If I were a fish, I’d be stuffed to my gills with cuteness: It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!

A few weeks ago, I was trying very hard to shirk responsibility all over my house. I even went so far as to flop on the couch and watch multiple episodes of Real Housewives on Bravo but I can only handle so much boobage being shoved in my face before I feel compelled to flatten them all in one ginormous mammography machine. So I decided to hop online and surf Etsy instead because it was a lot more fun than cooking dinner.

There I was, browsing various Etsy shops, minding my own business and wondering why so many Etsians feel compelled to crochet vaginas when I accidentally tripped and fell into a pit of sheer cuteness named Tiddlywinks..


Hello, little one. Could you possibly be any more adorable?

I don’t think so.

This little one was named Holly and she used to live at the Tiddlywinks Etsy Shop, until someone scooped her up. And that someone was not me because I am always the last to know anything. I am never in the damn loop. Usually I need a passport and a high powered GPS to get anywhere near the stupid loop.

Except today! Because I’m betting a lot of you never heard about Tiddlywinks before this second! Am I right?

Hah! So go ahead and keep your stinky loop. I’ve got my own..


This is Frost. She’s soft and cuddly and, because of the snowflake bling, perfect for little humans who no longer feel compelled to grab everything in sight and shove it into their mouth.

Or she’d be perfect for me because I don’t shove anything in my mouth unless it’s smothered with partially hydrogenated oil and saturated fat. I’m pretty sure Frost wasn’t made with that stuff. I’d like to perch her on top of my monitor and stare at her all day. She makes me smile.

Tiddlywinks is a labor of love for its owner, creator and textile artist, Scottie, who takes ordinary fabric and makes it into something extraordinary.

Are you wondering if Scottie is a man or woman? I know I did.

I’ll just keep you in suspense, I think.

So anyway, as I was saying …


Damn! It’s like burping. I just can’t help myself. Lucky for you, I think suspense is highly overrated anyway..


This is Allegro. Hi Allegro!You are music to my eyes, sweetie.

Scottie makes beautiful music with a needle and thread, doesn’t she?

Know what I do with needle and thread?

That would be a big, fat NOTHING. Ever since I made a lopsided, backwards, inside-out apron in home-ec class back when I was in eighth grade which was approximately fifty billion years ago, I try to avoid needles and thread. It’s part of my PTSD therapy.

I am, however, a big fan of duct tape. Does everything thread does, only quicker. And it’s perfect for hemming pants!

That scream of anguish you just heard was my mother..


Just look at these details. And guess what?


Did you hear me? I tried to type that as loud as I could. Washable! As in, water and soap and honest to God spin cycles.

This means that you will no longer have to resort to impromptu Lysol spritzing and impractical spot cleaning, only to sniff the air in an hour like a bloodhound and yell HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, WHAT THE HELL DIED?

Like I do with Helena and her funky smelling Bear.

I do hope you realize I meant spot cleaning Bear. Because I do more than just spot clean Helena and spritz her with Febreze. I hose her down at least once a month. What kind of mother do you think I am?.


This was Bacon. Like so many stuffies at Tiddlywinks, she was gone almost as fast as she came.

That’s what she said.

Hah! The Office, anyone?


Scottie has three kids and they draw all sorts of quirky pictures and based on those pictures, Scottie creates these beautiful little creatures. It’s a family affair! Kind of like my blog, except that Scottie doesn’t constantly badger her family with pleas of FOR GOD’S SAKE, DO SOMETHING INTERESTING so that she can use it for blog fodder. Her family actually cooperates.

After two days of browsing Scottie’s store, I admitted to myself that I had become a stalker. I mean, can you blame me? How fun are these? For kids and adults? But at least I’m not one of those trashy stalkers who send their idols their dirty undies or who flash parts of their anatomy at them from across the street. Scottie, don’t you worry. You’ll be getting no skivvies from me, courtesy of the USPS. And I keep my anatomy to myself because I’m a classy, sophisticated stalker who keeps her distance and admires from afar. Just ask my man Anderson. Oh, and when you do, can you tell him to call me? I don’t think he’s getting my messages. Thank you..


I have no idea what your name is, but I could just squeeze the dickens out of you. Tell Scottie to stuff you with more of them, just in case..


Hello Annie. Well, Hello Annie. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.

Too bad you’re name wasn’t Dolly and that you never left in the first place. Then this would make so much more sense..



I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of Hettie here.

Hettie was a custom ordered mini bear. I believe she was six or eight inches but she was in and out too fast for me to be sure. Maybe her name should be Tiger Woods.

By the way … Scottie takes custom orders.

Now, isn’t that totally worth a squee?



This is a Tiddlywinks playset. I want to reach right through my monitor and dress her in those little skirts!


How many different ways can I say cute? Let’s see ….






Stinkin’ charming!

You know what? I think I’m just going to shut up for a minute and just let you suck on some eye candy for awhile. I know! Can you believe it? I’m actually going to voluntarily stop talking. Typing. Whatever. But don’t tell Nate. He’s under the impression he needs an act of Congress for something like this to happen.

I have no idea where he got that idea from.






Was it as good for you as it was for me?

What’s that you say? For crying out loud, how about I give it up already?

Who are you? Nate?

Two winners will win a doll of their choice, up to a value of $35! That’s TWO winners, people. TWO. Which is one more than one. Who said I suck at math? Actually, I think I did.

Want something more than $35 from Tiddlywinks? Choose whatever you want and simply apply the $35 and pay the balance! Perfect for people who have trouble setting limits. Like me. I never met a limit I didn’t think I could smash into smithereens in two seconds or less.

Tiddlywinks dolls are soft and squishy and squeezable and huggable! Just like me! Except for the squeezable and huggable part. Well, maybe. You’ll need to ply me with some drinks first. They’re perfect for you or your little one – just read Scottie’s descriptions carefully if you have a youngster who likes to play puppy and chew on everything. Or even if you do. In which case, ewwww.

Now, be aware … Tiddlywinks dolls go fast, especially at Christmas. I should know. No sooner would I fall in love with a doll when *bam* it would be moved to the “sold” section of Tiddlywinks. It was almost as if I had super powers or something and I started to get all excited and then I tried to make the TV remote fly out of Nate’s vice grip by staring at it hard but then he asked me why my face was all scrunched up and was I constipated or something? And I yelled I HAVE POWER THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE and he told me to shhhhhhhhhh because it was 4th and ten on the thirty within field goal range and why didn’t I just take some Metamucil and go to bed or something?

To see what’s currently for sale at Tiddlywinks, click HERE.

If your favorite sells within a nanosecond, there’s good news! You can see what’s already been sold at Tiddlywinks HERE – this is where you can get some wonderful ideas for a remake or custom order.


.Bring on the sand paper, baby! It’s time for some nitty gritty:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me the class you hated most in school. For me, it’s a three way tie between home-ec, shop and gym. I was all about English class. It was fun to write about unwittingly poisoning myself with botulism or accidentally cutting my fingers off with a jigsaw or falling to my death while climbing a rope. So much more enjoyable than actually doing any of those things in real life. And less messy too.
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. By the way, if you’re in your twenties, enjoy it. Gravity is a vindictive bitch.
  • Winners must confirm their win within 48 hours of notification or I’ll have to choose alternates. Please don’t let that happen. It’s sad and disconcerting and makes me eat lots of stuff I shouldn’t and then the rest of my family starves.
  • Winners must redeem their prize within thirty days of notification.
  • No entries after 9:00 pm eastern time on Sunday, December 13, because if the planets align, that’s when I will be celebrating the completion of our refinished stairs. I fully intend to run up and down them until I pass out from sheer exhaustion or thirty seconds go by, whichever comes first.
  • I will use to choose the winners. Because random rules.
  • One entry per person, please! Please. Your comment might go into moderation but it will show up, unless you’ve stuffed it full of porn or called me mean names in which case, The Big Guy is going to put you on his naughty list. And I’m not talking about the chubby guy in the red suit.
  • I’ll announce the winners on Monday!

