To do list …

I have approximately 471 things to do today before the girls get home from school so unfortunately, I do not have time to blather on and on and on and on as I typically do in this blog.

Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief?

Among other things:

  • I need to grocery shop because apparently, the six other times I shopped this week were insufficient. I don’t know what it is about this house but whenever I bring food into it, it lasts for about seven minutes and then it’s gone and all I hear is THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE. I am so tired of hearing that, I swear to God. The next time they whine that they’re starving, I’m going to duct tape my debit card into their mouths and let them chew on that for awhile. Did I mention I’m cranky? It’s because I haven’t had my snack. And that’s because there’s nothing to eat in this house.
  • I need to do laundry because I cannot see the floor in my laundry room and that’s never a good sign. Who knows what could be buried there? By the way, has anyone seen Helena lately?
  • Speaking of Helena, I need to play Littlest Pet Shop with her because there’s only so many times I can tell her “not right now, later” before she comes to realize that later really means never and can you imagine the emotional upheaval in her future when she’s texting her boyfriend and he signs off with ” C U L8R” and she has a meltdown because she believes the love of her life just up and dumped her for no reason at all? That’s assuming they’re texting. Who knows what form of communication they’ll have thirty years from now when she’s actually allowed to date.
  • I need to return movies to Blockbuster which means I need to find someone to ride shotgun because when I return movies to Blockbuster, I drive up next to the store and have whoever is occupying my passenger seat get out of the car and deposit the movies in the drop-off box. I’ve tried flinging the movies into the drop-off box from my seat when I’m all alone but all that really accomplishes is hitting an unsuspecting passerby in the head, thereby proving to the universe that I was never cut out to play ball. I suppose I could actually park my car and walk to the depository … (pause, tap my fingers, think really hard) … nah, that won’t work. But I’m proud of myself for even considering that option.
  • I need to go to the bank so that I can deposit money into our savings account so that Nate can come home tonight, hop online, transfer the money into our checking account and pay bills. Yes, I could deposit it directly into checking but I really enjoy getting that receipt proving that our savings balance actually can increase, even if it happens only once in a blue moon and then only for a few hours. I smooth it out and stare at it and contemplate framing it.
  • I need to register Zoe for swimming. She’s swimming JV this year for the first time ever but that only lasts for about two months. After that, she’ll be swimming for our local swim club until June. She’s been swimming for about four years now and it’s such great exercise. I should do it. If they ever invent a swim club where I can swim by myself with no spectators in 90ยบ water with the deck air conditioned to 75ยบ and I can wear something loose fitting that covers me from my neck to my knees and there’s complimentary lasik thrown in so that I don’t have to wear prescription goggles, I will be all over it.

Bar Keeper\'s Friend

  • I need to scrub my stainless steel pots and pans and sink with Bar Keeper’s Friend. Have you ever seen this stuff? It is simply amazing. And no, we don’t own the company. Hah! Wouldn’t that be nice? To own a company? Any company? But no, we don’t own this company, or any company for that matter. And we don’t know anyone who works for this company. And we don’t have stock in this company. And the company is not paying me to say nice things about them because no one pays me to say nice things about anything – to whom do I speak to rectify that situation? Anyway, I got this at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a 20% coupon and it’s been the best $3 investment I have ever made. I use it every so often on my Emerilware stainless steel pots and pans because no matter what I cook in them or how I cook with them or how I clean them afterward, they always wind up stained. Emeril, if you’re out there, please note that the *BAM!* factor of your pots and pans leaves a lot to be desired. There’s something kind of sad about *BAM!*less pots and pans. But every once in a while, I sprinkle some of this stuff on them and clean them with hot, sudsy water and all of a sudden, I can see the reflection of the space shuttle in them. They *BAM!* like never before. I’m going to try bathing in the stuff and see if I get the same results. Wouldn’t it be nice to *BAM!* like never before?
  • I need to season my cast iron skillet AGAIN. Seriously, I am this close to shouting I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU and driving over it with the Durango. I won’t bore you with the details now … I’ll save those for another post. How lucky are you?
  • I need to organize my office. This is one of those things that never actually gets done no matter how many times I say it. Kind of like “I need to lose weight” or “I need to vacuum.”

So, there you have it! A small sampling of what I will be doing today. It’s an effort to stop the tidal wave of enthusiasm welling up inside of me at the moment. Good thing “get a colonoscopy” isn’t on my list because if it were, I honestly do not think I could restrain myself from shouting with glee and jumping all over my house in fits of excitement and then what would my neighbors think?

And it just struck me that despite my aforementioned misgivings, I am apparently more than capable of blathering on and on and on and on today.

