Sunday regurgitation for January 18, 2009

I’ve eaten one entire mega box of Cheerios since Wednesday.

I’ve eaten almost an entire box of oatmeal since then as well.

I haven’t had red meat in almost a week.

Cheese either.

Or chocolate.

Or even a stinkin’ egg.

Lowering cholesterol sucks.

I leave you with a favorite of mine, because I’ll bet you my new, unopened box of Cheerios that I’m not the only one looking at the same scenarios around her house:  Why don’t they just rip out my eyelashes one by one?

I won’t mind one bit if I lose this bet, if it means that the culprit who absconded with my new black Sharpie permanent marker is actually a box of mac’n cheese. And that said box of mac’n cheese is currently hiding out in my pantry right this minute, busily writing my name all over itself with said Sharpie.

I can only hope.



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14 thoughts on “Sunday regurgitation for January 18, 2009”

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    I so feel your pain! I just got my lipid panel results back and I almost cried!! It’s really hard to work on this but I know I need to. It doesn’t help that my husband was munching on potato chips and french onion dip today right in front of me…jerk!

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    It takes some serious decipline to do what you’re doing, good luck!!!

    Thank you so much for supporting my big day past Wednesday – It meant a lot to me:)

    Stay in touch!

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