I’m thinking of having this as my ring tone

I know this YouTube video has made the rounds all over the Internet but I’m sharing it here today because a baby’s laughter is just one of those things I can never get enough of.

Even if it means ending a sentence in a preposition.

By the way, this is exactly what I do whenever Nate hands me our credit card statement.



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16 thoughts on “I’m thinking of having this as my ring tone”

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    This is hysterical. I had not seen it, BTW. I sent the link to a couple of my friends because the guy giving the baby the paper sounds EXACTLY like my friend Scot, and as it happens he has twin baby boys, 13 months old.

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    So cute! I couldn’t have this as my ringtone because I would bust out laughing every time my phone went off.

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    I think the one I’ve seen recently is the same as Heather’s talking about above, but this one was equally awesome.

    Baby laughter is the best sound EVER. Even better than “Honey, you take the day off to lounge in bed while I do ALL the housework, laundry and child-wrangling, okay?”

    (At least I’m assuming that’s true, because I’ve never actually heard the latter.)

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    Yes, I smiled the entire time this was running.

    When my son was that age we played that game one evening with a pot of steaming vegetables. Every time I lifted the lid he cracked up and giggled. I think the vegetables were a little soggy by the time the game was over, but it was worth it.

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    that is the reason I love working in a daycare. Hearing that almost makes up for the poopy diapers the runny noses and the spit up 🙂

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