Sunday regurgitation: Take me out to the ball game

For those of you wondering why Sunday is throwing up, fear not. Sunday Regurgitation occurs every Sunday, when I link to a prior post of mine, because I am trapped under something heavy and am unable to write anything original or riveting. Hopefully someone will notice I’m missing, remove whatever is suffocating me and I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. But just in case you never hear from me again … think of me fondly.



We are in the throes of softball season and thank God Helena’s t-shirt is the same color as last year’s because now, when she comes home from a game all sweaty and yanks off her clothes and leaves them in a smelly pile in the middle of her bedroom floor, presumably to fertilize her carpet, I won’t have to have a meltdown two days later because I haven’t yet washed her game shirt. Instead, I’ll just grab last season’s t-shirt from her jammie drawer where she retired it and throw it over her head, and to any potential shouts of OH MY GOSH, MOM! I CAN’T PLAY SOFTBALL IN MY JAMMIES, I shall respond accordingly THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR STARTING COMPOST PILES IN YOUR BEDROOM.

I’ll leave you with another sports post from last year: When politeness just gets in the way …

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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7 thoughts on “Sunday regurgitation: Take me out to the ball game”

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    This is kinda like when they play re-runs on TV all summer. I didn’t see it the first time around, so………… to me! Thanks for such a great post. I have boys. I am not frequently privy to these girly conversations. I have small boobs and I live in Ontario right now. Not much chance for boob sweat in those conditions. (I’ll update you when we move to GA!)

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    Luv the softball pic of your daughter; that will be a fun one to scrap! Enjoy the new season! I too can relate to the polite daughter thing, more so then a competive one. My Emma is the same. (Isn’t it so sweet though?!!)

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    Oh how you make me laugh! My youngest son wrestled varsity for the first time this year. His first opponent you ask? Yep, a girl. I walked up and whispered in his ear, remember all those things I taught you about how to treat girls? He nodded (while pretending his mom was not whispering in his ear). I said, for the next 6 minutes forget everything I said! It was one of the most uncomfortable 6 minutes for both my son and me. Needless to say, she pinned him but only after a hard long fight on his end. He said the bus ride home was miserable 🙂

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