Six minutes

No Sunday Regurgitation post today because I had something else in mind and whenever I have anything in my mind other than stagnant air or donuts, I need to act on it.

(psssssssssssssssst: there’s going to be a giveaway on my blog tomorrow)

What could you do with six minutes?

I could eat an entire Tony’s Pizza. Actually, I could do it in one, but I don’t want to be piggish about it.

I could do two sit ups.

I could put away the laundry on top of my dresser but then I’d have nothing to hide the dust.

I could call CNN and leave 32 messages for Anderson Cooper.

(psssssssssssssssst: yes, I said giveaway)

Or, I could spend six minutes watching something inspirational and feel good about myself this morning, at least until I walk into my laundry room and ask God to just take me now.

I saw this video on my friend Barb’s blog the other day. Barb is another blogger who I would swear shared my mother’s womb with my brother and me. Too bad she didn’t. It would have been nice to have had someone to hang out with when my brother decided to up and budge me and escape first, leaving me all alone with just my umbilical cord to keep me busy.

(pssssssssssssssst: if you have one iota of crafty in your DNA, you might want to enter)

So, without further ado, I present to you six minutes worth watching. Barb described this video as a photographer’s view of Heaven. I thought that was perfect description and now I’m going to have to glue Barb to my head in hopes that some of her imagination will seep into my brain. I hope her husband won’t miss her too much.


Just in case you hadn’t heard.


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17 thoughts on “Six minutes”

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    I heard that rumour too – it was a little birdie who told me (with an american accent!).

    I hope you have some irish roots in you though, because I really want you to enter my St Patricks Day bloggy carnival – with your sense of humour, I think there must be.

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    Gluing Barb to you or gluing yourself to Barb doesn’t work. I’ve sat next to her in choir for years and scrapped with her many times, and it’s just not happening. Some of her alto singing ability eventually wore off on me, but she is still Awesomely Creative (with capital letters), and I’m still just your regular Josephine trying to scrap a coupla layouts here and there. And none of her photographic ability has migrated my way AT ALL, even though she fixed all the settings on my camera the other day. Ima keep hanging with her, though. There’s always hope, right?

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    What was that?? I didnt’ get the whole giveaway thing????Um..did you say come back tomorrow??? I’ll have to come back and figure the whole clue out tomorrow I guess? LOL..The video was neat and I loved yesterdays zit post..having a teenage boy and all, I can totally identify with that.

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    My mudda thanks you, my fadda thanks you, and I thank you. You would have made a much more acceptable siblilng than the one that I endured, for sure. He’s fine now, but still. It took a while.

    Greetings from Sin City. Thanks for the nod, if it weren’t for Jan, I would have missed this totally, as I’m way too busy losing money and finding weight out here in the desert sun…..

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    32 messages for Anderson Cooper? Darn, you beat my record by 3. You’re fast.

    I also wanted to say (without posting a second comment on the giveaway post- no whackadoo here) that according to your clock here, it is actually not quite five oclock yet, so I might have made it in just under the wire! Yay!

    You’re funny.

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