Today is …

… Easter Sunday, a day that holds little significance for me as I am not particularly religious. However, I am married to a good Catholic boy. This means that today, when we get together with my husband’s family, they will celebrate the resurrection of Christ and I will pilfer Easter baskets and celebrate the resurrection of my lust for dark chocolates and red jelly beans.

… our first day back from a week long vacation, a day that is significant only because of the mountain of laundry and the empty pantry that accompanies it, both of which I intend to ignore because with any luck, I will be in a diabetic coma in an entirely different location. See above.

… April 24, 2011, a day that is very significant for me and which I intend to celebrate thoroughly because it marks the seventeenth anniversary of one of the best things I ever did with my life.

Happy birthday, baby girl!


Your mom



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11 thoughts on “Today is …”

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    That is a fantastic picture of the two of you! Imagine if you had an iPhone and the funky editing you could do with it then…. 😉

    Happy 17th birthday to Zoe! It never ceases to amaze me how you don’t look nearly old enough to be the mother of a teenager, much less one who is driving.

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    I always forget *just* how close in age our girls are. I mean we’re, talking 6 days!

    Hope she had a lovely day like mine did. Like you, she is definitely one of the best things to *ever* happen in my life.

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