This would almost make up for paying $HolyShitYou’veGotToBeKiddingMe when flying coach

In case you are new around here, I am a sucker for flashmobs. Check them out here, here and here.

T-Mobile, can I work for you? Can I be your spokesperson? Can we just forget for the moment that my whole family uses Verizon? Would it make any difference if I tell you that their marketing approach sucks in comparison to yours? I’d much rather use a phone from a company who doesn’t ask if I can hear them now while standing in the middle of a cornfield ten miles south of East Jesus but rather, greets me at the gate, puts a smile on my face and makes me totally forget about the previous hour in which I was perilously close to being smothered by a large mammal while strapped into a ginormous vibrator with wings.

In the alternative, can you guys just shoot me an email and tell me where your next flashmob is happening? I’d appreciate a heads up so that I can ensure I have my passport ready and enough therapy and/or Xanax and/or tequila under my belt so as to not totally freak out and scream SWEET! IT’S THE CAST OF GLEE! I LOVE YOU GUYS! LISTEN, CAN YOU TONE THE SEX STUFF DOWN A BIT SO MY TEN YEAR OLD WON’T TURN THIRTY WITHIN THE HOUR? THANKS when strangers suddenly surround me in centers of mass transit and break out into song and dance.

My husband and kids did not sing for me when they picked me up at the airport a week ago but I didn’t care because I had been gone ten days and missed them so damn much that when they spotted me and I saw their faces break out into big, wide smiles, that was music enough to my ears.

But all the rest of you out there who are not married to me nor indebted to me for your innie belly buttons and stockpiles of tampons and kettle popcorn? Please take note that this is how I’d like to be greeted upon arrival from now on:



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23 thoughts on “This would almost make up for paying $HolyShitYou’veGotToBeKiddingMe when flying coach”

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    ((me, too Nancy!))

    This one has to be my favorite so far. And, Andy, if you do get that heads up, could you post it here? I would SOOOO love to be a part of something like that in person.

    Do you think they’d need a crier? 🙂

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    no longer a long time reader

    I’ve never written a negative comment before, I usually just let it pass, but this one really got me. I’m really disappointed with your comments about that overweight man – you’ve exhibited the typical “I lost weight – you’re disgusting” view that people take when they’re confronted with someone who’s not won the weight battle. I’ve been on both sides and it takes some humility to be kind – you’re lacking.

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      I just went back and re-read that post, because it did not in my memory seem to be lacking in humility to me, nor did I recall Andy exhibiting the typical “I lost weight – you’re disgusting” view as you say above. I have now re-read the post and all the subsequent comments and I still don’t see where you’re coming from with your comment. So, I feel like I ought to reply as another “long time reader” of this blog (and additional disclaimer – I know Andy IRL and consider her a friend beyond the borders of the blogosphere).

      I believe that Andy wrote a humorous post (as is her thing – and a thing at which I think she totally rocks) about an uncomfortable situation. She went out of her way to point out that the person in question was completely fine in every way except for the fact that he was physically impinging greatly upon her seat. I do not think she ever implied that he was disgusting, nor did she show any lack of humility, and I wanted to go on the record with that. I don’t know if you’ll see this, anonymous commenter, as you’ve indicated you’re no longer going to read this blog, but FWIW, I don’t think Andy meant any offense or slight. If you want a really offensive article about people who are overweight (and hey, I’m one of them – and Andy has been known to socialize in public with me. Fairly regularly, even.) then Google that Marie Claire post Andy referenced because that is a blog post that deserves chastising comments.


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    I’m with everyone else . . . why do they make me cry??? LOVE these! And I’ll be flying at the end of the month. Please have one of these waiting for me when I get home!

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    Oh, is that the story? Doesn’t make you cry? HAH! Floodworks over on this coast… =) Way cool, Andra–thanks for sharing, I never watch those things (not having TV or anything…)

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    Do they do house parties cause SHIT girl I need a pick me up like that when I’m cleaning my house. With these messy kids and a greeting like that maybe they’d have some shocked looks on their faces like the people in that airport. LMAO. that was spectacular.
    NOW IF Tmobile could just offer that kind of service.

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    If I ever get lucky enough to be in a place where a flashmob like this happens, I will be the one doing the ugly cry! It just amazes me how cool these things are, and how talented so many people are out there, and that they come together like this. I cry every time! What a great way to come home.

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    Oh! This got me all teary-eyed too! Its wonderful to see people make others feel loved and welcome! How much more would be in store in heaven!

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