It’s Sunday Regurgitation time!

Christmas is over.

It was wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful.

My house looks like a pack of rabid wolves ransacked it, got all liquored up, partied hard until the cows came home, partied with the cows and then skedaddled, with the cows, before the cops came busting in.

Wait a second.

That’s me.

My house doesn’t look much better, though.

And for the record, I’m not calling myself a cow.

Out loud, anyway.

Today, I looked in the mirror and to my horror, found yet another white strand of hair on my head, despite coloring my hair no more than two weeks ago.

My letter to Santa asking for a stylin’ natural brunette ‘do must have gotten lost in the mail. Stupid post office.

So in honor of the burgeoning skunk line atop my head, I present to you: Grey’s Anatomy – Home Edition, on this second installment of Sunday Regurgitation at The Creative Junkie,

I’m off to Target to buy up every single box of hair color on their shelves.

Or a razor.

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14 thoughts on “It’s Sunday Regurgitation time!”

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    Sure hope you can find that dye… I already bought up the entire supply!! LOL LOL Sounds like a great Christmas too! Hope you have a great New Years! Thanks for stopping by my blog too…. join the garden, you’ll be glad you did!

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    Too funny. We have been snowed in during Christmas so we just hate the sight of our house.
    I love Grays. I am also so excited that private practice is going to be on right afterwards on Thursday nights.
    I am giving notice to quit my job on Friday and I thought about citing “Changes in TV schedule” for reason for seperation.

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    Hey! I bought up all the RED dye weeks ago but refuse to do it till I get a hair cut! Doesn’t help that it takes 2 boxes to do 1 dye session! lol! Glad you had a good Christmas:) Did you get my e-mail or are you mad at me?? sniff…..

    let me know!

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    Me? Well I just tell everyone it’s a new colour called “Natural Grey” by Destiny. So glad I never went down that path. Too lazy and it annoys me just having to have it cut everyone 4-6 weeks. Glad your Christmas was great, but won’t it be nice to get back to ‘normal’ again.

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    My house sounds like yours a tornado definitely went through mine.
    Good luck with the hair dye… I have no clue about that I swear I am the only 40 year old woman who has never found a grey hair on her head. True.

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    How odd, I just bought myself some dye at Target today. I’ve been keeping those companies in business since 8th grade. Damn dad and his premature gray hair.

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    I tried to color my gray with a handy-dandy two-steps-in-one-box color/highlight system and ended up with the most vibrant cranberry hair I’ve ever seen. Not the look I wanted. Or the look that was promised on the box. Maybe we should all band together and make gray hair sexy again! Then we can all stop shaving our legs!! Ok, maybe that last part went a little too far?!?!

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    I say go for the razor, definitely! Home coloring treatments rarely work well for me. I am pulling them out in between highlights. If you add highlights you can pass off some of them as streaks, rather than just grays… I am dark haired–with highlights.

    Getting old is hell.

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