Six months later

Six months ago, I sat by my father’s bedside in the ICU for days as he lay unresponsive from a stroke. There was talk about the potential for a chronic vegetative state, permanent brain damage, a DNR and a funeral.

I could not believe what was happening.

April 2011

Six days ago, I sat by my father’s side at the kitchen table as he (1) advised me on an issue I was having with an advertiser by telling me to tell them to “go pound salt” (2) mapped out the quickest, most efficient route from their house to Myrtle Beach for our day trip; and (3) whipped my ass in Scrabble, using such words as “piss” and “pee” and “dink.”

I could not believe what was happening.

In a totally different and very, very good way.



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30 thoughts on “Six months later”

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    So glad to hear he’s doing so well! Also glad you’ve gotten more time with him, it’s so hard when they’re far away, isn’t it?

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    that is awesome! I sat at the bedside of my mom for days and know that feeling. Only wish I could know the feeling of her still being here. Clearly he still had work to do and I’m totally LOL’ing at the words he used in Scrabble. SOunds like words my boys would use!!

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    Absolutely amazing. I’m an occupational therapist and sadly many people don’t get to tell the same sort of happy story that you do. So happy that you do!

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    I am so glad your dad is feeling better! What a blessing, to spend time with him. I’d give anything to have my dad back, just for one day…

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    Today my husband is at the hospital, in the ICU, visiting his grandpa…similar situation. I hope I can look back in 6 months and be as lucky as you are today! 🙂

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