I don’t care about your Different Strokes so just shut the hell up, Alan Thicke

As I was wasting time working diligently on conjuring up a blog post, I opened up my Google Reader and saw that Kearsie over at Sounds Like Tomatoes updated her blog so I ran right over there because running is actually fun when you do it while sitting. Besides, I desperately needed a break from working diligently, having done it for a straight 7½ minutes, which is 7 whole minutes over my daily quota.

Kearsie had a What Makes Me Happy post going on and tagged me with it and while I was grateful to finally have a potential blog post, my first thought was GET OUT OF MY HEAD, KEARSIE because I don’t like anyone dropping into my head without calling first. What if I haven’t cleaned up and have dirty thoughts just strewn about my cerebellum?

And then my second thought was WAIT! TAKE THE THEME SONG FROM DIFFERENT STROKES WITH YOU because it was on the radio the other day as the DJ was apparently dealing with a massive case of AssHat and if I hear it in my head one more time, I am going to jump in my car and run over someone. Preferably the DJ.

And then my third thought was BRING ME COOKIES. LOTS OF COOKIES because I needed the rush of sugar to drown out all the screams of A man is born, he’s a man of means. Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans ricocheting behind my eyeballs.

So, seeing as how I have to go to a funeral of a good person today because cancer sucks big fat donkey balls, I’m going to take Kearsie up on her challenge and blog about stuff that makes me happy.

Suck on that, cancer.

Just some of the stuff that makes me happy because if I listed everything that makes me happy, my fingers would cramp and then I wouldn’t be happy anymore and then this entire blog post would be moot and we’d just be staring at each other and then you wouldn’t be happy either.

me, circa 1985

1)  Nose jobs. Also, the demise of freakishly big feathered hair.


2)  Knowing that in one more day, I won’t be the furriest creature in our house anymore. Even if I forget to shave for a month! Or a day! Whichever.


3)  That while my mouth continues to give birth to hideous cold sores, it hasn’t spawned any as hideous as Bernice here in almost two years. I am literally knocking on every kind of wood around me for luck and am seriously considering getting Nate all hot and bothered because you can never have too much wood around on which to knock when it comes to making sure your lip never again looks like a pissed off hemorrhoid.


4)  Pedicures. And the fact that spring is almost here and my feet will once again be pretty and smooth and no longer able to pinch hit for an SOS pad.


5)  My first ever Toshiba laptop. My first laptop EVER. I still can’t believe that I can blog from anywhere inside or outside of the house. I feel like such a grown up. I can’t wait to go to Panera and eat soup while blogging on my laptop so I can be cool like all the other grown ups.

Can you wear baggy sweats and still be cool?

Also, do you eat soup? Drink it? Slurp it? What? I don’t want anything to detract from my coolness.


6)  My Dansko shoes. They are like orgasms for my feet.



7)  The fact that my youngest is taking karate and doing quite well. I can’t wait until she gets her black belt because then, if super über cool people stare at me at Panera while I’m yelling WHERE’S THE DAMN INTERNET ON THIS THING, she can kick their asses.


8.  My girls who are healthy, smart and beautiful inside and out. Also, our vision care plan. Also, nose jobs.


9)  My hottie husband, even if he doesn’t pick up the phone when I call him.


10)  My hottie boyfriend, even if he doesn’t pick up the phone when I call him either.


11)  Skinny Cow French Vanilla Truffle Bars. Enough said.


So, what makes you happy these days?



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26 thoughts on “I don’t care about your Different Strokes so just shut the hell up, Alan Thicke”

  1. Avatar

    Dude! Are you seriously going to bring the laptop to Panera tomorrow? EEEEEEE! I promise (a) not to spill any of my mac and cheese on it – because, let’s face it, that would not only be a waste of the best mac and cheese on Earth but also would cause *me* to look uncool as I feverishly licked your keyboard to reclaim the deliciousness and (b) to show you how to connect to their wifi so you can be kewl like me.

    LIVE BLOGGING FROM PANERA TOMORROW! Or at least LIVE TWEETING (Twittering? What is the correct verb for that anyhow?) since we’ll be busily cramming mac and cheese in our mouths! (Okay, *I’ll* be cramming the m-n-c while you eat your damn fruit salad and sip your damn water. Heh.)

    See you in like 12 hours – WOO!
    .-= Heather @ nobody-but-yourself’s last blog post is here ..Mostly Wordless Wednesday: I love a parade =-.

