I can now point and shoot

For those of you who have been waiting anxiously to find out what kind of point and shoot camera I would buy … you need to get out more. You’re becoming like me. Someone who used to have a life but can’t find it anymore amidst 42 pounds of laundry generated by two female offspring who think we own stock in Tide.

Just sayin’.

I did wind up buying a camera and I actually took it out of the box and used it before determining the likelihood of it staying a part of my life. This is big for me. Typically, I return all purchases of this nature without opening the package so as to lessen any chance of getting attached to it. I can’t miss what I never saw.

Like my waist. I miss my waist. I hope it comes back one day.

So far, I’ve been happy with the results of this camera.


Two very important words. Because I can use one thing for a bit and love it and wake up one morning and hate the living guts out of it. Take my DSLR camera, for instance. Please, before I ram it down my garbage disposal.

So, anyway, this is what I bought:


A Canon Powershot A1000. I bought it off of Amazon for a great price. Mine’s purple. And not that Hannah Montana FOR GOD’S SAKE, JUST THROW ACID IN MY EYES purple, but a really nice, subtle, silvery metallic purple. And if you’re going to be like Nate and ask me if I bought it because it’s pretty, I’m just going to yell “NO, MR. SMARTY PANTS” and then ignore you, so be forewarned.

I took it with me to the Community Arts Day showing this past weekend because Helena had a piece of her artwork displayed there and it was the perfect opportunity to test out the camera. I knew it would be crowded and I wasn’t going to have the luxury of telling people to get out of my way and then curse them out repeatedly when they don’t, which is standard operating procedure for me. Basically, I was going to have to point and shoot at the first opportunity and keep my potty mouth to myself.

That’s hard for me to do. I have a great potty mouth and I like to share.


Helena was only too eager to get down and point to her masterpiece. But only after I begged her to do it no less than five times and then I took this shot right before being elbowed in the back.

So I did wind up sharing my potty mouth, but just a little.


I loved Helena’s art. It’s so her … fresh and funky and cool. I love the colors she chose and the fact that she labeled her buildings and most of all, I love her clock.


The camera color was pretty spot on. I did apply a slight curve boost in Photoshop but only because I’m an anal and compulsive freak of nature and as such, I absolutely have to tweak everything in Photoshop or else my skin will bubble up and fall off my body in big bloody clumps.

And I like that this camera fits in the palm of my hand and that I can just plop it in my pocket, if necessary. No need to have my DSLR camera swinging from my neck and slamming into my chest, calling undue attention to that most oppressive of all female body parts, the section of my anatomy I like to refer to as FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHY DO THEY KEEP GETTING BIGGER? STOP IT ALREADY.

So, I’m liking this camera. So far, it’s the bee’s knees.

I have no idea what phrase even means. I just like the sound of it. Do bees even have knees? How can you tell? And if so, what makes their knees so awesome? Somebody clue me in because if Helena ever asks me this question, I don’t want her to be misinformed. I want everything she learns about bees and their friends, the birds, to come directly from me, so it would help immensely if the information were accurate.

I’m not even going to get into that whole “I’m not spokesperson for Canon, I’m not a spokesperson for anyone” speech because I’m tired of repeating myself. Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you?

And to prove that I’m not a Canon spokesperson, this is my dream camera:


But unless I get friendly with Vinnie Boombotz and take out a hit on Nate and collect the insurance money, it’s not going to be a part of my life anytime soon. That’s not likely to happen because I don’t know how to mow the lawn into a reasonable facsimile of a putting green, I don’t know where the blueprint is for the thermostat and I don’t do spiders. So don’t worry, Nate. You’re safe!

But hey Nikon, if you ever need a spokesperson, let me know. If I could, I’d talk until the cows came home and I’ve served them dinner and given them a bath and put them to bed.

But I can’t because I don’t own any cows.

That’s OK, though. It’s the thought that counts.

Right, Nikon?

Call me.


