Reason #138 why I no longer get anything done during the day

Reasons #1-137 all relate to the fact that Oliver came equipped with a bladder the size of a freckle.

PS: Yes, there are multiple laundry baskets growing roots on my couch. It’s a new decorating scheme I’m calling FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, OLIVER, STOP PEEING ALREADY.



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26 thoughts on “Reason #138 why I no longer get anything done during the day”

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    Okay, first of all, I never want to hear you refer to your ass as fat anymore…you’re SO thin!!! And look at all that amazing exercise your arms are getting running that ball around for that puppy!!! My exercise consists of bringing my arm up and down from the ice cream container to my mouth.

    Da puppy is so cute!!!
    .-= Helene’s last blog post is here ..He’s just jealous… =-.

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    Helene is right, your skinny ass don’t get to comment on the thigh stuff anymore. Hmph. lol. Lovin the cute ball of fur, are you happy you caved yet?

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    I have the same, exact comment as those above me, you skinny cow. Considering the camera adds ten pounds, I suppose we should all be glad you weren’t sitting sideways or we wouldn’t have been able to see you at all!!

    Secondly, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! PUPPY! He’s getting so big!! Oh wait, the camera adds ten pounds, so maybe he isn’t. You know, he’s small enough that I bet you could get one of those cat toys where the ball is in the circular track thingy and the cats chase after it and go wild and then you wouldn’t have to play “spin the hedgehog” and could get some laundry done. (Or, possibly, you could get him one of those hamster habitrails or better yet, one of the hamster exercise balls that they go into and roll around the floor – that’d keep the pee off your carpets *and* get him tired out!) Either that or you could work a few Pilates or yoga moves into the puppy floor time and majorly multitask!

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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! He’s so stinkin’ cute. Damn the laundry!!! And wow – if I did that for 17 hours each day, maybe I’d get rid of my bingo wings.
    .-= Marlene’s last blog post is here ..Roller Booger =-.

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    I was just impressed by the fact that Oliver didn’t give up. That is pure dedication, man. You should be proud.

    Also, if I’m in the area, I’m so stealing him. By just dragging a stuffed animal behind me.

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    He has to be one of the cutest puppies I have seen in awhile. Puppies in general have small bladders. My dog, Sadie, is getting a bit older and we are having other accidents. It seems that as female dogs get older they tend to lose the control of that muscle that keeps them from peeing randomly. So, now we have wet spots on the floor, couch, and anywhere else that she has fallen asleep and had an accident. Sometimes she wakes up and is immediately ashamed of herself (so sad) and sometimes she doesn’t and then wonders why she is wet. For bedtime, my husband and I now put her in a doggy diaper. The cloth ones are much easier to handle then the disposable ones for anyone that may be thinking about making that purchase.
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    OK, Miss Skinny-Minnie…ummm, where is all that supposed thigh friction you’ve blogged about in the past coming from if you look like THAT! You’re lookin’ awesome, girlie, and should post some before and after photos to inspire the rest of us! Oliver is such a cute little ball of fluff! Laundry be damned…’tain’t going anywhere! Will you lease your little pup out to loyal blog readers?? Please with whip cream on top?

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    Cute! Looks like almost as fun as our new kitten Shamus O’Sullivan (guess when we got him?). However, there is one amazing difference between puppies & kittens – a litter box! We’ve had him nearly a week and so far ZERO accidents! Yes, I said ZERO. (Sorry, I just felt a demonic urge to rub that in.) Glad you’re enjoying Oliver anyway – he is darling!

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    a. that puppy is adorable – you should take pictures of him all wet so we can see how tiny he is under all that fur. =)

    b. you are SO SKINNY!!!!! I have no idea what you looked like before, but you have clearly (and literally) worked your ass off. Way to go!!!
    .-= Christy’s last blog post is here ..Paging Captain Obvious =-.

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    lol He’s so determined. He’d definitely be the cause of much procrastination at our house :} So cute. And you look great!

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