Life as I know it today (corona virus version)

Today, my first ex-husband (I collect them) stopped by my house because he was working nearby and needed something notarized (I’m a notary).
He parked his car at the end of my driveway, walked to my house, dropped the form in my mailbox by my door and walked back to his car. I opened my door and, wearing gloves, retrieved the form, notarized it, placed it back in my mailbox, waved him back, shut my door and tossed my gloves in the laundry. He retrieved the form, we waved to each other through the window, he shouted YOU OK? and I shouted YEP, YOU? and he nodded and was off.
I washed my hands, sanitized my mailbox box and returned to my makeshift desk in my dining room and continued working.
Life is officially weird.

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