In my defense, the curb was only 3 inches high. It’s not like we needed a parachute or anything.

Last night, we arrived at Helena’s softball practice to find that the only available parking spot was located alongside the curb, between two parked cars.

After I executed a somewhat questionable 17¾ point turn, I made an executive decision, one that I think we can all agree with …





I should not be the one to teach Zoe how to parallel park.




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23 thoughts on “In my defense, the curb was only 3 inches high. It’s not like we needed a parachute or anything.”

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    I was so happy they removed parallel parking from the FL drivers test before I had to take it!

    (Not that that stopped me from failing my first go by popping a curb in the parking lot! I was trying to avoid backing into the long-tail truck that was parked opposite, but they didn’t see it that way.)
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    Parallel parking is what caused me to fail my driver’s license test the first time I took it. NJ rules stated the tires had to be less than 6 inches from the curb. The instructor (who told me as soon as he climbed into my tank – erm, I mean, Oldsmobile Delta 88 that was 13 feet from front to back – that he didn’t think women had any place driving) got out after I’d parked between two six inch high cones I couldn’t even SEE from behind the wheel of my behemoth and took out a tape measure and checked my tires. Front tire – 5 inches. Back tire – 7 inches. I failed. Oh, the humiliation.

    The next month when I went back to retake my test, I had an instructor who looked like Denzel Washington and was so laid back, he told me just to drive around for a while, wherever I wanted. Told me I’d get extra points if I hit the McDonald’s drivethru. 😀
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    I STILL can’t parallel park.

    Fortunately when I did my test is was not required.

    When we lived in Bristol for a year, famed for its nightmare parking with narrow streets, I thought my parking is bound to improve.

    It didn’t – I just would drive until I found a huge space I could drive a bus into, then walked to my destination!
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    You SO need to watch this video I shared on Twitter yesterday showing a robot that parallel parks a car like no other! (It’s short, just 16 seconds, robots can get the job done quick!)

    (I put it in the website link so presumably can get it by clicking my name.)

    I believe Zoe should learn this method! 😉

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    What you failed to tell us is how many kids there were in the car, and how loud they were, that your phone was ringing (your husband wanted to know what was for dinner), you needed to pee because you were making snacks for softball and ran late, and that the gearbox in the car was jerky because you haven’t had time to take it to the shop.

    The fact you managed to park at all makes you superwoman. Take a bow…
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    I’m not half bad at parallel parking…I hate to do it and ALWAYS swear (it helps with aiming). But I manage ok. You were perfect if you ask me. Curb, schmurb.

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    LOL!!!!!!!! i failed my 1st drivers test cause of parallel parking! of course in my defense I was in a ’78 buick lesabre, a BOAT of a car and could not see the saw-horse over the trunk! neither could the cop giving me my test..he had to get out and walk back to check if i was touching it!
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    I went to go get my NON drivers license and thought well I will just see if they will renew my drivers license……( it has been expired for over 2 years because I have been disabled and haven’t been able to drive. I needed a non expired Id) THEY RENEWED IT NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You would think they would wanna know whyyyyyy your license has been expired for 2 years… woudln’t you think?
    so I was thinkin while we were there we could get my then 6 year old one too, and maybe our dog. They didnt ask any questions about me… It goes along with that old saying about spandex pants. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THEM… DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD USE THEM….
    this indeed is alabama after all……SCARY! (by the way I still don’t drive I have MS and am still disabled rofl I let Hubby do the driving I just do the screaming)
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    There are cars now that can do that for us. It’s like the popcorn button on our microwave but better!
    I totally want a car that can parallel park for me as I suck major at it!

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