Get ready Hollywood, here I come …

I’ve found my calling.

So move over Ken Paves, Sally Hershberger, Vidal, José Eber, Cristophe and all the rest of you hoity toity, I-charge-one-arm-and-one-leg-to-work-on-your-head hair stylists and colorists.

There’s a new girl in town.

She’s armed with hair color in a can, two pounds of hairspray and a pick.

And if it’s not too much trouble, she’d like her own reality television show now, please.

Thank you.

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21 thoughts on “Get ready Hollywood, here I come …”

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    Well, it *does* look like a great effort went into those coifs, but I must tell you that my kiddo and I can achieve the ‘do, if not the color, simply by going to bed and sleeping all night. We are the Bed Head Queens… I grew up in Jersey so I know “big hair” and nothing beats good old Bed Head for me! Hee!

    Seriously though, great pics and *great* job!!


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    How did you do that??? And where were you in the 80’s when I needed you?

    Is that you on the bottom? It’s hard to tell with the hair lol. If it is, you look beautiful!

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    Can you come over and do my hair?? No matter what I do, my hair just lays flat and limp. I need a woman like you in my life, lol. How much do you charge???

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    Awesome! Much better to use that color in a can stuff than the ‘temporary’ Kool Aid dye. I’ve learned that the hard way. My super blonde boy STILL has an orange twinge to his hair nearly 2 weeks later!

    If only you’d posted this BEFORE I did the Kool Aid dye!

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    That is some crazy hair. It really brought back repressed memories of a Halloween from my high school days when we did that to our hair and then went to a house party, and well, you can figure out from there what happened. And I love the pumpkins. I have never been able to do much in the way of pumpkin carving.

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    Wow, Helena and Zoe look awesome!

    How lond did it take to get their hair to look like that, and more importantly, how long did it take to wash out?

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