It’s like deja vu with a uterus

Do you remember Paul Potts from 2007 when he first auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent?

He was the unassuming, nondescript, personification of ordinary who walked on stage, opened his mouth and with it, my mind. He proved to me that sometimes, beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, but the ear as well.

Just to refresh your memory, in case it’s anything like mine and has a five second window:

I still don’t like opera but if Paul Potts sings it, I find myself not wanting to rip off my ears, shove them down my throat and then vomit them back up.

That true beauty can be brimming just below the most unremarkable of surfaces is, for me, a constant source of inspiration. In a strange way, it gives me hope.

Check it out:

(I’ve been told that the embedding for this video has been disabled, so I’ll just link you to it instead:  SUSAN BOYLE

Makes me wonder if Britain has a monopoly on beautiful gifts that come in the most ordinary wrapping.

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29 thoughts on “It’s like deja vu with a uterus”

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    Psssst…. they’ve disabled the embedding, so you’ll have to link to the clip on YouTube.

    She was amazing. Doesn’t hurt that I love Les Miz, being the musical theater nerd that I am, but WOW.

    I hope she makes it far in the competition!!

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    She was so amazing – and you could see the £ signs above Simon’s head as she continued her performance!!!

    Love that you want to be me when you grow up, but does that mean I have to be a grown up first?

    Maybe you should jet over here and find some more normal but extremely talented people among the stunning scenery, and make as much money as Simon Cowell does!

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    OMG…I’m not freakin PMSing and hopefully not preggy so what gives with my crying?! Beautiful voices!! My son walked over and was staring at them before they started to sing as I’m tearing up (music just gets to me) and started laughing at how they looked. I looked right at him and said, “NEVER judge a book by it’s cover”. Being 8 he looked at me clueless and I explained that sometimes once appearance isn’t how one is so NEVER assume… Great morning lesson for us and it IS indeed a reminder that beauty has it’s MANY forms.

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    Wow!! I so totally did not expect that!!! I loved the look on some of the audience member’s faces as she’s explaining herself in the beginning…you gotta love her attitude!! What a beautiful voice….I’m amazed!! My daughter came up while I was watching the video and she said “who’s that man singing?”….um, it’s a woman. So thanks to you, Andy, I’ve had to have that chat with my daughter that I was SO dreading….

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    Saw her yesterday morning on one of the morning talk shows here. Amazing, incredible, superb. Why has she been hiding all these years? That’s a gift that needs to be shared.

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    I watched some other clips that have a little more at the beginning and end, but the sound was slightly out of sync, which is annoying. That one was good.

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    I saw this on Yahoo and never stopped to listen to it, but I am so glad I did!!! It’s so weird that we think only attractive people can sing. But I loved this lady.
    And I love that song. I haven’t heard that song since, well, since we last saw Les Miserables in Minneapolis about seven years ago. I had completely forgotten that I love that song.

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    1 of 8 brought her computer down to show me the video on youtube. She had been in tears over, just thought it was the sweetest thing. I loved watching this, loved all the stereotypes it busts. M is a manly guy, but he is definitely a crier and this one had him all teared up–


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    I wish I could sing.

    Sadly, when I sing people cover their ears and ask me politely to stop. My son just did this tonight when I tried to sing him a lullaby.

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    Thank you so much for posting this. The first time I saw the clip of Paul Pott’s it brought tears to my eyes. Watching it again just now did the same. And now Susan Boyle. What an amazing voice! She not only brought tears to my eyes but huge grin to my face.

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    I saw the Susan Boyle last night, my first time seeing Paul Potts
    you are not kidding, I don’t like opera but that was wonderful

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    The best part of the Paul Potts and Susan Boyle auditions is the look on the judge’s faces. They were both so great and you completely do not see their looks over that wonderful talent. I found it refreshing that the female judge actually apologized for being surprised after viewing the appearance. People should be made to shut their eyes or be blindfolded during these auditions so that it can be a fair judging. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and anyone with that kind of talent should not have to look good!

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