.That’s it!


This is Scottie. Talented and beautiful. It’s like looking at my reflection in a mirror! If we lived in Opposite Land.

Good luck, everyone!



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241 thoughts on “If I were a fish, I’d be stuffed to my gills with cuteness: It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    The class I most hated??? Algebra. I had to repeat it, because the first time around, someone thought it would be funny to put a girly girl in with the jocks. “Bonehead” algebra, where we watched “dead is dead” (a really weird movie that was supposed to turn you off of doing drugs, but I think actually gave some of the jocks ideas), and discussed the best place to put your hand when trying to pin your opponent to the mat.

    Btw, I’m addicted to the Tiddlywinks now. Thanks. Discover wants your address to send you a thank you note….

  2. Avatar

    for me it was all about physics. Or more appropriately, me trying not to vomit as I worked through problem after problem and imagined my gpa plummeting from a ville into d and -your-never-gonna-get-a-scholarship-now-what-they-hell-were-you-thinking-trying-the-last-three-years-anyway-ville, not that Im bitter or anything.

  3. Avatar

    I hated in the “I would rather die and come back to life as a roach” sort of way my college Astronomy class. For some reason when I signed up for it, I thought I’d be learning if I should date an Aries. Then I learned what it was really about. And that it was held in a lecture hall with a Professor who spoke broken English very quietly who refused to use a mic. And he spoke about aperture, orbital elements and perturbations (get your mind out of the gutter). BTW, I had to look up those words on Google. See what I’ll do to win something from Tiddlywinks.

  4. Avatar

    Most hated – Latin – yes, we did LATIN – SO useful (not!)

    We had a rhyme –

    Latin is a language
    As dead as dead can be
    It killed the Ancient Romans
    And now it’s killing me!

  5. Avatar

    I hated Math the most because I am Math-challenged. And that is the understatement of the century!
    And Oh Em Gee, those Tiddlywinks are adorable and every time I pick a favorite, you’d show me another one and that would be my favorite and then on and on until I couldn’t take it any more!

  6. Avatar

    O.M.G. Those Tiddlywinks sure are squee-worthy, indeed!! πŸ™‚

    Ugh, most hated class? Has to be gym in high school. I had swimming first period (yeah, so I felt–and looked–like a drowned rat for the rest of the day 3 times a week!) and we had to wear school bathing suits. There were only 4 sizes (sm, med, lg, xl) and each size was color-coded, so nothing like being one of only 2 or 3 people in the class (one of whom was about 7 months pregnant!) who had to wear the “big girl” size. {shudder} I still have nightmares about that class 22 years later!

  7. Avatar

    Most hated class MATH anything math related still hate it, still can not do it (even 4th grade math is a challenge).

    Those tiddlywinks are to cute. I have to have one.

  8. Avatar

    Oh good gosh those are cute. I can’t decide if I want one for my baby nephew, my daughter, or myself. Or, hmm, all three!!

    Most hated class? Um, I can’t remember that far back. It’s all a pleasant, yet faded, memory. Maybe physics?

  9. Avatar

    Oh good gosh those are cute. I can’t decide if I want one for my baby nephew, my daughter, or myself. Or, hmm, all three!!

    Most hated class? Um, I can’t remember that far back. It’s all a pleasant, yet faded, memory. Maybe physics?

  10. Avatar

    It’s 6:46 am here and my kindergarten daughter just talked me into getting “Marie”. You are such an ENABLER!!! But I would love, love, love to have another one…..
    My worst memory is the rope in gym class- need I say more?!

  11. Avatar

    Ugh, I hatehatehated gym class. Especially when they made us run laps around the gym. Running is like screaming – should be used in emergency situations ONLY.

  12. Avatar

    These are so cute!!

    I hated grade 1, grade 2 and grade 8! All because I had the same teacher for all 3 years and she hated me! I missed every gym, recess and art class for 1 full year because she had me writing lines to practice my handwriting. To this day my handwriting is still illegible, I think just to prove to Mme Connelly that she couldn’t break me!

    Great contest! Thanks for putting it on.

  13. Avatar

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That dress-up kit LAMB! SQUEEEEEE!!!! I must have that LAMB! (And she looks like a “she” so she would be totally safe in my possession, if you KWIM…. πŸ˜‰ )

    Also, The Office? WOO!!

    Now, let’s see. Classes I, the Über-nerd, hated in school………… Hmmmmm….

    Oh, I had a Spanish Culture and Civilization class when I was a senior in HS that was gawdawful (I say it like that ’cause I’m from NJ, y’know). The teacher was American, unlike every other Spanish teacher I’d had since the 7th grade who were authentically native speakers of el espaΓ±ol. Not only was he American, he was from Maryland, so he had a Maryland drawly accent. AND he had studied el espaΓ±ol in Spain, unlike all our previous, authentic Spanish teachers who hailed from the western hemisphere countries in which Spanish is spoken. So, he had this riDONKulous accent, wherein he did the “joe” for “yo” and the lispy-sounding “th” for “s” and between that and his native accent, he was unbearable to listen to every day in class. UNBEARABLE. So, so, so, SO hated that class, and I’m telling you this as one who not only ADORED all things related to Spanish, but as one who was the presidente of her high school Club de EspaΓ±ol, studied the language well enough to be fluent by junior year of high school and aced the AP and Achievements for it, thereby racking up all sorts of college credit and making her parents mucho pleased.

    By the way? I was a totally kickass Presidente. I organized club activities like Movie Night, where we ate churros y chocolate and watched The Karate Kid dubbed into Spanish, and DΓ­a de los Muertos field trips where we got to miss school to head into New York City and eat lunch at these totally cool, utterly sketchy Mexican restaurants for class credit. We translated Christmas carols into Spanish and then (accompanied by Sra. Herz – who was Argentinian – on the guitar) went caroling through the school. The year a friend and I did “Abuela Fue Aplastado Por Un Ciervo”* was a particular high point. So, for me to hate a Spanish class took a special kind of skill.

    Other than that, I really didn’t hate much in school, Über-nerd that I was. I even liked Latin. πŸ˜€

    * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

  14. Avatar

    I was a math/science geek but I hated English. I was never good at writing nor was I interested in being forced to read certain novels!

  15. Avatar

    I hated biology most because of the dissecting. I didn’t mind learning about biology from a photo & text perspective but cutting things was too much for me.

    Oh and Ancient American Literature – Hawthorn & Thoreau specifically. They bored me to tears

  16. Avatar

    I really hated all of my teachers except my favorite Mr Dryer in the 4th grade, but my gym class really takes the cake for worst teacher ever. He claimed I was absent 11 times which is just not true. In order to “make up” my grade he had me join the track team. Even after doing that I still got only a C in the class! Whatever!
    By the way, this was my senior year, second semester when failing meant no graduation! And we did more than just regular P.E. we wrote papers for him! He was crazy.

  17. Avatar

    I hated gym class too, my teacher was a pretty perky thing that thought everyone should have co-ordination and balance.. all we did was gymnastics and dance.

  18. Avatar

    My worst class was English. I hated it with a passion. But these Tiddlywinks are something that I could never hate. You were so right it makes me want to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  19. Avatar

    Wow–it’s been a loooong time since I though about my school years. I’d say I hated gym class most. Mostly because the girls had to wear the most-ridiculous looking muddy-gold coloured bloomer one-piece outfits! It’s really hard to describe this gear, but it was mortifyingly ugly. I guess the goal was to make sure any exposed skin would not entice the boys.

    Thanks for showing us this adorable Etsy site. She is doing such wonderfully creative dolls. I’d love to gift one to my little niece.