What’s on your TO DO list? Do you even have one? If not, you should seriously consider getting one.There’s nothing like writing down your best of intentions and then falling short of them on a daily basis. Keeps you humble.

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24 thoughts on “To do list …”

  1. Avatar

    Love the photo of you!

    I dont do lists – It is just IF I write it down and it doesnt get done (which is the usual outcome) I get really peeved at myself so I AM A NO LIST PERSON !!! (except for Xmas present buying time !)

    have a wonderful day – I dont drop of DVD’s unless there is someone to run them in either (or get hubby to do it- he is a list person so I can just add it on the bottom of his)

  2. Avatar

    fill the skillet with salt.. plain old cooking salt, put it on the stove on high heat for about 20 minutes.

    tip out the salt……….DON’T TOUCH THE SALT

    wipe it out with a paper towel and oil it

    now after every use… oil it!!!


    today my to do list involves ignoring all house work, I did cave and stacked the dish washer and I have booked take out for dinner, it was in no means a relaxing weekend in our house plus I am a helper mum on a yr 1 school excursion tomorrow so I need all the rest I can get

  3. Avatar

    I”m throwing crap we’ve accumulated in the 4 years we’ve lived here in a dumpster. My husband is setting up a date for the movers, so I figure the week before they get here is when I’ll really buckle down and dig in. Oh, and I’m napping. I got 3 hours of sleep for some reason. Not good when dealing with kids on your own. Unless you like the head spinning and pea soup spewing parenting style.

  4. Avatar

    Nice to see a pic of you – pics on my blog are equally elusive!

    Your blog always makes me chuckle, even when you are just rambling on (in the nicest possible way!).

    On my to do list – first thing is to stop blog reading, and unpack my groceries…bye.

  5. Avatar

    Love your blog header and I so do what your saying about I;ll do this with you later and never get to it.
    I just cleaned my pile of laundry and the room yesterday whewww!!! Organize my office yeah right, that’ll happen next weekend, LOL.. Love your sense of humor ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Avatar

    I make my to do list easy. Things like:
    *get up
    *go the bathroom
    *check email
    *read blogs

    I can do that!

    Then things like:
    *pay bills
    *scrub bathroom
    *finish laundry

    Those may still be on the list but I feel good because I crossed off SOO much. Just never you mind what those things that got crossed off are!

  7. Avatar that’s a list!! good luck! and yes, go play Littlest Pet shop! It’s always fun to take a step out of the Parent role and play a lil with the kids! and besides, they have the cutest lil pets!!!

  8. Avatar

    Great list! I write lists daily – and revise them and edit them and rewrite them – I spend more time working on my lists than on the actual items ON the list. I’m a list-a-holic.

    Thanks for the laugh (do I say that every time?)

  9. Avatar

    Are you breathing my air again? Here’s my 2DO list for 2DAY:

    Go to bank, put money in to cover a clerical error on my part :-/
    Call investment dude to make sure there’s money to put into bank
    Pay taxes (oh, I’m broke again!)
    Drop off paperwork at elementary school (because dd is at camp)
    Grocery shop
    Do laundry
    Worry about Thursday’s surgery, and then worry some more
    Figure out why water is dripping from the basement ceiling
    Clean fridge
    Lose 30lbs
    Run a marathon
    Fix the deficit
    Feed the dog
    Cure cancer

    World peace can wait until after my surgery. Great pic and I think Bar Keeper’s Friend rocks too.

  10. Avatar

    Love your blog. First one I read all the way through.
    We own our own company not all its cracked up to be. You never stop working.
    Tip… When you throw the movies and they hit someone just ask them to put them in the slot for you. Problem solved..
    My list is endless.
    Get my groceries
    get my dad’s groceries
    put up dads shower handles
    wash dishes
    wash laundry
    do paper work.
    clean my jeep (just came back from Mall of America on a family trip)
    Ok got to go girls are home from school and they want to show me their work.Be back to check out your blog I love it

  11. Avatar

    Good pic!
    I completed my to do list all in one stop-the same shopping plaza…
    1.Staples-for a color cartridge, a journal and a zip drive that I need for my digital imaging class
    2.Bed Bath and Beyond- for a steamer and a basting brush-both acquired with 20% off coupons that I remembered to bring from home.
    3. AC Moore-hate that place-for a sketch pad for my digitial imaging class
    I’m done for the day so I believe it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  12. Avatar

    Hey there lady! How are you? I really don’t think you want to see my to-do list. If you did I would have to write you in on my to-do list just to set time aside to do it!

    Take Care,

  13. Avatar

    I always make list and when it’s time to use them, I can never find them. Gosh, there is never anything to eat in my house either, despite the fact that I am at walmart about every four hours! Anyways thanks for reminding me that I need to go play with my little one too. Later does eventually get played out!

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