Our family is growing by leaps and bounds

Meet our two newest members:

This little guy is Oliver. Oliver will be joining our humble abode in a little over two weeks. He’s six weeks old right now and the other day, the girls and I went to visit him and all of his siblings and as often happens when female humans are simply overwhelmed by sheer cuteness, our collective voice went up by six octaves. I’m pretty sure at that frequency, only the puppies could actually discern any sounds we were making.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t at least entertain the thought of bonking the owner over the head with my camera and absconding with our little guy right then and there. But how much damage could I actually inflict with only a tiny little Nikon point and shoot? Besides, the owner’s driveway was long and full of snow and I didn’t think my nine year old would be able to make it to the car before the cops came.  I run my family like the military, including barking out orders, making the kids drop and give me twenty and most especially, never leaving a man behind, even a bespectacled 4’2″ one wearing slipper shoes in the dead of winter when she was specifically instructed not to and who is now thinking long and hard about the consequences of her actions while in solitary confinement in Leavenworth.

And finally, after wasting money for eleven years on sub-standard wannabes, the latest of which succumbed to a premature death from wheezing, choking and gasping while trying to inhale a piece of thread, we welcomed this little guy into our home on Saturday:

The Dyson DC25. I just vacuumed my office with it and can now probably build a reasonable facsimile of a filthy, hairy Earth with all the stuff it sucked up.

Honestly, at the moment? I’m not sure which little guy makes me squeal louder.



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40 thoughts on “Our family is growing by leaps and bounds”

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    I chose a Dyson for my 40th birthday over a spa vacation. I have never regretted that decision. My Dyson makes me happy, even 3 years later. The bliss of a spa vacation would have ended the moment I arrived home to my shedding dog.

    Enjoy the Dyson. And the puppy is nice too!

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    I’m afraid we have to break up because I’m too jealous to hang around and endure the cuteness of your new puppy and the adoration of your new Dyson. I’ll come back when I’ve ingested some chocolate.

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    I was so horrified after I got my Dyson at what was lurking in our carpet. Carpet I had just vacuumed. Carpet we had been sitting on to play games with the kids. The ick factor was appalling.

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    Will you do another Dyson post in a month or two? I keep thinking about getting one. Every time I get out our piece of shit sub-standard suck-nothing machine that has 4 different “not bags” compartments that need cleaning with another sucking machine!!! But I want to make sure it’s worth the money to buy a Dyson!
    .-= Heather H.’s last blog post is here ..Practice… =-.

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    Oliver is adorable. However, I fear for your sanity. Potty training a puppy is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who likes a fanatically clean home. Invest in puppy pads – like diapers that go on the floor. If you’re lucky he iwll use them. If not, I recommend another floor cleaning product, one I actually own and love, the Bissell Spot Bot. My dog is medically fragile and although only 10 lbs. makes horrific messes on the floor. The Spot Bot can handle anything.

    What breed is Olver??
    .-= Dee’s last blog post is here ..Our Favorite Foods =-.

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    I have both and I do squeal over both but it’s generally upset squeals over the puppy and happy excited squeals over the Dyson whom at our house was named Emile` like Remy’s brother in Ratatouille because he eats all the garbage.

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    Hmmmm – it just occurred to me that my Hoover is almost 10 years old. I’m thinking it’s time to trade up to a Dyson. Does getting a hot yellow vacuum qualify as my mid-life crisis purchase? Better yet, can I convince my husband that getting a hot yellow vacuum qualifies as HIS mid-life crisis purchase? Hmmmm.
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    It’s a good thing I don’t know where you live because I would SOOOO be stealing Oliver for my own! Too cute! (I can actually hear my thoughts going up octaves as well…)

    But I do love my Dyson… So I can understand the dilemma…

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