  20. Avatar

    I was all about English class too!! Which did not thrill my kids by the way because I felt compelled to take my red pen to every paper they’ve ever written. I loathed Geometry! Perhaps it was because of my moronic teacher who mumbled at the board while he was writing and then erased his scribblings before any of us had the time to decipher it and write it down.
    I hope I win! These are so adorable!!

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  22. Avatar

    OK so for me this question simply could not be easier. The ‘class’ I most hated in high school was absolutely positively HOME ROOM. Just wait… I know what your thinking,,, home room are you freakin kidding me? That’s not even a class..MY POINT EXACTLY!!!! Nothing use to piss me off more than having to get my sullen troubled adolescent a@# out of bed so I could hurry to a classroom where my sole responsibility was raising my hand and uttering the word ‘here’. I can assure you not only was I myself absent a lot,,, but so were four of the five fingers on my raised hand πŸ™‚

    Lisa Sparks????????? HERE .!..

  23. Avatar

    How adorable!! I love her work!! They are so cute!!
    My least favorite class in high school was chemistry! I could definately have went without disecting things!!!

  24. Avatar

    Andy, Scottie is amazing! Beautiful and talented! I am utterly charmed by her Tiddlywinks and would love one for my little girl Lily. My least favorite class in HS was Algebra. I could not for the life of me wrap my head around the word problems!

  25. Avatar

    My least favorite was Psychology. My teacher told me not to even bother to take the final because I was flunking so bad and can you believe, he said it in front of the whole class? I became a psych major in college and did well. Maybe it had more to do with his teaching then my ability.

  26. Avatar

    GYM!!! the worst by far. I became quite good at coming up with excuses not to be there or not to shower. I had aunt flo at least 2 weeks out of the month, LOL!

  27. Avatar

    Um….HOLY CRAP!!! I’m in total love/lust ??? — what a talent she has! I could come through the screen and just love them all! My favorites are the cute little Lambs …awwww

    The subject I hated most in school was Math. In fact, hated it so much I took a Math of Money class instead of Algebra 2. It’ like the dummy class of math – yes I have issues with calculating 2+2 without my calculator. But at least I’m woman enough to own it! hahaha

    anyhoo – thanks for a chance to win such a wonderful giveaway! I bookmarked her store – with 3 smaller children and 2 young nieces I can see this being an Etsy I can frequent. Thanks for letting another “last to knower” in on the loop! πŸ˜‰

  28. Avatar

    Accounting – taught by Mr Green Jeans – at least that’s what i referred to him as….totally failed – and then almost failed it in college as well….so yeah, accounting sucks!

  29. Avatar

    oh lordy, i hated Math. In fact, i think my Grade 12 math teacher gave me a mercy pass so i could get into University… i tried, god knows i tried… but numbers are lame.

  30. Avatar

    Definitely Gym. I’ve always been terribly uncoordinated and unathletic. I hated changing in front of other people, hated getting sweaty halfway through the day, and hated doing anything that required me to exert an unusual amount of physical energy. Seriously, I think I might need therapy.

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  32. Avatar

    I most hated gym. Not because I was lazy or hated exercise, but because I hated getting sweaty and gross in the middle of the school day. I also always had trouble running around in circles under the direction of an often obese gym teacher. I’m not at all athletically inclined, and I couldn’t wait for art class.

  33. Avatar

    I hated gym in junior high and high school. But the class I always loathed was math – in any form. In high school, I learned absolutely nothing because our “teacher” was more interested in checking out the girls in the class and making crude jokes. I swear I didn’t really learn anything until college…and now I’ve managed to forget it all again!

  34. Avatar

    My least favorite class was science. I think that was due, in part, to poor teachers. My seventh grade science teacher talked in a monotone and worked from worksheets. My junior high chemistry teacher did her nails in class and let us have mole parties every Friday where we’d bring in food and we could eat as much as we wanted as long as we found it’s molecular weight first. Ok, so I guess that class wasn’t too bad, except now as a teacher myself I see how lax she was at her job.

    Tiddlywinks are adorable!

  35. Avatar

    Oh I love them all!! how to choose???

    I hated gym- not b/c I hated the physical activity, but because my gym teacher believed unless you were 6′ 2″ and muscular you didn’t deserve to get a good grade. GR. stupid teacher.

  36. Avatar

    Oh man, these things are so cute I want to break them in half and dunk them in my coffee. ADORABLE!
    And. My least faborite class was German literature. 17th-centurey Germans did not write fun books. They just didn’t.

  37. Avatar

    Gym by far was my most hated subject in high school. I have never been athletic and this was yet another opportunity to have my self-esteem drained in high school.

  38. Avatar

    Tiddlywinks are so freakin cute πŸ™‚

    The class I hated most was Math. I did not do well and asked for as little help as possible because the teacher had breath that could knock you out at 50 paces.

  39. Avatar

    My least favorite class was Algebra 2 in 10th grade. Not that I particularly enjoyed any of the other incarnations of Algebra, but that second one was particularly awful. My favorite moment being when my less than pleasant teacher said all too sarcastically, “are you going to come in for help or are you waiting for a personal invitation?” 15 years and an education degree later…I’m pretty sure that’s not how you motivate a teenager who’s terrified of math. Just sayin’.

  40. Avatar

    The class I hated the most was Pre-algebra. I took it from 7th-11th grade, and I couldn’t for the life of me get the B required to move to algebra. Funny thing, when I went to college I had the highest grade in my classes all the way through calculus. Go figure!

  41. Avatar

    I would have to say Spanish when I was in elementary school. We were in Puerto Rico, having moved from Florida. So since I didn’t already know Spanish (which was like an English Class to us) they would make me go DOWN a grade for my lessons. So I was in third grade, but for Spanish I had to go to the Second Grade. WTF? Liek that doesn’t mess with you for life?

  42. Avatar

    I didn’t like gym – had to change clothes, then sweat, then get yelled at by the teacher for having no coordination. I’m trying, I wanted to yell, I’m trying! Only one teacher in my school career marked for participation and not just skill. I think I still love her.

  43. Avatar

    My least favorite class was gym. Hated it. I wasn’t thin and the uniform we had to wear was a stretchy brown 1 piece with elastic in the waist. If your larger something like that does not look good on you. Plus I had white, white legs. Then you had to change in front of people. So not cool. I’m a private person. Then the showers there just had a curtain separating them. Not enough privacy. And did I mention that I’m not atletic either. Hated it when they had to do the testing on you on how many pull ups, sit ups and all the running that you could do. Poor torture I tell ya.

  44. Avatar

    The class I hated most in school was Algebra. Sitting there looking like yeah I know this. (Yeah Right) My stomach in knots and I feel like I gotta vomit or someone pulling my stomach apart. I worked through problem after problem and imagined the hands in my stomach fading away saying bye-bye to your GPA.

  45. Avatar

    My least favorite class was definitely gym class. It seemed that we always played volleyball, which is very stressful when you are scared of balls flying at you and are not very coordinated. I still have nightmares about it!

  46. Avatar

    OMG, I hated gym by far. I was always the fat, slow girl.. the one that was picked near last for everything. It sucked. One of thus plush bits of heaven would totally erase the horror of those memories.

  47. Avatar

    Absolutely NO question that my most hated class was P.E.

    My godbaby NEEDS a Tiddlywink!!! NEEDS I tell you! Pick me, pick me, you!
    The little play sets take my breath away with the cuteness!!!

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  49. Avatar

    Way too stinkin’ cute!! I fell in love too!! Thanks for sharing. I know what I will get for the next little one’s birthday and baby showers of the future.

  50. Avatar

    I hated lots of classes in jr. high and high school. But nothing tops this speech class I took in college. The teacher was so brutal. You had to get up and give your speech in class and he would critique you right then and there. And he wasn’t nice. After one of my speeches he humiliated me in front of the whole class. I think I dropped the class after that. So the class I hated the most was my speech class.

