Proof that we’re not totally insane to live here

Finally, after a year and a half of studying manuals, temper tantrums, tears, hissy fits, deleting thousand of pictures, buying more manuals, pulling of hair, agony, threats of destruction and more tears, my DSLRTCALOM (my DSLR camera otherwise known as Damn Stupid Little Rat Shit That Costs A Lot Of Money) didn’t let me down. And as luck would have it, it happened on a day that we went to Letchworth for a picnic and it was a gorgeous day and the colors were at peak.

Who cared that we happened to pick the weekend that the largest craft show in the state was in full swing, creating a massive traffic jam which forced us to spend an hour alternating between idling and crawling ten feet? Who cared that it took us over an hour to move less than a mile?

OK, to be fair, Nate did. But to his credit, he remained in the car with his jaw clenched and didn’t kill anyone.

And once we got past the insanity of the craft show, it was smooth sailing. Or driving. Whatever.

Thank you, God. I’ll try to keep my end of the bargain and not eat all the Halloween candy while the kids are at school and then tell them it accidentally fell into the garbage disposal. All six pounds of it. Just like last year.

This day reminded me of why we live in Upstate New York. Aside from the fact that we were born here, we work here, we own a house here and our kids would kill us if we moved.

We may pay taxes out the wazoo.

We may occasionally have to put up with six months of snow measured in feet, not inches.

We may have had a governor who liked to commit adultery with expensive prostitutes.

We may have a replacement governor who liked to commit adultery too, but not with prostitutes.

As well as a first lady who also liked to commit adultery, but we’re not sure with whom.

And of course, a senator whose husband really liked to commit adultery and we all know with whom.

We may have two main seasons, specifically construction and winter.

We may have potholes the size of small whales.

We may find ourselves in dangerously close proximity when terrorists decide they need a snack and take a bite out of The Big Apple.

We may find ourselves out shined, out funded and out spent by that very same city that never sleeps.

But ….

We here in Upstate New York have autumns like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

which makes up for all the bed hopping and government spending running amuck.

Someone remind me of this post come January when I’m trapped inside the house for seventy-two hours with two daughters who are screaming I HATE YOU at each other out of sheer boredom because school’s been cancelled due to the six feet of snow dumped on us by a nor’easter.

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26 thoughts on “Proof that we’re not totally insane to live here”

  1. Avatar

    Beautiful pics!

    I’m in Rochester and haven’t been down to Letchworth in AGES, thanks for the reminder.

    (came here by way of somebody’s blogroll, but beats the heck out of me if I can remember who)

    Love your blog.

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    Wonderful images – hope you are loving your camera just a little bit more, because those are beautiful.

    Stayed one night in Up State New York as a 16 year old, and obviously all the beauty of nature was “borrrrriiinnnnnng” but would love to visit again with my maturity (!) and my DSLR too.

    We have a few stunning trees here and there in Northern Ireland, but not on such scale and beauty.

    Wish I was there!

    We have THREE seasons – raining, about to rain, and it has just stopped raining momentarily!

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    Being down here in southwest Florida, those photos are such a treat!!! WOW, and WOW!! I would love to have views like that…. thanks so much for sharing your “fall”…. have a great Sunday! 🙂 🙂

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    Too funny – as I am posting my pictures on my blog that I took at Letchworth yesterday, I just spotted yours. 🙂 I was more into the gorge and falls shots than the leaves, though. You got some great shots of the colors!!

  5. Avatar

    Too funny – as I am posting my pictures on my blog that I took at Letchworth yesterday, I just spotted yours. 🙂 I was more into the gorge and falls shots than the leaves, though. You got some great shots of the colors!!

  6. Avatar

    GORGEOUS pics girl! See that DSLR CAN take good pics! 😛

    I live in NH and we’re just past peak where we live but I just LOVE living here for that exact reason! 🙂

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    Just stunning. We lived in Western NY for 3 years, and I loved to visit Lechtworth in the fall. I wish we’d had a good camera back in those days! Love your blog, I’ll have to come back more often!

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    Domestic Goddess

    Gasp. Gasp! GASP! And, GA-YUSP!!!

    Down here in South Georgia we don’t see many sights like that. Too flat and too many fields and pastures.

    Yeah, I’d overlook the adulterous politicians (aren’t they all?), taxes and snowfall for views like that too. Congrats on your landscape!

  9. Avatar

    I completely empathsize with you- I’m in Vt, and while we’re not as lucky to have the adulterous govn. you do over in NY :), we pretty much have all the rest! I just wish the peak lasted a little bit longer.

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    Hi! I don’t comment often, but on this, I had to! I just moved from Buffalo to Nashville, and I really miss western NY! I’ve GOT to move back and go to Letchworth park! It’s so beautiful! (I almost want a few of those pictures you took as my wallpaper!) Well done!

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    Really love your part of the country! There was a time in my life I traveled for work, every time I had to be in Toranto I would fly into Buffalo so I could drive through the scenic areas of New York before going over the bridge to Canada.

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