  2. Avatar

    Hmm, what makes me happy… Losing 37 lbs so far (since September), my girls- even if I threaten to sell them to gypsies every day. 😉 And my Hubs. I couldn’t complain about anything better than him. 😉
    .-= Cheryl’s last blog post is here ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  3. Avatar

    I love my laptop too. I meet my digibuddies at Panera to scrap – the only way I actually DO any scrapping! Don’t know how cool we look, but we’re happily caffeinated and child-free, so it works for me!
    And my hottie husband, partly because he fixes websites and answers Photoshop questions when I’m stumped.
    My pretty cobalt blue glasses that hold an entire can of Diet Coke AND ice.
    Making stuff. Fun stuff. Fun stuff that usually messes up the house.
    Eating baked goods my talented daughters make, even when they don’t clean up. Come to think of it, eating baked goods, period.

    Thanks for the happymaking post!
    .-= Jenn W’s last blog post is here ..Quick Tip Tuesday – Right-Click It! =-.

  4. Avatar

    I’m curious about your Dansko shoes… I tried them on and they felt like I was walking on granite, but I keep hearing that they are good for feet. Am I missing something?

    Oh, my sneakers totally make me happy. Too bad I can’t wear them with dress clothes.
    .-= Lynn from For Love or Funny’s last blog post is here ..I’m scared of my dog =-.

  5. Avatar

    The fact that my daughter is so much like me even if that means that most days I want to duct tape her mouth closed, hog tie her, and stuff her in her closet.
    That after almost 18 years of marriage I catch the hubs looking at me and smiling that super cute smile that’s just for me.
    That it’s just 7:20 and all the beds are made and the liter boxes have already been cleaned :o)
    .-= Cassie’s last blog post is here ..Green with Envy day 2 =-.

  6. Avatar

    Going back to bed for an hour or so after DH & the boys leave in the morning makes me happy.

    Finding a bag of M&Ms I forgot about make me happy.

    Comments on my blog post fill me with joy

    Warm soup on a cold day.

    Be careful not to spill it on your laptop in panera

  7. Avatar

    Things that make me happy, My family, while its true, come on its not an everyday thing.
    My laptop and blogging I have become obsessed with blogging and reading them.
    Toilet paper ya gotta love that stuff.
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post is here ..I’m a walking blogger =-.

  8. Avatar

    Chocolate even if it’s soap, soft bathrobes so I don’t need to dress all day, finding out that my daughter has a late day at school and I can take a nap, food that is cooked by someone else and my daughters any day, even when they’re acting like devil spawn. Almost forgot my husband, who cooks for me, so I’m always happy, loves me after I gained ^~ pounds and even after I kick him for snoring.
    .-= ConnieFoggles’s last blog post is here ..So How’s The Weather? =-.

  9. Avatar

    Just had to say that that is one FABULOUS picture of Anderson Cooper. My…oh…my!

    I got my very first laptop last week and being able be online from my couch is something wonderful that I never knew I was missing out on!

  10. Avatar

    Ah, yes…nosejobs. Thank goodness for nosejobs. My mom convinced me to have one when I was merely 12 years old. Now, my nose looks great…but I can barely breathe out of it. So I really just switched one problem for another.

    I love my laptop!!! I love being able to go in the backyard while the kids are playing, while I blog!! It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it totally makes my day!
    .-= Helene’s last blog post is here ..All kinds of paranormal activity going on around here… =-.

  11. Avatar

    My kids, my boyfriend, knowing that my Mom is beating cancer, the sun shining are just a few things that makes me happy…. I could go on. You may have just inspired me to do a blog post about that today!
    .-= Donna Sherrill’s last blog post is here ..Tulips =-.

  12. Avatar

    Oh so many things…
    My hottie wife,
    Trips to Vegas for business,
    Andi’s blog and the laughter it brings the whold freakin’ world,
    Really funny pictures of Andi from the 80’s (OMG! Great picture),
    When my daughters cook something,
    My son explaining some intricate part of a video game.

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  13. Avatar

    Ooh – I want Danskos SO badly! But we just spent $225 at Costco today. But it was on stuff we needed (like dried apple rings and beef jerkey – NECESSITIES)

    What makes me happy? My daughter learning to talk, super nice pre-spring day today, taking a walk with my husband and daughter, and my kittehs.
    .-= Katie’s last blog post is here ..Pardon my irritation =-.

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