Say you will, which I totally would if Train serenaded the proposal

If Nate ever proposes to me again, I hope he does it at a food court.

And by food court, I mean the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

And I hope Pat Monahan doesn’t mind rolling out of bed one more time and flying his voice and all of his bedheaded awesomeness back to his City by the Bay to provide the soundtrack.

And I hope Jimmy Stafford grabs his guitar and follows suit, even if he’s incapable of bedhead.

And I hope no one tries to substitute Howie Mandel for Jimmy at the last minute because I’ll be paying attention.

And I hope I don’t yell OH MY GOD, YES, PAT MONAHAN, I’LL MARRY YOU by mistake.

But mostly, I hope I’m this adorable when I say yes.

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11 thoughts on “Say you will, which I totally would if Train serenaded the proposal”

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    Gah, I can’t watch *any* proposal, real or fictional, without getting misty-eyed. *sniff sniff*

    My husband proposed to me on a walk through Thornden Park in Syracuse (which happens to be the park right in the neighborhood where we were living – um, but not *together* mind you; each of our apartments was near the park) on a Saturday morning in April of 1994. It was the first nice day in several months (that was a particularly blizzard-y year) and so we decided we’d go for a walk in the sunshine. Little did I know he had a ring box in his jeans pocket (is that a diamond ring or are you just happy to see me?)… I was completely oblivious to the impending proposal (I mean, that is was impending *that day* – I knew he was going to propose at some point sooner rather than later as we’d talked about it in depth by that point) and was just blathering on as I’m wont to do. He was quieter than normal, due to nerves as it turns out, and finally, as we were walking up this path by some fields where a game of peewee football was going on (a very muddy game by the way), he just stopped. I got a few paces beyond him, turned around to see why he’d stopped, and he whipped the ring box out of his pocket and proposed.

    My initial response, for the record, was “NO WAY!!!!” which was meant in surprise at the proposal and not a refusal to marry him. As that was the pre-cell phone era, we then had to rush back to his apartment so we could start calling everyone to tell them the news. 😀

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    I recently discovered Train and play Save Me San Francisco in my car all the time… Did you know they are playing the NY State Fair this year?

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    Awww – so romantic, and how beautiful she looked – I never look that lovely in a food court!

    My husband proposed in Carrickfergus, on the harbour wall, after we ate in a restaurant (which has long since closed down)!

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    OMG, what made me a real Pat Monahan fan is what he says about his wife in the interview at the end!

    Stan and I are still arguing about who proposed first – The conversations went from “Someday if I ever get married, I’m gonna…” to “One day if we decide to get married, we’re gonna…” to “When we get married, we’re gonna…” to “we’d probably better just pick a date”.

    He did surprise me by picking up my ring a week earlier than I thought it was going to be ready (yes, we picked it out together) and waking me up one morning with it and proposing. I’m very certain I was not even 1/100th as cute as the girl in this video!!

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    That is such a sweet video.

    My husband proposed to me while I was at work. At a bookstore. By the travel books. 😀

    By his account, he was so fixated on making it a surprise, that he really didn’t think much about the setting. He keeps telling me that he wants a do-over. I tell him that he’s welcome to provide me with more fancysparklingprettythings any time he likes. 😀

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