Superbowl Sunday Regurgitation: Are you ready for some football?

If I recall correctly, there’s some kind of big football game happening today and I am fully prepared to become a widow from approximately 6:00 pm until God knows when.

I intend to do something more fun than watching football, like plunging a toilet or scraping the scum off our shower doors.

However, I will instruct Nate to TiVo the game so that later, I can fast forward through all the football crap and watch the commercials.

We got TiVo in the first place so as not to watch any commercials at all.

The irony is not lost on me. In fact, it’s found all over me. I’m suffocating under it.

I won’t be linking any prior football related posts for this edition of Sunday Regurgitation, for the simple reason that I haven’t written any because I dislike football much like I dislike ingrown hairs and hernias.

But I can’t just leave my blog empty because an empty blog is a sad blog and I’m all about the happy, people!

C’mon everyone, get happy!

This will make you happy … one of my favorite Superbowl commercials from the past.

I think one of the reason I love this commercial so much is that it reminds me of the machine shop office in which I worked as a secretary, twenty some years ago. My boss doled out positive reinforcement like this on a daily basis.

If Terry Tate were white, fat, female, wearing orthopedic shoes and sporting a mustache, he’d be Joan, otherwise known as Grotesque Resentful Bag Lady Who Smelled Like Stink and Ate Small Animals When No One Was Looking.

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15 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday Regurgitation: Are you ready for some football?”

  1. Avatar

    I have never seen that commercial before. Funny.
    BTW, I will be over to help you plunge the toilets and scrape the scum. I can also assist in srubbing tile with a tooth brush.
    Happy Superbowl to us NOT!

  2. Avatar

    I’m going to a movie with my favorite (only) daughter. That’s my celebration.

    Oh, and you can find all the SuperBowl ads online. 🙂

    ON an unrelated note, Heather (from Nobody But Yourself) and I met in real life at Zebb’s a while back.

    It was a successful outing despite having it’s roots in stalking. We’re going to do it again sometime (lunch, not stalking) and wondered, since you’re in the same geographic area as we are, if you might indulge 2 blog stalkers and meet for lunch sometime?

    Or maybe coffee since it’s not such a big commitment. 😉

  3. Avatar

    OH no! Andy! You finally wrote something I can’t agree with you on…football. I adore football. I live for football! But like you, I will not be watching the Superbowl because I despise the Steelers and can’t stomach watching them another time this season. I hope to find something more entertaining to do then plunging toilets though. 😛

  4. Avatar

    I’m with ya…not a football fan either. The only thing I knew about this Superbowl was that there is a shortage of chicken wings. That’s me, when it’s about food I’m your go-to-girl! Enjoy your scraping and plunging!

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    thankfully I’d been warned that your blog occasionally causes people to spit their drinks all over their keyboards, so I was prepared. funny stuff, lady. and I’m with you on the football stuff. no interest here either.

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    I too can attest to the fact that while we may be blog stalkers, Kristin and I are harmless and delightful company. 🙂

    I’ll be watching the game for the ads with half an eyeball; busily decluttering in preparation for putting our house on the market. Yee-ha.

    Love that ad. Still cracks me up!

  7. Avatar

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!! That commercial soo reminds me of a gal I used to work with!! Come to think of it she had about the same bod as the football player! 😀 So good luck with the game~~thank GOODNESS dh doesn’t like watching on TV and since he can’t go see it live I luck out! :p

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    That commercial is classic.

    Now Ms. Twin, here is where we differ. We throw a kick ass Super Bowl party that even our die-hard-football-hating friends love to attend. If you’re into the game, great. We’ve even got televisions in the bathrooms. If you are not into football, we still have a blast, and feed you well as well as serve a huge variety of tasty adult beverages. And there’s NO KIDS ALLOWED.

  9. Avatar

    My husband is a diehard Steelers fan, so we will be having the party, of course. I will be sneaking my little netbook and commenting on blogs when he’s not looking…

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    I like that one too. And I tend to watch the commercials and go do stuff during the game … but I admit I just watched the last few minutes because it got really close!

    And I watched that SuperBowl commercial show the other day … how sad, to watch a show with commercials. But we did fast-forward through the real commercials. ..That will put your Tivo skills to the test!

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