    The Tiddlywink stuffies are so adorable! thanks!

  51. Avatar

    Wow, there’s a lot of passion in the replies (both for the Tiddlywinks and against school). My least favorite class was kindergarten…all of it…all year. What a way to start school, lol.

  52. Avatar

    Your animals are ADORABLE!!! Oh my!!

    The class I hated most in high school was geometry! What torture!!

  53. Avatar

    I hated Chemistry in school. Not because of the Chemistry part, necessarily, but because of the teacher. Lame as they get. I still loathe that man! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that shows me some love. These are the cutest things ever!

  54. Avatar

    OMG…That Hettie is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! *heart*

    Okay…class I couldn’t stand. That would be my german class. Mainly because my teacher was actually a spanish teacher. Can you imagine german with a spanish accent? Not only that but she was a vindictive woman who couldn’t pronouce “ich” without spitting all over the first two rows!! Guess where I sat….yea. Love that assigned seating!!! O_o

  55. Avatar

    The class I hated most: French. The teacher only spoke in French and I couldn’t understand a word she said so I always failed the assignments. How I passed the class is still a mystery.

    Re: the cuteness explosion you have just shared – oh my gosh! These are the most adorable little creatures I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing the link. I can’t seem to get enough of these Tiddlywinks.

  56. Avatar

    I guess the class I hated most was Algebra. I made it through alright but never looked forward to that one at all….Kind of Ironic now…..I married a high school Algebra teacher!

  57. Avatar

    ugh. hands down—British Literature! hated that class. i might have nightmares tonight just thinking about it! those stuffies are ADORABLE!

  58. Avatar

    I hated speech far above all others. Getting up in front of the class to talk about things I did not care about was the worst!

    These are so cute! Off to her Etsy shop!

  59. Avatar

    For me it was PE. My mom always told me I couldn’t do anything because of my asthma so I had so sit on the sides while kids teased me. It wasn’t fun at all! Love those little stuffies! They are so cute!

  60. Avatar

    I hated…HATED, dispised any class that wasn’t art! I was a creative soul that couldn’t find her way around a structured classroom to save my butt! It is a good thing I had smart friends and creative ways to make it through… or I wouldn’t have perished! Thanks for the adorable giveaway…if I win my 15 year old daughter (birthday is the 28th of this month) will find a special surprise wrapped up! She would just giggle at the sight of these critters!

  61. Avatar

    Definitely algebra. I just don’t get math at all.

    Scottie is absolutely creative, imaginative, and amazingly talented. If I don’t win this contest, I will still definitely be buying one of her creations for my four year old daughter. Hettie is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  62. Avatar

    I hated hated hated Algebra. In middle school, high school, and college. Hated it. Hated it. Hated it.

    But I love Tiddlywinks! Cuteness overload, indeed!

  63. Avatar

    My most hated class was Humanities. It wasn’t the class as much as it was the teacher. A close runner up would be PE, especially the rope climb in the gym.

    How cute are these!

  64. Avatar

    Well..The class I hated the most was definately anything History… I get the reason (NOW) why we should learn it, but at the time I thought it was POINTLESS. I was so horrible at it, nothing stuck in my head.. I also really hated English, because I don’t like writing, and I don’t like reading either, so that class was a nightmare for me… I’ve been really bad at reading since I was like in 1st grade, very SLOW reader. LOL.

    Your stuffed animals are TOO stinkin cute!! πŸ™‚ If I don’t win, I’ll probably end up buying one for my nephew! πŸ™‚

  65. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE the monkey! They are all adorable! I need to check if she has any ocean animals… it would go perfect in our nursery! Thank you for sharing these! My least favorite subject in school was hands down any kind of math. I didn’t like school though at all and skipped most of my high school days. Ready for some irony? I’m now a teacher!

  66. Avatar

    This is actually a very funny subject right now. I absolutely HATED Science in school. Did not like it one bit, dreaded taking it in college, griped through every class.

    Guess what, I teach 8th grade Science now and LOVE it!!!!

    I cannot even imagine why I did not like it before now….science rocks!!

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  68. Avatar

    Oh my goodness that little piggie is so cute!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely hated History class. I was too busy fluffing my bangs and putting on lipgloss to care about a bunch of old dead people or when they fought which war.

  69. Avatar

    Oh my God Andy, you should write a book, you really should. My mom is always telling me that, but then she hasn’t read your blog. She’d be bowing at your wordage talent.

    I hated PE with a passion. Tried to get out of it twice a week for at least 6 years. (No, I didn’t spend 6 years in high school, the hated started in 7th grade.

    Hettie is so stinking cute!!!

  70. Avatar

    Thanks for introducing us to Tiddlywinks! I would’ve said they are too cute for words, but you did a great job with telling us about them! πŸ™‚

    My most hated class in school was P.E. Not only because I am so not the athletic type, but because in too many of my school years (and very strict, girls-must-wear-dresses schools) we had to wear these awful things called culottes. UGH. There is just no way to be cute in culottes. But I think that is the whole point. And then they wanted us to do things like play softball and basketball and run and get stinky & sweaty? Nothing could be further from what I have EVER wanted to do, in my entire life. πŸ™‚

  71. Avatar

    Hmm..I didn’t really hate any classes. I guess I’d have to say Lunch. It was the longest for me…I was desperately shy in High School. I spent the majority of my HS lunch days in the library!

  72. Avatar

    I would LOVE Allegro. She’s so damn cute! I used to be a musician in my previous life and she’d fit in lovely with my girls. πŸ™‚

  73. Avatar

    I’m going to have to go with Algebra here too. I completely and miserably failed to learn any of it and suffered for months until it was over.

    Yet, when I got to college, I met an instructor excited about Algebra and they told me I could be excited about it too. I made an A in every single one of her classes.

    I hope to make my kids excited about school, so they can enjoy learning.

    Right now though, I am excited about a Tiddlywinks giveaway! Thanks!!!!

  74. Avatar

    Oh it has to be Algebra 2! I got an “H” in Algebra 1. Yep…H for HUNDRED. Moved, had a different teacher with a different teaching style…hello my new letter friend F! Seriously, each lesson was a painful reminder I wasn’t as smart as I though I was. Or, he was a bad teacher…

    These are beyond adorable…sigh…tea party dress up goodness!

  75. Avatar

    Gym in junior high, it was taught by a former Army drill instructor, oh yay!! I was very coordinated or athletic back then and it seemed like I never did anything right. Now I would love to go to junior high gym class!! If only I could find a babysitter. I want every last one of these things, they are super cute.

  76. Avatar

    The class I hated most was Chemistry. Don’t get me wrong, I loved science, but our Chemistry teacher had a bad attitude, a cro-magnon forehead and a room that he kept at 37 degrees farenheit. Dude has a serious attitude problem, too.

  77. Avatar

    I absolutely hated my aquaculture class my freshman year. We had to take care of all the fish tanks on campus. When I was checking the tank in the office, I split the back of my jeans wide open. Most embarassing day ever.

  78. Avatar

    wow, those are really cute!! Love them all. And with 14 grandkids–well, you know, I’m sure they would love them too!!

    The class I hated most was Gym class. I had a weird teacher–had no idea why she was weird until much later when I figure out life and now it makes me sick that she was a girls gym teacher–

    well, that said, if you have to unpost this let it be.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!!

  79. Avatar

    Tiddlywinks is awesome as is that Gemma doll, which if I hadn’t already bought my niece a gift for Christmas would be perfect for her . . .

    Well, I think my least favorite class in school was drama. I didn’t even want to take the class, but my stupid high school cancelled senior history and that was the only other class that fit in my schedule. The teacher was in love with himself and a jerk besides, and I had no desire to be there. At least I had a bunch of friends in the class, and that made it bearable.

