Where are all the outies?

So, no one has an outie? I mean, other than those who are ten months pregnant with bellybuttons impersonating those pop-up timers you see on Thanksgiving turkeys?


I think some of you are fibbing. An outie is nothing to be ashamed of! Unless, of course, you decorate yours for Christmas and call it Steve. If that’s the case, do me a favor. Stand way the hell back over there, please.


A little more.

Thank you.

As of 9:00 pm eastern time yesterday, there were 214 entries to the Turtle Taylor Etsy Shop Giveaway. I asked to choose one random number between 1 and 214, inclusive, and this is what it threw back at me:




And the corresponding comment was:


Congratulations Andrea H! Contact me at to claim your prize! By the way … I like your name. When you were little, did your mother refer to you as AND – REEEEEEEEEEE – AAAAAAA when you were in trouble? My mother still does. It’s usually accompanied by a freakishly high eyebrow arch.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway and I’d also like to give a big shout out to Cheryl of Turtle Taylor Etsy Shop for having such an adorable store!

Oh! I was going through some pictures last night and came across some from a wedding I attended this past summer.



Helena’s beloved Bear got married back in June. The bride wore white, Helena was the maid of honor, Zoe was best man and the ceremony was phoned in by Nicole, one of Zoe’s friends, who couldn’t be there in person.

Those of you with 20/20 vision currently shaking your head and giving me a “tsk tsk” (hello, Mom)  … I did not dust for the occasion. Not because I didn’t want to!

Well, OK … I didn’t want to, but that’s not the point. The point is, I didn’t see the dust.

Who said being a myopic astigmatic was a curse?



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14 thoughts on “Where are all the outies?”

  1. Avatar

    I’m with Amanda – I can’t see any dust. Then again, I have far, far, far, far from 20/20 vision. Even my hindsight tends to be squinty and myopic…………

    And, for the record once again: my kid has an outie. It’s adorable and we never decorate it for Christmas or call it Steve. It is highly zerbetable though.

    I’m so glad I understand how much the gods despise me, because I didn’t have a single hope up about winning this. So, I’m not depressed and crushed upon landing here at your blog this morning. Congrats to Andrea for the win. *sob*

  2. Avatar

    Dust? What dust? I think I must have a permanent blind spot where dust is concerned. That, and I can’t gather much enthusiasm for the job of dusting … which might explain the mutant dust bunnies plotting a coup d’etat under my bed. *sigh* Yeah, Martha Stewart would have me greenlit if she ever saw my house.

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  3. Avatar

    LOL, I love your blog, especially because we named our daughter Andrea! We didn’t know any others at the time, but you know how it goes – you think something is unique just long enough to be proven wrong. Unless you name your kid APPLE or something stupid like that! 🙂

    And yes, when she’s in trouble, or needs to come downstairs, it’s And-REEEEE-AAAA. But we add the dreaded middle name And-REEE-AAAA L-EEEEEEEE!!

    😉 Have a great one!

  4. Avatar

    I don’t see any dust. I should take a picture of my baseboards and my staircase. Seriously, yours look scrubbed clean compared to mine. The wedding between the teddy bears is adorable…and I loved that they included a friend on the phone who couldn’t be there in person!

  5. Avatar

    I can’t believe I won! Yay for me! Yes mom did call me ANNNDDDREEEEEEEEEAAAA from time to time and sometimes by my middle name which is Jo. So it was ANNNDDDREEEEEEEEEEAAA JO! LOL

    Thank you Andrea for the great contest!

  6. Avatar

    DUst?????? Hmmmmm Andrea – well done (please dont let her notice the gritted teeth!).

    My mum called me Ruth so it couldnt be shortened and couldnt be lengthened! So who is it that calls me “Ruthie” now? Hmmmmm? Yes, mum you know who you are!

  7. Avatar

    Wait. Let me wipe the dust off of my monitor first. Oooh, I can see it now. Wait. The dust is floating back on my monitor. Anyway, congrats to the winner. I’ve gotten over never winning. Really. (sniff. sniff) I have…

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