It’s Monday. At least one of us will be happy about it

After my last giveaway, I think I posted something along the lines of feeling so unbelievably fortunate to have such wonderful readers? That you guys are the best readers alive? That I wanted to adopt all of you but couldn’t because my youngest was being ornery about sharing her room? I think I was probably highly emotional and hormonal and peppered my post with more than a few I LOVE YOU, MAN’s, if I recall correctly.

Well, I feel the same way today, to the tenth power.

Seriously, you guys so rocked the glorious thing. From finding clothes on sale that fit, to swimming with dolphins, to getting some brand new hair color, to a simple kiss, to having children hug the stuffing out of you, to paying off bills, to having your significant other tell you you’re beautiful,  … to all sorts of wonderful things. It was overwhelming.


And so does Princess Lasertron.

Let’s see who loves, shall we?

There were 437 entries as of 5:00 p.m., eastern time yesterday. By the way, those of you familiar with my giveaways and my cranky WordPress clock that persisted in screwing up eastern standard time regardless of how many times I yelled at it? You’ll be glad to know that it’s fixed now. It reflects the correct time and is no longer pitching a hissy and being contrary and therefore, I no longer suspect it came out of my womb when I wasn’t looking.

I asked to spit out a random number between 1 and 437 inclusive and here’s what it spat:


princess_lasertron_number (500 x 343).

And the corresponding comment and winner is:

princess_lasertron_winner (500 x 350)

Congratulations Audrey! Contact me at to claim your prize!

And if you need any help with creating your flowers, I’ll run right over there, OK? Or better yet, pick me up in your ambulance! How much fun would that be? Will you let me play with the siren? As for the flowers, I might have to bring them home with me and study them. It might take a few months. I’m very thorough.

Thanks to everyone for participating and making this one so much fun! I’ll be hosting another giveaway soon so go forth and don on some socks because I can’t knock them off if you’re not wearing them, can I?

I leave you with something that I could have dubbed Porn for Women except that Nate kept his clothes on.


I still got all hot and bothered anyway.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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21 thoughts on “It’s Monday. At least <i>one</i> of us will be happy about it”

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    I’m so freaking excited!!! Last week was h3ll!!! Last Monday I had to pull up my kitchen floor because of a water leak, then my car went all catty whompus and the kids were in rare form (full moon anyone?!). I’m so tickled! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Thanks Andrea and Megan!! Awesome giveaway!

  2. Avatar

    Congrats Audrey! I won a little box of goodies from Princess Lasertron once and even the packaging was darling! You’re going to have fun!

    Thanks for the housework porn! 🙂

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    Okay, wait a minute….does he actually turn the sofa over so he can vacuum under it??!! First of all I’m just impressed that he actually does the vacuuming….secondly, I’m impressed that he even thought to lift up the sofa. My husband never does either.

    And will my house be that clean when my kids are teens?? That room looks spotless…but I’ll bet the kids’ rooms are a mess. There has to be some kind of catch!

    Congrats to Audrey for winning!

  4. Avatar

    Oh for REAL? Do you see this? First the gods ignore me utterly when I am Commenter the First on your last giveaway, and *then* they pick the person JUST BEFORE ME for this one?

    I cajoled. I pleaded. I even BRIBED them this time around.

    Clearly, the contents of the cushions of my couch were not nearly as pleasing to them as I’d hoped.

    I don’t know why they’re do dang picky, there was about 37 cents mixed in with stale goldfish crackers, the odd lego and a generous handful of glitter.


    Congrats, Audrey. I’m going to go console myself with another glorious donut. Cinnamon streusel. AKA the reason for the existence of at least two of my chins.

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