It’s Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m almost done cooking. Another 84 sides and desserts and one more bottle of Tylenol and I’ll be ringing the cow bells for dinner!

Except that we don’t have cow bells.

Because I’ve got 84 more dishes to prepare, this post is going to be short and sweet.

Just like me!

Except for the sweet part. Kind of.

Whatever you are celebrating, or even if you are not celebrating at all, I wish you a very happy holiday or a very happy day, whichever most suits you.

And even though you didn’t ask for it, I’ll give you one piece of advice: be very careful when you are gathering up all of the crumpled boxes and paper strewn about your house. Inevitably, there will be a gift card or money or gift receipt or one of your offspring buried amongst the rubble and there is nothing more annoying then hearing a constant MOM! DAD! HELP! echoing from out in your garbage dumpster when you are trying to enjoy the dinner you slaved over for 47.5 hours.

Not that I have any personal experience with that whatsoever. By the way, has anyone seen Helena recently?

And in case you are bored and sitting around with nothing to do … can I be you?


In case you are bored, I thought I’d link you to a Christmas post I did back in May – although I haven’t quite figured out why I was blogging about Christmas way back in May.

Anyway, if any of you have a Wii or wanted a Wii or couldn’t find a Wii but needed one by Christmas, you might relate to this post. And if your spouse thinks that the original authors of the Declaration of Independence meant to include bidding on eBay as one of our inalienable rights but ran out of ink … what are you doing in my mirror?

Wii … the odyssey

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Stay warm and safe and enjoy yourselves and your families.

I’ll see you soon.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve”

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    First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you enjoy the balmy temperatures and rain I got you (well, our whole area) as a way of melting some of this godforsaken snow.

    Secondly, I felt a familiar ache in my head when I clicked over to your Wii odyssey post. I can’t bear to go into the details of my own husband-related Wii saga, but suffice it to say that the profit we made off our second Wii via a happy Craigslist purchaser who was willing to meet my hubby in the Taco Bell parking lot with significant cash is the only reason he’s still breathing.

    It will all be worth it tomorrow morning though, right? Right? 😀

  2. Avatar

    “And in case you are bored and sitting around with nothing to do … can I be you?”

    I dunno…will I be able to eat the 84 side dishes?!?!?

    Oh wait, I have a to-do list I’m ignoring right this moment…

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    Merry Christmas Andy!!

    My brother went to get a wii for my boys last christmas, well finally it turned up in July!! I wonder if i can take back Alec’s ds and give it to him in July too…

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    I hope ya’ll had a great Christmas Andy. I also hope you didn’t lose anything important in the trash!!

    I’m not in the comment club anymore but will DEFINITELY be visiting here… you crack me up and sometimes a good story from you is all I need to get my mood turned around!

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    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! I remembered to put all our gift cards and checks in one place as we received them so none would get thrown away. We always have to learn the hard way, right?

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