She better not break her tongue ‘cuz I’m not getting her a new one

curled tongue 3_creative junkie

Remember this? I blogged about it here.

She’d say “Hey, Mom!”

And I’d say “Hey, Peanut!”

And she’d say “Look what I can do!”

And I’d say “Oh yeah? Well, look what I can do” and then I’d heave up my lunch and pass out.

curled tongue 4_creative junkie

I’ve been told that this is a genetic trait that can also signify a high aptitude in math.

Considering that Helena adamantly refuses to accept the fact that 7 x 6 = 42, I’m not putting a lot of stock in that one. But damn, I wish it were true because quite frankly, getting her to learn and memorize multiplication facts is enough to make me rip out my own tongue and hang myself with it.

Oh, and no one else in our family can do this. Certainly not me. I’d need a glue gun or a stapler. My tongue is stiff and unyielding. Much to my husband’s regret.

Sorry, Nate.

Apparently, Helena’s been honing her skill lately:

curled tongue 2_creative junkie


Psssssssssssssst … don’t tell anyone, but there’s a hidden camera embedded in this post. You know everyone is sticking their tongues out right this second, trying to curl them. Could I possibly ask for better blog fodder?


There’s no camera.

Go ahead and stick your tongues back out.

Your secret is safe with me.


curled tongue 1_creative junkie

Some kids excel in school.

Some in sports.

Some in music.

Some in art.

curled tongue 3_creative junkie

Mine excels in freakish tongue yoga.

Here’s hoping there’s a scholarship for that.



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40 thoughts on “She better not break her tongue ‘cuz I’m not getting her a new one”

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    We’ve all got our tongue out trying it! You haven’t got secret cameras on us I hope?!!
    Now *I* can roll mine upside down. That’s my big party trick. I read (in my teens) that it was something only 1 in 2000 (or something) could do. So I just practiced it until I could. I suppose we’ve all got to find something to excel in…

  2. Avatar

    It’s too early to be sticking my tongue out and trying things like that at 5:30am. Besides, I have enough freakish genetic traits without adding one more. Although, I’ll bet she will make her husband very happy someday.

  3. Avatar

    My tongue is stiff and unyielding. Much to my husband’s regret.

    Sorry, Nate.

    ROTFLMAO!! omg…..!!!

    i can fold my tongue, got that one from my mom, but that’s it! as for my kids? lol! they just can’t hold theirs! own little try at humor there πŸ™‚

  4. Avatar

    I can do that! I saw a lady do it in that Cheech and Chong movie when I was a little brat. I think it was Up In Smoke. where she, well. Umm. oh, NM.
    Anyway, a while back when my niece was about 2 I says to her, can you do this (makes tongue a three leaf clover shape as shown above) 2yo goes uh huh and there it was! Her mother loves me…
    I also refuse to believe that 7×6 is 42. I haven’t seen conclusive proof yet.


  5. Avatar

    ROFL!!! Freakish tongue yoga!

    I used to be able to do stuff like that, but as I got older my tongue rebelled and became just a plain old stiff tongue.

    7×6=42???? πŸ˜‰

  6. Avatar

    BUSTED, as I was attempting all sorts of impossible tongue fetes along with your daughter.

    Loved your Meme and got chills when you (finally) got to tell you parents you were pregnant.

    Found you over at HBDC.

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    My four year old cousin was doing this the other night. His older sister was showing him how she could curl her tongue into a taco (her words, not mine) and he pulled this out (the second part) and creeped me out. I thought it was awesome… and I couldn’t do it.

    I may or may not have practiced every time I went to the bathroom. It never worked.

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    Hey! She finally mastered the tongue clover! I had a feeling that she would from your previous post. Don’t worry about the 7 x 6 = 42 thing, I was just as stubborn about things like that when I was her age and then a few years later I was able to sail through algebra 1 & 2, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus and so was my sister as well as both of us accquiring the ability to speak Spanish like we were both born and raised in Mexico.

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    To reply to Jenners comment about the clover tongue being “an odd and useless talent”, in the modern world it may be, however at one time it could have determined if a child would survive past infancy. Here is the theory, the female human brain conditioned the tongue to roll into a clover and to fold in half like your daughter’s back in the prehistoric era. Back then when a child was old enough to come off of breast feeding but still to young to cut and chew food for themselves, the mother would take a small bite of food like a small chunk of meat for example, chew it till tender without swallowing any of the juices, and then form her tongue into the clover shape and then pass the food and juices into her infants mouth via this method. If you look at the pic carefully of your daughter’s clover tongue, you can see how the front forms a kind of a “spout” to do this. This tongue shape ability allowed the mother to orally prepare the food making it softer by chewing it and then transfering it into her child’s mouth with her clover tongue without putting her hands on the food which prehistoric women instinctively knew was unhygenic. When the infant developed their first set of “baby” teeth and were able to chew their own food, the mother would then start shaping her tongue into the “fold” where it bends backward in half to hold a chunk of food with her tongue and then unfold her tongue into the child’s mouth depositing the food there so the child could chew it on their own. Almost all prehistoric women possessed these tongue traits and the few that couldn’t most likely had very few or no children that would survive past infancy. That is why today most women who have ancestery of older ethnic races such as African, Asian, Native American etc. possess the ability to shape their tongues in these various ways and out of all the known races, Caucasian women have the lowest percentage of possessing this ability so genetically speaking your daughter really lucked out by recieving the traits, signals, and coordination in her brain to do this. Yes there are males that do possess these traits which means they have really “super inherited” them from their mothers but it is very rare. On the other hand almost everyone can roll their tongues into a tube as this was used in the prehistoric era to be able to drink water out of both hands formed into a cup which allowed the person to able to drink but still be able to keep an eye out for predators as opposed to drinking straight from the mouth which would have meant they would have had to keep their heads down which would decrease signifigantly their line of sight. Another interesting fact about the female tongue is that women who are again descended from “older” ethnic races, African, Asian, Native American have a tendency to raise and flex their tongues upward into a “bowl or cup” shape when yawning without actually thinking about it or doing it on purpose. This again traces back to the prehistoric era when women would do this naturally as it kept the tongue supple to form the clover and fold and also by repetion increased the length and width of their tongues to both hold more chewed up food and to increase the size of their tongue muscle espescially where the length is concerned, to better place the food inside of their infants mouths. There is considerable evidence to back this up as women even today in primitive tribes such as in Africa still use this method to feed their infants. It has also been proven that on average, females of African, Asian, and Native American descent have both the longest and widest tongues by race.

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    That is amazingly like freaky. Only because i cant do it lol. I mean i cant control my tounge into this formations. I cant do the taco, the clover or anything haha.

    But other than that, you need some skill for thaat.

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    I can curl my tongue, as well as flip it around to the right and to the left. I can somewhat flick it but i’m hoping there is a scholarship for that because that’d be awesome. πŸ™‚

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    Omg. yeah i can do the 3 leaf clover thing with my tongue. its so awesome. i only know about 2 other people who can do that. it makes me feel really unique haha. i dont know how i do it though. its weird

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    Rosemary Peppercorn

    I can do it, too.

    Does your daughter have 2 bumps in the bottom of her mouth — that are actually bones that are sort of unused teeth? Also leftover from prehistoric days, I was told.

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