It’s official. Nickelodeon has done gone lost its mind.

Nominated for best parenting blog. Vote now!


Remember back in May when I mentioned that my blog was in the running to become a nominee for Nickelodeon’s 2010 Parents’ Picks for Best Parenting Blog? And then we all laughed ourselves silly until we hiccuped and fell off our chairs and fractured our collective ass? Because who in their right mind would nominate a blogger who once considered strapping her children to the roof of the Durango to make room for IKEA purchases? A blogger who owns potty fingers and isn’t afraid to use them all over her blog in the form ofย  “for shit’s sake, what the hells” and “dammit dammit dammits?” A blogger whose husband buys $80 chia pets online and then is forced to walk around wearing a titanium jock strap lest his pride and joys be scrambled into a culinary masterpiece of testicle soufflรฉ?

I’ll tell you who. YOU. That’s who.

I have no idea if you guys lost a bet or are just inherently masochistic or maybe your brains simply fell over dead from all the buzzing of the vuvuzelas at the World Cup but in any case, you voted and out of the 50+ blogs in the running, The Creative Junkie is now one of five official nominees of Nickelodeon’s 2010 Parents’ Picks for Best Parenting Blog.

Nominated for best parenting blog. Vote now!


I haven’t been an official anything since 1999 when Nate’s aforementioned pride and joys manned up and my doctor declared me officially knocked up.

Right now, my kids are in the basement and they’re all LET US OUT OF HERE! WE WON’T SAY ANYTHING! WE PROMISE!

Right now, my husband is in a panic and he’s all BUT I GOT THEM ON SALE! DOESN’T THAT COUNT FOR ANYTHING?

I would like to shout THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who voted because I’m so very grateful that not only do I have readers, but I have readers who (1) might be hard of hearing; (2) believe in me enough to vote for me; (3) might not have had anything better to do with their time; (4) wanted to vote for someone else and got confused and are punching themselves in the eye right now; and (5) are possibly suffering from missing frontal lobe syndrome.

Nominated for best parenting blog. Vote now!


In any case, if you’re so inclined to exercise your God given right to batshit crazy, you can once again vote for this blog by clicking the image above or the one in my sidebar. Voting is ongoing and you can vote once a day through August 31, 2010! Or until such time as the executive in charge of Parents’ Picks nominations at Nickelodeon gets sober or gets fired. Whichever happens first.

Thank you, readers. And I’m sure if my kids weren’t busy clawing their way through cinder block and Nate wasn’t busy constructing a force shield around his nether regions, they’d thank you as well.



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31 thoughts on “It’s official. Nickelodeon has done gone lost its mind.”

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    I’m glad all my voting helped the cause. Because I’m sure it was *my* voting that pushed you over the edge, after all…

    Now off to continue voting ’til you win it all! Then, when you’re all famous like Dooce, I can shamelessly name-drop you all over my blog and Twitter. I can tell everyone “AND I EVEN KNOW OLIVER TOO!” ๐Ÿ˜€

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    HeatherLeah Wright

    Congratulations!! A friend turned me onto your blog several months ago and I look forward to your posts that crack me up on a daily basis (runner’s trots and all)! This is definitely a well-deserved recognition!

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    Yeeeeeehhha! Congratulations. I’ll be voting for sure – until the Nickelodeon executive in charge of nominations gets sober. By the way, they don’t fire people these days (its so-ooooo 2009). Unless you drop the f-bomb. Then all bets are off.

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    You make parenting real. You remind us that it’s OK to be fallible and we should just be glad we’re human and laugh about our follies. You totally deserve the top five nomination!!! Congratulations!

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    I just now found your blog via NSBR. You are, as my 18 yr. daughter would say, freakin’ hilarious! I’ve been down in the dumps the past couple of days and you made me smile. Thanks.

    Congratulations on the nomination. Good luck!

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    WOOT!!! I knew all that clickin’ would pay off!! YAY girl! Now everyone who enters this blog MUST continue to vote! Maybe you should make that a requirement? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats! Well earned!!

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    I actually signed up for the site JUST so I can vote for you. You deserve it! You crack me up!
    You are the funniest blogger I have ever come across.

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    Holy cow!! That is so totally awesome!! You’re so full of famousosity now that I’m going to have to ask for your autograph!

    Also, can you inscribe it “To Kearsie, my BFF and soul sister”? Thanks.

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    HA… That is so awesome, Andrea! Your blog always makes me laugh. Your blog helps relieve some of that parenting stress and to let the rest of us know that we are normal too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am going to register and vote ๐Ÿ™‚

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