  80. Avatar

    Wowzers, need some release?


    “…ginormous mammography…”


    “…as fast as she came.”

    “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

    On that theme, one of my most hated classes in school was health class, I learned nothing but the minimum you needed to drink to get drunk.

    “You’ll need to ply me with some drinks first.”

    Um… Nevermind.



  81. Avatar

    You are not going to believe this… mother’s name is Scottie. I have never heard of another Scottie in the world! How cool. She is kinda crafty, but not as crafty as you Scottie. These are so freaking cute….OK, hated gym class, loved chorus until some very cute guy told me chorus was for nerds, then hated chorus. Anyhoo, I want one of these just for myself. I hope I win. Winter nights are cold here in the Finger Lakes, so I need a cuddle buddy! Please pick me Random Gods….please.

  82. Avatar

    So much cuteness! I’m a huge fan of Tiddlywinks and have purchased 2 items so far and am eying a 3rd addition.

    The class I disliked most? Phys-ed. The main reason being that it involved several sessions of swimming. I could handle all other sports and physical activity, but not swimming. Large bodies of water and I don’t get along so just the thought of an upcoming swim class always made me feel ill. Boy, was I relieved when I found out that phys-ed was no longer a requisite part of our school curriculum by my 3rd year of high school. Needless to say, I dropped it like a hot potato. =)

  83. Avatar

    Those are the most adorable dolls I have ever seen. :sigh:

    Class I hated most? Subject-wise, it’d be anything math-based, but all of the actual classes I hated most were because of the teachers. Biology sophomore year of high school: teacher mocks me for breaking my ankle, calls another kid “fattie,” decides it’s ok for the boys to skip out on the final to go to practice, teaches genetics by saying things like “and that’s how things get weeded out of the gene pool – I don’t know how some of you managed to slip through” and is not really kidding. Yeah, I would’ve done anything to skip out on that class.

  84. Avatar

    I just want to say that you are the blog writer that I want to be when I grow up. Just say’n. As for hated classes – Middle school History. I had the WORST possible teacher and I hated every damned boring minute of that class. He made me hate history. And that’s a problem – because it just goes and repeats itself and you are expected to be aware of this stuff. I’m telling you. It’s horrible what he did to me. Down right abominable.

  85. Avatar

    These are so adorable! I really should start exploring Etsy more.

    The classes that I disliked most were Science and History. Oh and gym but only when we had swimming. My senior year of high school, I signed up for Advance Biology–no idea why because I didn’t need a science class that year. After two days I went to my counselor and asked to be put into study hall.

  86. Avatar

    Those are so adorable!!

    Hated Gym class. Then went to college and got a Physical Education degree. Then left college and got a job in computers. That all works right?!?

  87. Avatar

    Honest to Pete, these Tiddlywinks are some of most darling items I have seen in awhile.

    That said, I ended up hating math. I did fairly well at until I hit junior high.I ended up with a math teacher who a smart aleck, arrogant man who would rather flirt with the students than teach.

  88. Avatar

    I’ve been reading you from Google for so long that I haven’t had a chance to check out your new site. Good job!

    My most horrible class? Geography! I was a straight A student in math until then. The teacher (who shall remain nameless, just in case he Googles himself) spent more time teaching us the perfect golf swing (gagola) than angles. Oh well.

    Anyways, I hope I win. For me, not my kids. Is that so wrong???

  89. Avatar

    The class I hated most in high school is most definitely without a doubt gym. I just hated how I was never any good at anything athletic and it was TOTALLY obvious…

  90. Avatar

    Math and gym were tied for me as the most hated class. Remember that cartoon on MTV, “Daria”? And in the intro when she’s in gym class, and the volleyball comes flying by, and then she just sticks her arm out in a half-assed sort of way? Yeah, that was me.

    These Tiddlywinks are the most precious things…possibly ever. I would love to win one for my daughter πŸ™‚

  91. Avatar

    I hated Maths because I am useless at it – if something adds up to more fingers and toes than I possess then I’m in serious trouble !!!

  92. Avatar

    MATH, MATH, oh and any kind of MATH! Yuck! I hate math! Did I make that clear? :). I am a right-brainer, so Art, English, History…those were my favorites. Math and science? Not so much. Oh and those Tiddlywinks are adorable! My little Emma would love one of those:)

  93. Avatar

    Gym. Hands down. I couldn’t run, hit, throw or catch. Still can’t. I have the hand-eye coordination of a drunken monkey.
    Why did you have to show us those adorable dolls? WHY?! I was perfectly happy with two boys. Now I think I need a girl. Thanks a lot.

  94. Avatar

    I hated Social Studies class in 7th grade the most, because we had a revolving realm of teacher weirdness teaching the class!

    The first teacher would come in drunk and flirt with the grils. He finally got canned, after his loudspeaker was left on for the office to hear, when he threw one of the boys across the room over some desks. To top it off, I think there was something about his ex wife and Sylvester Stallone???

    The next teacher…. a Mr. Real Weirdo…. was like a precursor to PeeWee Herman… kinda strange to say the least. I learned one thing in his class, besides 17 different ways to think “EW”…. Antidisestablishmentarianism . Learn it. Live it. Love it. (eh… not so much!)

    The third turned out to be a good teacher, so naturally she was considered a sub for the rest of the year. We studied the Dark Ages and got to make our own Kingdoms named after ourselves. Now THAT was awesome!

  95. Avatar

    Ugh. Algebra. Only took it because they scared a bunch of us gullible kids into believing that our adult life would be totally ruined without higher math. Disecting frogs in Biology was more fun than that stupid algebra class.

    Oh, and OMG these are so stinkin’ adorable, I want them all. Please pick me! Please? Pretty please??
    aka @stampingville

  96. Avatar

    Seriously…. the cutest things I’ve ever seen!! I need one for my little girl. Ok, really for myself, but at least I can pretend it’s for her.

    My most loathed class was anything history related. I’m no good at remembering dates, timelines, important figures, etc. Ugh. Give me math any day!

  97. Avatar

    I totally could have done away with PE, myself. I suck at sports- and I didn’t care about the “exercise” that they were trying to get us. Love the softies- they are adorable!

  98. Avatar

    Okay, those are seriously adorable. Now why can’t I learn to sew? My least favorite class in school had to be Geography…not much to do with the topic, but the teacher was a drag and made the whole thing a snooze. Love your site. Now pick me! LOL


  99. Avatar

    It was definitely Gym Class and History with the most boring Teacher (Which was my elementary ART teacher) in the world! However, I loved history with the Hot teacher!!

  100. Avatar

    Omg, those are simply adorable!!!

    Most hated class BY FAR: GERMAN, with Frau Fritsch. She was the mayor of a little town further up the mountain, and she owned a bunch of horses and must have ridden them a lot because she would come to class in her jodhpurs and SLAM her quirt down on the desk when you got a wrong answer. Plus, she tied this one kid’s hands behind her back because she was sucking her thumb at the ripe old age of 10.

  101. Avatar

    I hated history class in school. I was never any good at it, and it bored me to death listening about dead people. Now that I am a *little* older, I find history very interesting and I wished I would have paid more attention back then. Funny how things work.

    These are so cute. It would go to my 2 year daughter. I can picture one of these being toted around all day with her!!

  102. Avatar

    I hated biology most! I loved chemistry, but for whatever reason, biology is something I loathed. These are some of the cutest things I have ever seen! I hope I win!!!

  103. Avatar

    Wow! Those Tiddlywinks are super cute!
    My worst class in HS was definitely Home-EC, specifically the sewing part. We had to do a semester of cooking and then a semester of sewing, and back in the day it was a required class for girls! I aced the cooking part and loved it, but then came the sewing. I like you have an extreme aversion to needles and thread. I was a tomboy, and we had to make, a purse and a jumper, two things that weren’t really exciting to me in the first place. I think I took about 3 months to make the purse, then I had to start the dress. It was obvious that I wasn’t going to finish so I stayed for 3 weeks until 5pm and had my dad come to pick me up at school. After all of that extra effort, what spectacular grade did I receive? D- !

