Talk amongst yourselves *said in my best SNL Linda Richman voice*

Look up.

That’s the weather.

Look down. Waaaay down.

That’s me, all 5’2″ of me.

See? I’m under the weather.

Get it?


The antibiotics I’m popping for my 179th bladder infection of the year are messing with my head and making me type stupid things.

And no, I do not make a habit of munching on cipro 24/7/365, for all you smarties out there wondering how this post differs from any other post I’ve written.

I thought it best to curtail my writing today so that I don’t wind up writing something I’ll regret later … you know, when I’m actually lucid.

Instead, I’ll ask you guys to answer a question I tweeted last week. The responses on Twitter were enlightening, I must say. And occasionally scary. You know who you are.

I absolutely love to find out stuff about my readers. More than once, I find myself shouting OH MY GOD, I KNOW, RIGHT? at my monitor when I read your comments and more than once, my kids tell me that I need to get out of the house more.

Ponder this, if you will, while I go pee for the 19th time this morning:

When you are home alone, do you shut the door when you go to the bathroom?

I’ll fess up … YOU BETCHA. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after me with bionic eyes and a camcorder with a monster zoom lens. I live in fear of YouTube.

Your turn!



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34 thoughts on “Talk amongst yourselves *said in my best SNL Linda Richman voice*”

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    GHTA (great Heathers think alike), as I never close the bathroom door if I’m home alone. I mean, I ensure that all the doors leading into my house are locked and that there is no view of me doing my business available to anyone outside via a window, but then no, I don’t close the door.

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    I close the door if I am taking a shower, more for heat capture than privacy. Due to the layout of our house, the bathroom I use is tucked out of sight around a corner in the master bedroom so I don’t shut the door much at all when I use the toilet

  3. Avatar

    ah heck no! home alone, I am probably running around in my underwear from the sheer joy of actually being home alone!

  4. Avatar

    I have little kids. I haven’t used the bathroom with the door closed for 8 years. I can’t wait for the day I can close the door again without some little person coming along right behind me a flinging it wide open.

  5. Avatar

    Home alone? when do I ever get to be home alone?????????? haha you’re so funny! But IF ever were allowed to be home alone, the door would be closed. (three teenage boys, a multitude of friends and girlfriends, and a hubby…nope never alone).
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Avatar

    If I am home alone (Which I am NEVER) I would probably leave it open.

    When everyone (AHEM) Kids are at home, I often run to the bathroom and LOCK THE DOOR REAL QUICK. Heck, sometimes I even put a chair up under the doorknob and if I had a deadbolt…..Well, it would be on there too.

    That is the only place I can go and be all alone.

    I blog in the bathroom.

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    When I’m alone – no. Kids & Hub home – shut, locked, barricaded. Oddly though, if I’m showering and along, I always shut and lock the door. (Psycho must have scarred me.)

  8. Avatar

    When I’m alone…it’s open. when the boys are hone from college usually closed unless I feel like grossing them out, then open and I yell down the hall to them! they rarely answer!

  9. Avatar

    Always open, unless we have company…but like kyslp, I shut AND lock for shower. BTW, if you are not exaggerating frequency of your bladder infections, you might want to consider seeking advice from an alternative practitioner (maybe a dietary change is in order). I had a medical problem a few years ago and after being shuffled around for a couple years to different specialists, decided to go to Naturopathic Doctor – it was a miracle. At any rate, hope you feel better.

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    I’m to the point (after 3 nosey kids) that I dont close the door anymore! So no, whether I’m home alone or not, I rarely close the door. Privacy is over rated! lol 😉

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    Nope, I don’t close the door (unless we have company), and rarely when I am not home alone. It doesn’t bother anyone in my family or me.

  12. Avatar

    Uh wait….you must have me confused with someone who has her house to herself some of the time. Rarely, rarely, rarely do I ever have the house to myself. BUT if I did, I wouldn’t shut the door. In fact, I’d sing really loudly “I’m home alone, I’m home alone…OMG, I can hear myself peeing for once”.

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    This is going to sound so childish but here goes: I don’t simply because that way, if someone breaks into the house to kill me, I’ll see them coming sooner. Crazy, right?

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    Nope. I hardly shut it when I’m home not alone. (sheeshcan’tbelieveisaidthatoutloud) It’s just me, my hubbie and our 16 month old. I need to be able to hear her while I’m in there so cracked open it stays.

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    You’re gonna laugh, but, if I’m downstairs on the main level, I shut the door because the dogs like to come in ~ and really, who needs an audience? If I’m upstairs, no I don’t shut the door because our master bedroom has that dumb water closet thing and I’m kinda claustrophobic in there. OK, I’m weird, so what.

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    No I don’t close the door. And since I can’t go to the bathroom without one of the kids following me or hunting me down, odds are the doors open all the time!

  17. Avatar

    Yes. And I lock it. It’s the only way to ensure privacy when all the people are home so simply out of habit I do it when I’m here by myself, which happens next to never! My children never shut the door. Ever. Then they shout when they see you looking at them peeing. Ya know as you innocently walk past that room as you go down the hallway.

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    Front door? Screen door? Bathroom door? All can be open. Window? Open. When showering certainly to let the steam out.

    Of course as a guy, public restroom doors are often propped open and no privacy between urinals. So never mind home alone, out in public! (And of course, trees don’t have doors.)

    I did find it unusual when a coworker didn’t close the door at his home with me in a room across the hall, but it made it easier to continue talking.

    As for women I’ve lived with, half have closed the door, half haven’t bothered. The former isn’t a fair test as there were ferrets in the house, who are inquisitive and likely to visit.

    Otherwise a door just gets in the way and takes more time, especially if you are rushing around getting ready in the morn.

    Someone in my family related the story of needing to find a bathroom very badly when she was in the car, pulling over at a house, knocking on their door, to find the family eating dinner in the kitchen. They directed her to the toilet–right there in the kitchen. Being in need and what else is she going to do, she used it.

    Isn’t this a funny question? Before indoor plumbing, outhouses had multiple holes/seats.

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    ROTFLOL!! Leave it to you Andy to want to know THAT! LOL

    ok. well I have in the past 2 years or so?? Maybe? Started shutting the door unless it’s after lights out or I’m alone. The oldest doesn’t need to be scarred for life by seeing THAT! LOL! As for the door staying shut?? ugh.. well I have to remember to start LOCKING it 😉

  20. Avatar

    No. And about 80% of the time, it’s open when someone else is home. It’s in my bedroom and not open to the “main areas”. It’s a habit that stems from when my kids were small and they needed to be sure they could find me when they wanted me. I learned it was easier just to leave the door open. Now that they’re 11 and 15, it’s no longer necessary so I am trying to BREAK the habit. It’s a slow go.

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    Thought for sure my husband would have weighed in here before me! I never peed with the door open until I had toddlers. Then, leaving the door closed invited pounding and wailing and gnashing of teeth (if they had them). So I’d leave it open a crack to keep an ear on the world. Now, it’s a habit. DH hates it. But they don’t pound on the door when HE’s doing his business. Maybe I should try that, let him know what it’s like…

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