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28 thoughts on “I can now point and shoot”

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    Very nice camera and gorgeous art work, the colours are great and it’s so cute that she labeled the buildings. I have a confession to make……I’m a photoshop dropout. I know, I know, but that teacher was bad, just ask Carmen.

  2. Avatar

    Great artwork. And great colors from that camera. Oh and thanks to Google the bee’s knees are where it pollen sacks are located. Who knew!?!

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  4. Avatar

    That artwork is fantastic! It is funky and fresh! You must be so proud. It would look fantastic with some crisp white matting and a black, simple frame (when she’s done with the show).

    As for the camera — seems to be working well! I saved for two years and just got a Nikon D60 SLR. I do love it, but it’s huge. There’s something to be said for a smaller camera that can fit easily in your purse…

  5. Avatar

    I have a Canon PowerShot point-and-shoot. It’s fantabulous!

    I also have a Canon Rebel SLR. I think they’re better than the Nikon SLRs. Just sayin’, from personal experience…

  6. Avatar

    Love your Canon point and shoot – but I have no discerning taste – I love all things Canon, so I will just pretend that the last part of your post never happened.

    Thanks for your prayers for N Ireland – we’ll get there!

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    Amen from the choir to the sister giving the sermon on the laundry. As a mother to daughters too, geez you’d think we have rosie from the Jetson living with us as much laundry as I see in a day. Not a week.

    I love your purple camera. As for the hannah montanna purple remember its all 80’s color scheme is making a come back. Did we actually wear those colors? Oh hell, we did. Crap…no wonder everyone freakin thought we were weird.

    Oh, the drool is running out of my mouth over the nikon d90. Were’s the wash rag to wipe my mouth clean and dry. I’m like you. THat is on my “wish” list for awhile. Dang…dang ….dang i’m still waiting for my vs of photoshop c4. I’m making do with using with power point 2007 with a little help from microsoft word for proof reading assistance.

    Have a great day from the choir!

    Need some help with music that the kids like and you like email me. you got my address.

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    That’s a great camera! I have a Canon Rebel XT, but I also have a Canon SD1100 IS which is a Canon Elph…really thin and small. I got it so I can stick it in my purse (my new Crumpler Status Belly!) and take it when we go somewhere because you never know when a picture moment will pop up! Of course, I forgot to bring it yesterday when we went for brunch then to the park to play. 🙁

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    Yes, I mightily agree that a point and shoot has great value and yes, I gave mine away the minute I “Upgraded.” Which I’ve thought often times since then wasn’t so much the upgrade.

    Your daughter’s art is fabulous, she’s definitely worth the laundry.

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    Wow, that definitely takes a good picture…the color of Helena’s drawing is very clear and bright. I do love her drawing too…very funky and colorful!!

    I love reading your posts…I can tell you’re one of those people who actually talks exactly how you write. One thought to the next…that’s exactly how I am! I often find myself mouthing my words as I type cuz I’m lame like that.

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    I love the new camera! My dream camera is any kind that will take more than one picture every minute, like digitals. Wouldn’t that be nice, then you wouldn’t have to tell the kids to hold that expression, for an eternity while that damn camera catches up to us!
    I’m back on over at my blog!
    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  12. Avatar

    Congrats on your new point and shoot ability!

    Love Helena’s artwork–seriously funky and cool (if funky is allowed to carry the moniker of ‘seriously’)


  13. Avatar

    Your daughter’s picture is really cool! Love the colors. I tell ya, I thought Hannah Montana purple was crazy too! And, you know, I miss the J. Lo butt I’ve never had.

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    I’m sold. You had me at purple.
    Seriously, I’m looking for a new point & shoot, since mine commited suicide. This one sounds great and I am loving the price (I looked it up on amazon, I’m smart like that). And the purple is a sweet bonus!

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    Domestic Goddess

    I got a D40 last year and dearly love it! Go for the splurge. You deserve it!

    Love the blogs, by the way. Keep it up!

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