  104. Avatar

    My most hated was gym. Our gym teacher was all about the best players, and no one else. Was it my fault that I am a natural klutz, and that exerting real effort might break a nail? Also hated math class…I mean, do you *really* use that stuff?

  105. Avatar

    Least favorite class in school…hands down Science! I was always bored to tears bc essentially it was all memorization. Which begged the question, what am I learning?!

  106. Avatar

    The class I hated was Science. any of them. I had the same spot three years in a row in high school (maybe THAT was my downfall?). I took physical science, biology, and chemistry (not because i wanted to but it was a requirement). So i think this is why I excelled in art.

    I would love to win! i definitely sucked in the cuteness of them all! The green puppy tugged on my heart strings!!

    Happy Holidays!!! πŸ™‚

  107. Avatar

    My least favorite class was a toss up between gym and any math class that I was forced to take.

    One of my requirements of the “perfect man” was that he had to be able to do math. That way if we had children, hopefully the kid would get their fathers math smarts and not mine. My fiance is a math whiz….now here’s hoping our son takes after his Daddy. LOL

  108. Avatar

    Seriously? You want to know what class I hated most? Probably science. Pain in the rear, smelly teacher that I don’t miss. Not one iota.

    And for getting that off my chest I might win one of those precious dolls? Mercy, invite me back.

  109. Avatar

    Geography blows! I managed to remember where the names of the places went in relation to the lines on the page (a.k.a. map)… but it was like “the word China goes next to the squiggly line with dent on the left side”

  110. Avatar

    The class I hated the most was junior year history. I absolutely love history but the class was taught by a coach and was full of jocks and cheerleaders (or cheerios as they say on Glee). Anyway Monday & Tuesday would be discussions about the previous week’s game, the later part of the week would be about the upcoming game. I would sleep through class. When we had tests, I would make an A (I read the chapter for goodness sake!) and the rest of the class would fail (obviously didn’t read). The coach just knew I cheated – he used to stand over my desk watching me during tests.
    Thanks for exposing us to the Tiddlywinks – huge on the aaaawwwwww meter!

  111. Avatar

    The class i hated most was geometry! I’m still not sure what I learned in it…if anything. I wasn’t found of any math classes…but geometry was definately the worst!

    And Hettie….that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  112. Avatar

    These are so super cute – and why is she so bloomin pretty????? And talented???? with a nice family that cooperate with her?????

    Anyways – I hated PE – thats physical education – thats, oh I dont know what! Running up and down, doing cross country, netball, hockey, rounders, athletics etc etc…yukkk. Mind you, I used to have back trouble (child arthritis) and used to say I couldnt do p.e. – when the pe teacher got sick of me saying it she said I had to bring a letter in from my mum to say I couldnt do it! So I brought in some tablets I had for my acne (Oh YES!) and she believed me that I couldnt do pe!!!!! PE teachers are not always so smart! I think she just gave up in the end and got me to just copy out of books with rules in them – she thought that was some sort of a punishment!

  113. Avatar

    THOSE ARE SO CUTE! I would LOVE to give one of those to my BFF”s son!
    My least favorite class in school was (ans still is) history. Borrrr-ring!

  114. Avatar

    I hated home ec and gym. I can’t sew – and why would I want to? I have no athletic ability either. Basically, I hated what I was no good at.

    By the way – Tiddlywinks are stinkin’ adorable!!!
    I hope I win!

  115. Avatar

    Hated Gym class had it early in the day so I had to be sweaty all day long. No way was I taking a shower in gym class they had no shower curtains!

  116. Avatar

    I’m in LOVE!! Those are too cute for words!

    My least favorite part of school was gym. We used to have to “run” a mile once a week and I HATED it. HATED. There are no words strong enough for this emotion. Ugh, I’m getting all upset just thinking about gym class…. I need to go look at some more Tiddlywinks cuteness….

  117. Avatar

    Those are so stinkin’ cute!

    My least favorite class in school was GYM! ugh, I totally hated it. I tried to come up with every excuse I could think of to get out of gym! I’ve never been an athletic person and my hand-eye coordination stinks! LOL

  118. Avatar

    OMG!!!! ADORABLE~!!! ok. well my most hated class is a toss up between gym **grrr**and MATH!! HATED them!! Both of them!! With a passion!!!!!

  119. Avatar

    My least favorite class of all time is definately Statistics. I took it for 3 semesters before I passed it. It took having an instructor with such a heavy accent (that I couldn’t understand) to actually pass the class. I’m not sure how I did it, but finally I did. Why did I NEED that class anyway?

    Off to hopefully get a Tiddlywink for my DD!

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  121. Avatar

    The class I hated the most? Advanced English! The teacher was very strict and looked like a bird. She said she wanted to read every book in the library?!? I’m an avid reader but I don’t know that I’d want to read every book in the library! Anyways, her class was always hard and I used to get into trouble for talking too much. Go figure!

  122. Avatar

    Oh Lord help–those are so cute. I totally have no excuse to want one, as my youngest child is already 12, but I want one anyway.

    My most hated class was always phys. ed. I went to this high school that was so stinkin’ preppie that in gym class we played field hockey, golf, and tennis, and we learned to fence and do archery. Seriously. “Not athletic” should be stamped on my forehead.

  123. Avatar

    Oh dear, another site to add to m y addiction!! thanks.. nah i really mean that in a good way!! Thanks!! are they not just the cutest!!
    I hated Textiles at school.. sewing and Knitting etc etc ( go figure i love ccrafts now) but those nasty little needles hurt and kept thinking my fingertips were the pin cushions. I did however get an A+ for a lovely all white fluffly jumper i once handed in. quite freaky really when my usual style was knit one pearl two and drop ten hahaha ( does it matter that my mum kniited the jumper?????)

    As always i love ya blog…. hows anderson going? lol

  124. Avatar

    I hated English class —- boring:( ZZZZZZZZ But Math and Science what fun!!! Thanks for the great giveaway:)

  125. Avatar

    Gym and French.
    I so hated gym for most of my life.
    Being sweaty, feeling clumsy and disgusting, showering in old dingy shower rooms. Brrrr
    I had French for 4 years and I hated almost every minute of it. Despite the fact I actually got along the best on our 3 week exchange to France, you could catch me jumping for joy if I got a D in an exam because it was an accomplishment….

  126. Avatar

    Gym class absolutely! My one teacher even used me as a demonstration of how to play doubles tennis when your partner is useless! Thanks Mr. Shapiro, I still remember that! Oh well, I’m over it but never exactly fell in love with sports.

  127. Avatar

    My most hated class was math. I took algebra 3 times in college before I passed (barely). In very close second place is gym class. I’m so not coordinated. I hope that my daughter doesn’t have my genes in regards to math and coordination!

    Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  128. Avatar

    That’s got to be physics. The only class I ever failed.
    Or maybe it’s college calculus. Not only was it brain boggling, the wrinkled old professor would go out of his way to hit on me… Eeewwww.

    Now pick me so we can SQUEE together!

  129. Avatar

    Oh.My.Gosh. I am so in love. You’re right, I’d never heard of her shop, but I’ll be stalking right along with ya babycakes.

  130. Avatar

    Aw crap- I forgot the class question…. Mine, BY FAR, was CHEMISTRY……….even the mere thought of it now makes me want to vomit and crawl in a deep, dark hole.

  131. Avatar

    I hated Algebra the most. I hated Chemistry too. But my lab partner, Brady, was cute so I hated it less. No cute guys in Algebra.

