Harry Mason, if my ears had lips, they’d kiss you long and hard


Remember my orgasmic Harry Mason spiral earrings?

I went to the Harry Mason shop at Pier 39 while we were in San Francisco last week celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary, because if you can’t have the big “O” on your tenth wedding anniversary, why bother?

I smiled at the man who greeted us at the door and asked “Hi, are you Harry?” and he smiled back and replied “No, I’m smooth” and that was how I met Dave instead of Harry since Harry didn’t come in the shop until after we left because God just likes to screw with me and while I was pretty bummed that I didn’t get to meet THE Harry Mason himself and get his autograph and take his picture and act like a stalker, I soon discovered that my ears were in very capable hands.

Hi Dave! ((waving furiously))

Hi Harry! ((continuing to wave furiously))

I hemmed and hawed my way down all the display cases and whenever Dave would call out “lend me your ear” I’d lend him my ear and he’d decorate it with all sorts of sparkly things and cry OH MY GOD, THAT LOOKS GORGEOUS or OH MY GOD, GET THAT OFF YOUR EAR RIGHT THIS INSTANT and this happened about a dozen or so times until it finally happened.

The moment I had been waiting for.


One big, awesome, breathless, whopper of an “O.”

Harry Mason, even though they didn’t get to meet you in person, my ears continue to thank you for making their earth move.



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19 thoughts on “Harry Mason, if my ears had lips, they’d kiss you long and hard”

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    how the heck do you get that spiral thingy do in? looks hawt though!! i have to stick to your standard straight in who-has cuz i’m easily confused! 😉 xo

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    I love those! Truthfully I have never heard of this person or the jewelry before, but I may just live under a rock. I think I have found a new site to add to my “get me one of these” collection.

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    Andrea… I should hire you as a copy writer! You are awesome! Can I quote you again?

    Next time you come to town, you and your husband are definitely invited to lunch or dinner. Just let me know in advance so we aren’t “ships passing in the night.”


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    How funny, I’ve got an ear cuff that’s exactly like that. Got it years ago – maybe 10 years even. I loved it, but it was funny, people would never notice it or comment on it, so I finally gave up wearing it. I was paranoid that people were laughing at me or something. I’ll have to dig it out. I don’t even know where I got it – some website – maybe Harry Mason, I dunno. It looks nice because I’ve got a 2nd piercing and the top earring fits right between the two little bars there. Surprisingly comfy too.

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