The day I call my uterus in the retirement home to thank it

It’s Mother’s Day! The one day out of the year when my husband and my kids are bound by law to celebrate my stretch marks.

Last year, the girls and I treated ourselves to pedicures. My piggies are the red ones at the bottom. This year? I have no idea yet. But as long as I don’t have to cook it or clean it or referee it or take it out to potty, I’ll be happy.

I wish all you moms out there a breakfast in bed, a ginormous squeezy hug, a sweet flower, a card that makes you cry, and a phone call if your kids are far away and last but certainly not least, a big, fat I LOVE YOU.

Enjoy your day!



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12 thoughts on “The day I call my uterus in the retirement home to thank it”

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    Have a relaxing day…Thank you for being one of the most inspiring mothers, your daughters are very blessed to have such a great role model, down to earth, realistic and brilliant.
    Happy Mother’s Day

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Is it odd that the main thing I noticed is that you have the same pinky toes I do? Stubby, facing to the outside of the foot. I’ve never seen them on anyone outside of my family before. Must show husband that I’m not a freak, and that I was right and his toes are freakishly long and straight.

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