In case you’re keeping track …



The score as of January 25, 2011:

Finding my zen: 0

Losing my shit: 857



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28 thoughts on “In case you’re keeping track …”

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    Yep. That’s about right. Score is about the same in my house. And I have the ones that you don’t even have to take the little bar out in the middle. Seriously.

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    ok- your post today made me laugh hysterically – how true!!
    I also stopped by b/c it was nice to read someone else hates curry as much as I do
    i read your post on JanMarys blog!!!
    Have a great – curry-less week

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    Can I just say that I find it hilarious that 2 out of 3 times they removed the empty roll, then replaced the little bar, *then* set the new roll on top? 😀

    Seriously, when your girls grow up and move out (eleventy billion years from now) you should make a big poster – one good shot, or maybe a collage – for them to hang in their bathroom.

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    be thankful. 😀

    i no longer have that little bar that holds the toilet paper, because i insisted that people change the toilet paper roll.

    instead, they took that bar and hid it from me.

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      ha! Well Amanda, I have two engineering students in the house and apparently even our holder that is just a stick you slide the roll onto is too complicated. Clearly you have some superior intelligence at your house!

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    I could never get anyone to hang the tp on the damn holder because of the little bar so I bought a holder that hangs on the toilet and so far we haven’t had any issues and everyone has been pretty cooperative in putting a new roll on the thingy. Maybe that’s because I threatened bodily harm if they didn’t lol

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    That is too funny! I wish I could put my toilet paper on the little dispenser. Sadly, two of my little furbabies think it is waaaay fun to unroll said toilet paper. So I must set it on a grated shelf (think cattle guard), with the end neatly pressed against the side, and not too close to the edge, or I will come into a thoroughly teepeed bathroom!

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    I could post the same here. We have one you just slide the roll on and that it. You think they do it nope! Mom go shit crazy yup.Glad to know its not just my bunch

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    That’s HYSTERICAL! We have made the BIG switch over at my house and now use disposable wipes. Why you ask? Because boys are disgusting and dirty and I am hoping to no longer have to wipe asses when they are old enough to drive, vote or drink beer. Right now, it’s not looking very promising.

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    OMG…. too funny! Thank you for the laugh!
    I spit out my iced tea… you owe me a new laptop.
    I am SO grateful that my hubby is obsessed with the toilet paper and will even change it BEFORE it is completely gone and put the almost empty one on top of the replaced full one. TeeHee!

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    I am usually the one that does not change the roll for a bit. I just stick them on the window sill and get around to it eventually. It is not the end of the world.

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    LOL!! Oh my 3.5 year old daughter does this with the roll of T.P.
    Except when she poops, she unrolls the entire.freaking.roll. On the floor. I wish I was joking.

    So when you come over to my house and the roll is piled high and unravelled, you know who did #2.

    Wow, over share. But what did you expect with those pictures? LOL

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