that cute lil wallet is the bizness .. perfect for traveling .. hmm

  134. Avatar

    I found you from the Mommie Files list of giveaways (my 1st time on that list as I am giving away a church cookbook that features 3 of my recipes!) Anyhoo, you giveaway is the only one i entered as the others, well just wern’t snazzy like this! I will add you to my follows as you made me laugh. Thanks! My car, umm as anal as I am right this moment the floorboard has a diaper bag, 2 maybe 3 mags, lysol, and a few coats. NICE! Hope I win!

  135. Avatar

    My turn? Hmmmm….front floorboards are where I keep the important stuff. Right now it’s the leader manuals for Girl Scouts cause I have a quick reflexive hand that shoots up on it’s own when volunteers are asked for. Back floorboards…books, pencils, more Girl Scout stuff, and probably enough food scraps to sustain our family through another hurricane!

  136. Avatar

    If you were to look in my car, on the floor you would find an umbrella…ella…ella, and I window scrapper, floor mats, and perhaps some spare change!!!

    Thanks so much for this awesome chance to win!!!!!

    Warm regards,

    candice1973 (at) comcast (dot) net

  137. Avatar

    If you jumped into my car right now, you’d be coated in 3 nanoseconds in husky fur. Then once you wiped the fur from your glasses, you would see dirt from Nova Scotia that still hasn’t been vaccuumed out, and a variety of boy’s toys in the back seat.

  138. Avatar

    If You looked on the floor of my car right now, you might fall over with shock–you see they are spanking clean, as in almost-brand-new clean. You see, my ds threw up in it last weekend and it stank to high heaven and the diy clean just couldn’t get out the nasty smell. Soooo, I coughed up the money to have it professionally cleaned. Funny, I take a pic of everything else but forgot to document that little life snippet. I wonder why. Anyway, a cover for my Canon Rebel strap would be just perfect!!

  139. Avatar

    You would find empty sonic slushie cups from many trips through during happy hour and my children’s inability to pick up after themselves. And a myriad of Sunday School projects.

  140. Avatar

    OMG, you would find so many crumbs from my kiddos AND you would find my mail that my hubby forgets to bring in. The nerve…lol. Thanks for this awesome chance!

  141. Avatar

    The floor of my car has several Happy Meals toys, a sippy cup and a (clean, tahnk God) diaper. The hubs just cleaned it out not to long ago, so it’s pretty good right now.

  142. Avatar

    I actually just cleaned out my car because I was too embarrassed for my friends to ride in it, so all that’s there now is a blanket for emergencies, my camera tripod, and a case of CDs!

  143. Avatar

    Hopefully I’m not too late! You’d find a few goldfish (crackers) but not too much else since we just bought it (used) a few weeks ago! Haven’t had time to get it too messy!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  144. Avatar

    ah my car– that thing we cleaned out a week ago, but with a toddler, goes back to looking just as it did before in a matter of seconds. I was actually looking for my drivers license in the car this morning because my husband (for some reason) had let my daughter play with it a few days ago… anyhow, I saw Halloween candy, a water bottle, a few beanie babies given to her by Papa as he packed his house to move, a jacket, an Old Navy credit card application my daughter took when we were buying $1 scarves yesterday, staled Cheerios… I am quite sure there are more things, I just don’t remember them all right now 🙂

  145. Avatar

    Great giveaway!
    Sadly, you’d find right now a lot of junk like wrappers and boogery kleenexes from my 2 wee ones runny noses…. probably a bottle of water and a plastic wrapper from a squishied cake type sweet I forgot I had in my pocket to give to my daughter as a snack (yes, I took it out and ate it the other night in the car…. hey, it was still in the wrapper, just a little squishied), some pamflet I got at the hospital that my daughter thought would make a nice book to colour in in the car. That’s probably about it… oh yeah, there’s a small Winniw the Pooh ball as well… gotta keep em entertained when the little one starts to cry.

  146. Avatar

    My daughter’s socks. There are millions of them. And everyone thinks I’m a bad parent because she never has socks on. IT IS NOT MY FAULT! There’s also probably a spoiled bottled or two in there. Plus a squashed Wendy’s water cup from my kids. I’m too cheap to buy them a real drink.

  147. Avatar

    The floor in my truck currently has several crushed leaves, various pieces of grass and tiny rocks and possibly a french fry or two!

  148. Avatar

    Ohhh, wow! Thanks for doing this… I would love this! Any of those items would be cool to have and use. Umm, right now my car floor is lookin’ pretty good. Maybe a straw paper or two… caight me at a pretty clean time!

  149. Avatar

    Just floor mats and 1 almond joy candy wrapper from my niece…my husband’s a neat one and keeps a tidy car.

    jessicaannewilde at

  150. Avatar

    I love this blog… On the floor of my car, you will find the suction cup thingie that holds our gps to the window, a blue and white soccer ball, a pair of dd’s socks (don’t ask), and a worn and tattered puppy stuffed animal…

  151. Avatar

    If you looked in my car right now on the floor you’d find a yoga bag and a tennis bag. Not very exciting. But there is plenty of paper and junk in the console!

  152. Avatar

    Let’s see… I was just in the car, so here’s a partial list: make-up bags, a paper plate, two mini raisin boxes, a wide-tooth comb and one piece of tupperware…with lid. The end.

  153. Avatar

    sigh, there are too many things to list on my car floor, but you would definitely find my diaper bag, my son’s shoes, various wrappers/napkins/fast food bags/lost sucker sticks all helpfully deposited by my 3 year old, oh, and currently a ginormous projection screen that my husband used for the campaign school he organized this past weekend, which will only fit in my van and it will probably stay there until next weekend when we see the person who is the actual owner at church.

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