If I’m not back in two days, think of me fondly

I’m off on my very first pilgrimage.

My maiden voyage.

A journey, if you will.

To a destination filled with spiritual enlightenment.

A place of deep meditation

And reflection.


Where I will stand in the presence of greatness.

And then fall to my knees to give thanks

And pray for inner peace and eternal salvation.

Where I will find tranquility

And clarity.

And quite possibly achieve zen.




photo by ktpupp on Flickr

May my shoes be comfortable, my measurements be accurate and my MasterCard be limber.




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22 thoughts on “If I’m not back in two days, think of me fondly”

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    I love Ikea! I hope you had some meatballs! I am lucky I actually have 2 Ikea stores within 45 minutes of me. I spend at least 3 hours window shopping and 1 hour deciding what to buy!

    Stopping by from Mom Dot!

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    Well I’m lucky enough to have an Ikea about a 5 minute drive from home. Too lucky perhaps although I don’t shop there much, only through a lack of funds and not because I don’t like it. Sometimes we go there just for lunch though. Swedish meatballs and gravy to die for and about the cheapest lunch you’ll get anywhere here. So what may we ask are you shopping for? Storage, furniture, knick knacks, Swedish meatballs?
    .-= Davinia’s last blog post is here ..Lucky, Lucky, Lucky…. =-.

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    LOLOL!!! that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg I miss Ikea. I live in Tulsa now but I lived in Jersey for about 15 years…. oh man do I miss Ikea!!!! you can get a whole house for 200 bucks!! lol

    awesome post!

  4. Avatar

    I go in through the outdoor, straight to the warehouse and back out again – stopping briefly to also pick up 3 packets of frozen meatballs.

    The alternative method of ikea shopping takes about 3 days and you end up coming home with 57 things you never knew you needed. (And later realise that you didn’t need 53 of them afterall.)
    .-= pixielation’s last blog post is here ..The strangeness of kinders =-.

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    My suggestion:

    1. Bring water bottles. You need to stay hydrated whilst shopping.

    2. Bring snacks. You need to keep your strength up.

    3. Kidnap a young, hot Swedish boy who will put together your furniture.

    4. Mail young, hot Swedish boy to me.
    .-= Kearsie’s last blog post is here ..Meow, and Top Three Thursday =-.

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    LOL! There’s an IKEA in the area we car trip to for short vacations– it always makes our list :} And it’s the kids begging to go! I simply play along and let them think we are going ‘just for them’. They are younger and get to stay at the play area while hubby and I wander in peace and quiet for a solid hour! Then we go collect them and do it all over again. It takes less than an hour the second time around ;}

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    You are too funny. I don’t care for Ikea. Every hotel room in russia and Kazakhstan I stayed in during my adoption journeys looked like it had been furnished form Ikea. I prefer antiques or “shabby chic” style, since I decorated my entire house from my parents’ attic. LOL
    .-= Dee’s last blog post is here ..My Impressions of the News Today =-.

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