Stuff I Love: Three Different Mediums

I was going to write a post about how much I love the month of November because hello? November means no more heat and humidity which means no more boob sweat which means CHRISTMAS DECOR IS IMMINENT. But then the other day happened and I use the term “other day” loosely as a euphemism for the absolute shitfest that was this past week and I’ve decided I’m no longer going to write about how much I love November because so far, November has been strikingly similar to October in that it, too, has sucked ginormous, staph-infected buffalo balls.

So instead, I’m going to write about three different mediums because they make me happy and have nothing whatsoever do to with over sized male genitalia engorged with pus.



How much do I love Heather T? Lots. First of all, I think she’s been reading my blog since before it slid down my brain’s fallopian tube. So she is either very loyal, very bored, very strange or very mentally impaired. I opt for an eclectic combo of the whole bunch because it makes me feel smart to have eclectic readers.

Second of all, she’s über creative. Like, super über. I stopped commenting on her blog because I ran out of adjectives to describe her work and now I just echo what everyone else says by typing “ditto” in the comment field.

But only because I’m efficient!

Not because I’m lazy.

Heather is a digital scrapbook designer and sells her designs at and

And look! She also sells her secrets there too. Only she calls them tutorials.

I, on the other hand, will NEVER sell my secrets!

Not now, not ever!

Not even if I actually had any.

See what I mean about being super über creative?

I know!




Katrina is another reader of mine. Don’t you like the way I say “of mine?” Like the Internet is one enormous sandbox and she’s my sparkly purple pail with matching shovel that I brought from home.


Katrina owns KatePaper where she sells pretty things that she’s made with … what else? Bok choy.


She makes pretty things with paper.

Just seeing if you were paying attention!


Bok choy is gross.


How cute is this book? Katrina is relatively new to my blog and she told me she actually went into my archives to read all of my older posts.

I don’t even do that! I mean, not unless someone forces me.

Or pays me!

I take PayPal, in case anyone is interested.

Aren’t these pretty cards?

SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <—— me, spying a bit of Christmas.



Remember the show West Wing? It was, and still is, one of my favorite television series in the history of ever. Best acting, best writing and best sixty minutes of enjoyment that doesn’t involve getting naked. Although I suppose you could watch West Wing naked, if that’s your thing. Just keep your thing under wraps, okay? It’s creepy.

Joy likes West Wing as well. In fact, you might say she’s an aficionado of the series.

I want to be an aficionado. Of something. Anything. Except bladder infections and cold sores.

Joy writes a blog called Simply Me in which she posts a West Wing video every Wednesday. She calls it West Wing Friday.


Just making sure you haven’t lapsed into a stupor over there.


Joy calls this West Wing Wednesday and this means that every Wednesday, I run over to her blog and get my Josh/CJ/Donna/Sam/Toby/Leo/Everyone fix and then I get all dressed up, meaning I put on pants, and pretend to have intelligent and witty conversations with imaginary friends while walking briskly throughout my house and I don’t even feel stupid.

But I can only do this on Wednesdays because I don’t own the West Wing series on DVD and for reasons unknown but which I’m choosing to file under the WHO PUT THE BUG UP YOUR ASS category, Bravo recently decided to no longer air the series at 8:00 a.m., on weekdays, giving me one less reason to stay awake after I fling my youngest on the school bus.

Or to put on pants.



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13 thoughts on “Stuff I Love: Three Different Mediums”

  1. Avatar

    so far I have no reasons to stay awake after putting my kids on the bus. And considering you have to put on your pants after watching it, it sounds very much as if you yourself are watching west wing naked. Unless you have shoes & socks on

  2. Avatar

    West Wing has to be my favourist bestist ever tv series! Love your other choices too – must check out those amazing digi shadows 🙂

    Thanks and have a lovely November weekend!

  3. Avatar

    Very loyal, very bored, very strange and/or very mentally impaired. HAH! Heavy on the mentally impaired part, no doubt. But especially because you make me laugh, and I really need that most days. =)

    I love Katrina’s stuff–great ideas for the cards!!

  4. Avatar

    I can totally be a sparkly purple pail! 🙂

    Thanks for making me a “Stuff I Love” … I’m so excited – now I’m a pretty bucket and FAMOUS! ((I don’t get out much.))

    I love Heather’s digital stuff. I am so intimidated by the computer side of scrapbooking/photoshop etc. and so impressed when I see it done well. I still use the super-old, no-longer-supported-by-Microsoft Picture It 20billionyearsago02 to do basic basic fixes on my pictures (yes, really. you can laugh, it’s ok).

    I had something else I was going to say, but my son just came over and informed me that he needs to clean the wall because there are “boogies” on it, and everything else just flew out of my head. I need to go.

    Thank you again, Andy.

  5. Avatar

    Very, very pretty on the paper and digital!!!!!!! I’m going to have to pass on the video, because I’m saving all television until I’m old and can’t do anything else. Because then I’ll have a lot of TV saved up for when I’m old. I don’t want to have to watch bad TV when I’m 90.

  6. Avatar

    How did I not know that you were a scrapper? Have you talked about that before? I feel blind sided by this. 😉

    I love digi-scrapping — used to love paper scrapping but then I had kids and they eliminated my ability to paper scrap. (no time, they destroy everything, etc.)

    But, I haven’t digi-scrapped in forever. I need to do something though . . . I have thousands of pics just going to waste on my computer.

  7. Avatar

    Andy, you are a peach! I’m not so much a peach because I just now got caught up with your blog to find you mentioned little ‘ol me on this post. And then I felt awful because I skipped a week two weeks ago. I hope you survived it okay. I’ll work hard not to do that to you again anytime soon 🙂

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