Thank you,

I wanted to publicly thank Liz at for featuring some of my posts in their Guest Quarters section for the last couple of weeks.

It was so much fun to play at someone else’s house for awhile and get away from my own dust-filled, disorganized mess over here that I call home and Nate calls OH MY GOD, HAVE YOU HEARD OF A VACUUM?

And even though I didn’t pick up after myself and left wet towels on her bathroom floor and stuck chewed gum under her glass table, she kept inviting me back. She obviously has issues, as do I.

Thanks, Liz. I’m truly honored that you thought my writing was worthy of a spot on your site. Makes my condition known as ass-molded-to-computer-chair-itis worth it, don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “Thank you,”

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    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog since Liz sent out the first newsletter with props to you in it. I totally enjoy your wit and humor. I can even relate to the divorce, immigration issues, and struggles with life in general! It’s a breath of fresh air, and high time I said so. 🙂 Ok, back to blog-stalking! Thanks for your posts!

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