  132. Avatar

    OMG!! These are just the most adorable critters out!!

    I really really disliked sewing, having no patience for it whatsoever – the irony is that it happens to now be my passion – I love working with textiles and stitch!

  133. Avatar

    Hated gym class….felt like it was a never ending way to line up a middle school aged, awkward girl next to a budding beauty queen. Ah, youth. It just seemed like a cruel joke!

  134. Avatar

    OMG you did not exaggerate. These are to darn cute. I am bookmarking the page for gift giving :).

    My least favorite class in school had to be history, followed closely by music.

  135. Avatar

    PE surely not my fav. Glad those days are long long over. But who wouldn’t absolutely love the adorable tiddlywinks. Make even big little girls happy.

  136. Avatar

    It was whatever math class Mrs. Kaminski taught. I think it must have been algebra. If I dared to raise my hand to say I didn’t understand, then she would call me up to work the problem out on the chalkboard. So I never raised my hand and I never learned a thing.

    Those stuffies are so cute!

  137. Avatar

    These are just the cutest ,so adorable.
    I would have to say,Math and Gym were the worst.I absolutely hated the sucicide laps we had to do in the gym

  138. Avatar

    Hands down, Biology. I could not dissect that frog or fetal pig. Probably the reason that while I work in healthcare, it is in a non-clinical position.

    These are the cutest things I have seen from Etsy.

  139. Avatar

    These are so adorable and your blog is so entertaining and I’m so glad I found it!
    Obviously I sucked at English, but I really, really hated Gym.

  140. Avatar

    I went to a school that made us all take Latin in 8th grade. Even though I loved languages, I hated that class SO MUCH. I felt a little better when I learned this rhyme:
    Latin is a dead language
    Dead as it can be
    It killed the ancient Romans
    And now it’s killing me!


  141. Avatar

    Had to be 8th grade home-ec (cooking). I love to cook, but got a D. Why? Because the food was nasty and I refused to eat it, so I got marked down for it.

  142. Avatar

    I hated gym, I was not co ordinated enough for it, but it was something you could not get out of. Looking back I should have tried harder, my butt would have thanked me.

  143. Avatar

    My least favorite was science, but mostly just because of the teacher. She just made us do so much busy work and homework, as if she thought her class was the only class we had in school!

  144. Avatar

    My least favorite class in high school…Math…any kind of math. I was a pretty good student but math just didn’t come easy for me πŸ™‚

  145. Avatar

    My most hated class would have been either gym class or french. Ug. Hated them both. So do my daughters by the way. Must be genetic.

  146. Avatar

    Algebra, hands down. Hated it. Never have had to use it. Get the shivers when I think about a time in the future when I’ll possibly have to “help” my children with their algebra homework. I think I’ll be investing in a good tutor!

  147. Avatar

    The class I hated most was gym. I would get up early make sure my hair and make up looked great and i would get to school and the teacher would say go run a mile. It alwats seemed liked gym was first hour for me.
    Same when it was time for the swimming part of gym. I would get ready to go to school, ride the bus with a great looking make up job, and hair do going on, because we all know we could not have gone out of the house with out our face and hair done. Only do have to jump in the pool at 8am.

    By the way great giveaway again this month. You rock

  148. Avatar

    I hated Chemistry. All those molecules and calculations and things. Ugh. We did do some funnish experiments, but they were few and far between. I liked remedial science a lot better. We at least got to build circuits and make light bulbs glow by sticking them in potatoes!

  149. Avatar

    First things first– those are stinkin’ cute! My kiddos are both hanging over my shoulder pointing out their favorites.

    The class I hated most in school? Folk dance 101. My friend wanted to take it, I thought Ripping Your Toenails Off Slowly 101 sounded like more fun but I owed her big time so dance we did.

  150. Avatar

    These are so cute! I think I must have one!

    Most hated class was gym. I think it’s because of this that I hate almost any form of physical exercise now. I also hated Spanish class, but dropped it very quickly.

  151. Avatar

    I hated math, mostly because this boy who was a MAJOR bully was always in my class and always sitting next to me. He would whisper nasty things, or pinch or hit me when the teacher was writing on the board. I eventually decided not to go into the advanced math class because I would have had to be in there sitting next to him. I hope wherever that guy is now in this world that he is miserable.

  152. Avatar

    I absolutely hated gym and math in school. My inadequacy in math kept me off the first honor roll all through elementary school. In high school I was enrolled in honors classes and non regents math. Math did not make sense to me until the year after I graduated from college. I am still a little uncomfortable when I see numbers and letters together, LOL.
    I also hated gym. I would have rather hurled myself down a flight of stairs than participate in gym class.

  153. Avatar

    I hated band with a passion. I only took band so I wouldn’t have to take gym, which I was sure I would hate even more than band. There is nothing worse than being asked to play some scale in front of 90 other 8th graders when you are pretty sure the scale the teacher just named is one she made up.

  154. Avatar

    Math…by far! More specifically algebra with Mrs. Hamilton (or Mrs HamHam as we called her – not sure why, though). Anyway, it was math.

  155. Avatar

    I hated PE with a passion. I was always too self-consciuos to get undressed in the locker room around all the other girls. Plus I hated sports. I was the girl who always cried because the softball hurt her hand, when it was going like only 5 mph.

    The tiddlywinks are adorable!!

  156. Avatar

    Love these precious babies. sooooooo sweet.
    I have a baby nephew that needs a christmas present as sweet as this.
    If I would be able to get it out of my 4yr old and 6yr old’s hands! πŸ™‚

    In college, I hated my Finance/Accounting class. It was on the third floor in an un-air conditioned building, in the summer–in the South–at 10:00AM. All I can remember was sitting in the back, waking up with my head on the desk and drool all over my book. AHHHH! boring!!! Oh, and walking away with a big fat D. oh well.

  157. Avatar

    I love Allegro. I hated history when I was in high school. Now, I still don’t like memorizing dates, etc. but I like history a lot better than I did back then.

  158. Avatar

    Chemistry. I never learned it at all – just memorized enough to get me through the final with a passing grade – TWICE.

  159. Avatar

    Oh my word. I want one of each!

    My most hated class in school would be a tie between Algebra and Geometry, both of which hated me back equally as much. Geometry hated me so bad I almost didn’t graduate.

    I still panic just thinking of it. *shudders* I’d take Hom-Ec hands over those any day… then again, I didn’t even take Home Ec. lol If you told my 16 year old self I’d be a SAHM, my 16 year old self would throw one heck of a temper tantrum.

  160. Avatar

    These tiddlywinks things are absolutely adorable!! I would love one. I used to sew and I was thinking as I looked at these, I could make something like that. Then reality intruded and I knew any creature I tried to make look adorable wouldend up resembling a Gremlin on crack.

    My most hated class in high school was Algebra. The teacher thought I was a moron. I made A’s and B’s in everything but his class, which I barely passed. He hated me from day 1 when he called my name and looked up briefly and said “You’re Bruce’s sister?!” and when I was forced to admit it [we have distinctive noses and blue eyes] I knew it was all downhill from there, because my older brother was really bad at Algebra, too, and a total wisecracking goober.

    Ah, high school. I’ve never wanted to go back, and I have the therapy bills to prove it…

  161. Avatar

    Speech was most definitely my least favorite class in school. I mean, who ever uses *that* in real life? Oh, wait. Maybe I did back before my life revolved around a 10-month-old. Now my conversations have devolved into silly songs and animal noises (that’s what she said?). Anyway, thanks for the giveaway & the intro to Tiddlywinks site – very cute!

  162. Avatar

    I hated chemistry. A lot. It didn’t make sense at all, and I just never got the hang of it. However, the last month of the school year, we did a unit called Quantitative Analysis, and it brought my grade out of failing status πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I love Allegro. A whole freaking lot.

