Sunday Regurgitation

I hate it when my blog stands idle on the weekends. Or sits. Whatever.

Once in a great while, I’ll get the itch to write a post for either a Saturday or a Sunday but more often than not, my brain decides to scamper off into places unknown on those two days, leaving me a puddle of itchless, uninspired, witless goo that must still, despite lack of cognitive ability, drive her two offspring all over creation.

So I thought I’d change it up a bit and start a tradition where I post an oldie but a goody on Sundays so that my blog has something to keep itself out of trouble on the weekend, ‘cuz we all know what happens when we have too much time on our hands, right?



Me neither.

By oldie, I mean one of my older posts that you may or may not have already read.

By goody, I mean one of my older posts that you may or may not have enjoyed. Maybe it made you laugh, or cry or twitch or hurl up your breakfast.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d call this tradition … actually, tradition seems too fancy of a word for what I’m doing … let’s just call it a “thing.” So, I thought I’d call this thing Sunday Regurgitation. Because it’s Sunday and because I’m bringing something back.

Not to be confused with bringing sexy back because I can’t bring back what I never had in the first place. I’m still not sure how Justin Timberlake managed to do it.

If anyone can come up with a better title than Sunday Regurgitation, throw it out there and we’ll see if the cat licks it up (quick … name that TV show.)

WEST WING! Hah! I beat you! What’d I win?

Anyway … let me know if you think this is a good concept. Or if it stinks like feet.


For my first Sunday Regurgitation, and in honor of the holidays, I bring you The Infamous Chia Pet Incident.

Read it in good health.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Regurgitation”

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    That was very funny! What’s really strange is just yesterday I thought about getting chia pets for gifts while I was at Rite Aid, but MY hubby, unlike your Nate, almost had a fit when he saw the price. I’m also with you on the freakish head thing, it kind of wigs me out. Good to “see” you on a Sunday, I needed a break and found a good one!

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    OMGoodness! That was the funniest thing! I am so glad you held your composure, I’m not sure I could have. Hahahaha. Too funny! I think bringing back the posts like this is perfect especially since I’ve only recently found and fell in love with your blog and your writing! Thanks so much!

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    Great idea. I’ve gone back to ready many of your posts…my favorite is the Risk one and the follow up to Risk with your Daughters. i would read that again & again…particularly since my Husband is a freak for that game and I won’t even open the box!!!

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