There’s going to be a giveaway here tomorrow.

And it’s going to be uber cool.

I just used the word “uber” so you know I mean business.

That’s all.

Back to your regularly scheduled web surfing.

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12 thoughts on “Psssssssssssst”

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    ohhh!!! I can’t WAIT!! I KNOW what the prize is already (hehehe i’m trying to be sneaky) and I just have 1 question! Can I sign up in several different names/e-mail addy’s? 😉 had BETTER randomly pick me, if I can’t win the lottery at least I could win this! 😀

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    Doing the better get lucky dance right now. Im putting on my makeup, finding my pantyhose- oh, wait. You didn’t mean THAT kind of lucky, did ya? crap.

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