  163. Avatar

    Class I hated most–English my Junior year–I always loved English and did really well until my junior year –my teacher was 50 divorced chain smoking *itch who loved my older sister–every time she mentioned me she had to bring up the fact that I would never live up to my sister’s standards. I think every paper she gave me back she literally compared me to my sister. It was bizarre!!
    I love the tiddlywinks!!

  164. Avatar

    SQueeeeeeeeee is right!! Scottie sure has an eye for cuteness!! I most disliked math in school πŸ™ never did get it!
    By the way I really want to win!!!!!

  165. Avatar
    i hated english class–i hated writing and couldn’t stand all the corny books they made us read that were classics, i’m still trying to figure out why some of them are considered to great they were boring

  166. Avatar

    Class I hated the most….history – not because I didn’t like to learn about the past – but the teacher always related it to football….which could be why I could take it or leave it as well!
    These are SO CUTE! I can’t decide which one I like best!!! I wanna win! I wanna win!!!!

  167. Avatar

    US History. I actually love history but it was a junior year class and my schedule was messed up and I got put in it because there was no room in Freshman Government. I was picked on by the junior/senior boys all the time and everyone, even the teacher called me “The Freshman” all year. Almost ruined history for me for life!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  168. Avatar

    There were plenty of times when I hated Gym the most; for instance, when we were in the swimming section of the year… and I can’t swim. It was even better when I was pushed into the pool. Luckily for me, I was standing a little closer to the shallow end, or I would’ve been one drowned Sophomore. Gym didn’t get better until I got into Weight Lifting class my Senior year.

  169. Avatar

    ALLLLLLLGGGGEEEEEBBBBRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! And now I have to teach (by learning) it to adults wanting their GED. Payback’s a b@#*h! Thanks for these cuties!!

  170. Avatar

    The Class I hated most in school was accounting. It was first period and all those numbers
    turned my brain to mush and into dream land I went…

  171. Avatar

    My most dreaded class in high school was math – anything math related at all. It makes me cringe to this day!

  172. Avatar

    OMG! I *hated* gym class, but that was probably because the gym teacher persisted in calling me by a nickname that he made up!

    Love the cuties!

  173. Avatar

    History, hands down. Oh good Lord I hated history!!!!!

    But I am soooo loving those animals! Simply adorable!!!!!

  174. Avatar

    I hated physics the most. I had to get a tutor to make it through with a B (barely). Adorable giveaway!!

  175. Avatar

    I hated GYM class with a passion – I was overweight and no one would pick me for their team!

    The teacher also made us run a mile INDIVIDAULLY and time us!


    Thank God I lost the weight!

  176. Avatar

    Chemistry….. Ughh… The worst class ever, loved my teacher but the material was so dull. Maybe that is why I had to repeat it my senior year.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!! Jennah

  177. Avatar

    Ugh – gym class by far was the worst. Running the mile, climbing that stupid rope that gave one’s thighs brush burn for a week, and the infamous sit-n-reach. Seriously, who is that flexible? Thanks for making me remember!!

  178. Avatar

    First, thanks for sharing your world of Tiddlywinks. They look adorable and addictive!
    Math used to make me cry and gym used to rob me of any self confidence I had. lol.
    Thanks for sharing

  179. Avatar

    Hmmm probably Algebra 2. I whizzed through Algebra and got a C- in Algebra 2. I still have no idea how to figure out the little check marked thingy that means the root of something.

    Oh or perhaps Political Science, because instead of being interesting as it should have, my professor managed to make it as dry and brittle as a 100 year old leaf.

  180. Avatar

    I hated History the most. For my exams I had to make up a story for my essay because I couldn’t remember anything the teacher had taught. Lol.

  181. Avatar

    When I was in high school, I really hated math. I was terrific at it, in advanced classes, but I just couldn’t stand sitting though the class, watching the teacher walk us through equations and solutions. I started bringing a binder full of magazine clippings and would decoupage my classwork to turn in. I thought I was being sweet by giving my teachers something fun to look at, but in hindsight its a pretty egotistical bratty move. πŸ™ Sorry Mrs Porter!!

  182. Avatar

    I hated math the most. For some reason I always got cocky arrogant teachers who were more interested in being know it alls than being helpful.

    Anywho, these are absolutely adorable! So so cute.

  183. Avatar

    I hated most of my high school classes…mostly because I grew up in a small town with crappy teachers. I now am an autism consultant and get to observe kids in their middle school classes once and awhile and I find it fascinating! I am sure they are bored out of their skulls, but I would love to go back and learn some of that stuff again!

  184. Avatar

    I hated math. Every form and version they subjected me to was sheer torture. One semester in Trig all I learned was how to make my gum crack really loud. The following semester I didn’t have to take math because I failed the previous semester – image that. The semester of no math was heaven.

  185. Avatar

    The class that I hated the most was definitely algebra. Seeing letters with numbers actually churns my stomach! Thanks for the chance!

  186. Avatar

    These stuffies are giving me a toothache, they are sooo sweet! I hated gym class, with a capital H! Run the mile, no way! Do sit ups, chin ups, laps around the gym- no thanks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. Avatar

    I think stupid French class was my most “uuuggghhhhh….this is SUCH a waste of time!!!” class in high school. As If I’d ever be traipsing off to France. And our teacher had a hole in her neck that we occasionally caught glimpses of and we were soooooo dying for her neck scarf that she always wore to slip slightly so we could faint from the sight! Never happened…how disappointing. Nope, still haven’t been to France. Stupid thing was, I was actually quite good at French…go figure!

  188. Avatar

    I love give aways… so much fun. My absolute worst class in school was history..double YUCK. It took me till senior year in high school to pass the 9th grade history exam, who knows why they let me keep taking it over and over again!

  189. Avatar

    The class I most hated in school was chemistry. This is just a tiny tiny step above math. I am an artist. Do you know any artists that can do math? I sure dont! Well, When I was a junior planning my Senior year I took Biology and my teacher strongly suggested I take Chemistry. I knew there would be math and when confronted about the math involved she said I would be able to handle it. LIES! I didn’t even take Algebra in high school! I got up geometry and called it quits. So fast forward to my senior year. I confidently enter this chemistry class that is is taught by a man that must have been 70 for the past ten years and even at the first day it was math beyond my means. The equations, the measuring! I was in the handbasket and wow was it getting hot! At one point in time in sear desperation I asked each and every person in the class how to do a particular question and every last one said they couldn’t help me. I passes with a D just out of the mercy of the teacher who wouldn’t help me but could see there had been a mistake in me being put in this class. I have made several decisions in college based on my hatred of chemistry. Its why I am not a Anthropology major.

  190. Avatar

    Class I hated most was FOR SURE math…I was just so bad and got so frustrated. Cute stuff, hope I win!

  191. Avatar

    I hated gym, of course! I was a pretty big pansy, couldn’t really handle it. I think they have made dodgeball illegal now, but it sure wasn’t when I was a kid :/ The teachers were weirdos too.

    Thanks for the chance!

  192. Avatar

    The class I most hated in school was math. I never understood it. I still don’t. Algebra was the worst!

    I love love love these little stuffed animals. They are so adorable!!

  193. Avatar

    OH My Heack!!! You are so much fun to read. I too loved English, but I hated Math!!! Those planets could have aligned, and there was probably a math equation to work it out, but no way was it going to happen with me in the class!!!

    Thanks for the links to the Tiddlywinks! They are so cute. I am especially like Allegro…

  194. Avatar

    I hated woodshop… how did I get in woodshop? I have NO idea, but I did and I hated it. The wood, the boys, the funky tools that I thought forsure would grab my hair and suck it in!!!

    I like cute things πŸ™‚

  195. Avatar

    It’s 9:05 pm eastern!

    TIME’S UP! Thanks so much, everyone!

    I’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

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