I’m here – are you?

Hello? Anybody there?

Hey, there you are! Whew. You made it! So my directions were pretty good, then? Nate, are you listening? They found me. I TOLD YOU I CAN READ A MAP.

Make yourself comfortable. I hope to have a new post up sometime soon.

And let’s reiterate the rules from my prior blog because it’s probably been all of ten seconds since you saw them and if you are anything like me, ten seconds surpasses my five second memory window:

New house rules:

  • No smoking allowed.
  • No food allowed unless it’s covered with cheese and I don’t have to cook it.
  • Please remove your shoes unless your feet stink in which case we’d all be grateful if you kept them on. Here’s some Febreeze. Use it.
  • Please use a coaster. Were you raised in a barn?
  • Keep your hands to yourselves and use your indoor voice.
  • No budging.
  • If you must, but please flush.

Thanks for finding me!

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13 thoughts on “I’m here – are you?”

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    I’m here . . . I’m bookmarking . . . I’m signing up for the feed!!

    Thanks for the directions and the house rules so I can find ya and then stay for a while and laugh!!

  2. Avatar

    Why did ya move?? I liked the other place..and the blog banner..and the colored titles on the posts. Can we go back there please? I’m not sure I like it’s too white. No wonder why we have to take off our shoes and have to use coasters….Andrea have you become a snob? And I spend a lot of time in a barn so I don’t have coasters.
    I think I’m going to have an emotional breakdown.

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    Oh Andrea! I just love reading your blog! I am glad I found your new digs, and I promise to follow the rules! Ya know…you should write a book, girl…you tell a mean story!

  4. Avatar

    hello girlfriend…yes, i found ya..and i will try to adhere to the rules..but i am a no promises…you hurt my ribs…i totally HOWL at your posts..and oh yes…i SOOOOOOOO agree..WRITE a BOOK! the title… “Nate, are you listening?” that would FOR SURE be a doubt!

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    Hi! Stopping in from the blog train 🙂 Love your new blog! Thanks for stopping by mine too!


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