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Just popping in here briefly to shout out a THANK YOU to Liz at Wickedly Chic, a very cool indie design and fashion site. She was nice enough to feature one of my posts in their Guest Quarters section and make me feel like a bona fide writer. The post happened to be about my mom who has told everyone she knows and a few she doesn’t that she is too busy being famous right now to hang with them and she’ll call them as soon as her fifteen minutes are over and she reverts back to a mere mortal.

Oh, and Liz? We’re currently ripping out our sidelights to enlarge our front door so that my mom can fit her head through it when she visits. I’ll be forwarding the bill.

Thanks bunches!

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5 thoughts on “Just a quick note …”

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    LOL! I have had more people write to me about that entry saying how funny it is. Hilarious. Your mom deserves the fame…I mean…anyone who is smoking a cigarette to poop deserves to have the door widened for her swelling head 🙂

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