Who’s got the luck of the Irish? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I was going to start this post by shrieking TOP ‘O THE MORNING TO YA and throwing some corned beef and cabbage and a few leprechauns at you but then I googled and discovered (1) no one actually uses the phrase Top ‘o the morning to ya in Ireland unless they want to get pummeled and have their knickers flown up the nearest flagpole; (2) the whole bit about corned beef and cabbage is more of an American tradition than Irish because the Irish avoid food that reeks of sweaty feet and makes you gag up your colon; and (3) PETA doesn’t like anyone throwing around leprechauns.

So, with all the time I just saved myself from having to cook grossness and chase after little green mythical creatures, I decided instead to introduce you to a real, live, bonafide Irish tradition named JanMary.

Hi JanMary! ((waving))

JanMary hails from Northern Ireland where she is a wife, mum (her term – is that adorable or what?) blogger and jewelry designer. She sells her wares at and by wares, I mean her lovely jewelry, not her husband and three kids because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in Ireland.

DISCLAIMER: I’m just going to put this out there right now, so that no one wonders what sickness has befallen me and my inbox isn’t inundated with emails asking if I tripped over Oliver and sustained a massive concussion. Out of respect for JanMary’s father who just might read my blog today, I’m going to keep this giveaway post clean. No cussing, no double entendres, no winky-winky-nudge-nudges, no references to Nate’s anatomy. I’m going to keep my potty fingers to myself, even if it means I have to superglue them to my bottom and type this with my toes.

Hi JanMary’s dad! ((waving)). I’m sorry I said bottom.

Let’s see how JanMary spends her free time, shall we? I mean, besides not making an MP3 file of her accent and emailing it to me so that I can upload it to my iPod and listen to it 24/7 and die happy.

Pretty, pretty, pretty! There’s something so warm and inviting about these hues.

Pretend I’m typing that with an Irish brogue, OK?

It’ll be fun!

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in all of these. They make me happy!

And hey, my brogue is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself, which I do simply because no one else will. If you close your eyes, it’s almost like I’m typing this straight from Ireland, don’t you think? As a tall, slim, gorgeous redhead, I might add.

Wouldn’t that be nice, me as a redhead? I bet Nate would like …


Hi JanMary’s dad! ((waving))

I love this one. If it were up to me, I’d greet Nate at the door wearing nothing but wkoipdf osier lxsvde gpoiwuer oujiow!!!!!

ACH! Sorry for all the typos. My big toes just aren’t as dexterous as they used to be. They’re a wee bit banjaxed. Help! My big toes are banjaxed!

JanMary told me that in Ireland, “ach” is an expression of frustration or annoyance and “banjaxed” means ruined or destroyed. I personally love “banjaxed” and I’ve decided that I’m going to use it every chance I get.

I’m also going to use “eat the face off” (reprimand) and “barge” (scold) and “catch yerself on” (warning/caution) and “craic” (entertaining or funny) and “give my head peace” (go away and leave me alone) as much as I possibly can because they make me sound cool! Or drunk. It’s hard to tell, actually.

So give my head peace and catch yerself on! Don’t be barging and eating my face off for trying out the craic!

See what I mean?

By the way, my spell check is crying right now.

Oh, I almost forgot! JanMary has also started selling note cards created from her gorgeous photography of Ireland:

I would like to live here, please.

Or here. I’m not picky.

This last one, of the Dark Hedges? This is my absolute favorite. I want to move to Ireland just so I can see it in person. Who’s with me? I’m sure JanMary can put us up for a bit! She’s remodeling her bathroom at the moment so we might have to run outside periodically to take care of business but who cares? It’s Ireland. When will we ever get another chance to tinkle on land that lush and green?

Hi JanMary’s dad! ((waving)). I’m sorry I said tinkle.

So … what’s up for grabs?


A $50 shopping spree at! Go get yourself a touch of Ireland from way over yonder where you are! Unless you’re reading this from Ireland, in which case – can I come live with you?

JanMary takes custom orders as well – if you don’t see what you want or it’s not available, just say ACH JANMARY! MAKE ME UP A WEE NECKLACE, WON’T YOU? You might want to throw in a leprechaun to sweeten the deal since JanMary’s kids have never even heard of leprechauns. Can you believe that? They need to fly over to my house and gaze upon the liquid green in my toilet and be schooled in the ways of the leprechaun because seriously, Irish children not knowing about leprechauns? That’s just all kinds of banjaxed, if you ask me.

In case you’re wondering? Nobody ever asks me.

The nitty gritty:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me the last time you saw a rainbow. I’ll go first! It was yesterday morning. I took Oliver out to pee for the 117th time and the sun was shining just right and there appeared a little mini rainbow over his piddle puddle. I would have burst out into song with a rousing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow but there were enough bodily fluids leaking out of Oliver at that point. I saw no need to make blood come out of his ears as well.
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. So if you’re 18, you could be young AND lucky. And then you could … nevermind. Hi JanMary’s dad! ((waving))
  • Winner must confirm notification within 48 hours or I’ll have to choose an alternate. Please don’t let that happen because it will make my left eye twitch and I don’t want my neighbor to think I’m winking at him because his wife is bigger than me and not in a good way.
  • If you have trouble setting limits (who, me?) you can spend more than $50 and simply apply the $50 to your total due.
  • No entries after 9:00 pm eastern time on Friday, March 19, because Hello? Friday night! Nate and I will have a date with the couch and a rerun of Operation Repo. Nothing says ten years of marriage like watching a morbidly obese, pierced, tattooed freak of nature repossess a car while wearing a muumuu.
  • I will use to choose the winner. I can hear all of you yelling ACH ACH ACH from way over here – don’t think I can’t.
  • One entry per person, please! Your comment might go into moderation for a bit but it will show up! So catch yourself on and give my head peace and stop with the duplicate comments already or I’ll be all eating your face off and banjaxing myself to death.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Saturday!

That’s it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Be nice to the leprechauns.



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179 thoughts on “Who’s got the luck of the Irish? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last week, there was a GIANT rainstorm, followed by huge sun and a gorgeous full sky rainbow. My kids were so excited!!
    .-= Nessa’s last blog post is here ..New Blog!! =-.

  2. Avatar

    Come on lucky number (Insert Whatever Number I Am Here! The last time I saw a rainbow was yesterday at work. We had just finished lunch and one of my kids (I work in a daycare) said “Miss Sara.. my tummy hurts.” and then promptly barfed a rainbow all over the floor. Cute, huh? No? Oh.

    Ah.. Ireland… So beautiful… So drunk.

  3. Avatar

    erm, this may possibly be my very favorite blog post of yours EVER.
    last time i saw a rainbow was…about a year ago. however, the rest of nashville apparently saw one friday. i was presumably too busy hiding my face under a pillow because of the rain.
    .-= lora’s last blog post is here =-.

  4. Avatar

    last rainbow I saw was in Baltimore MD, when I lived there in the ghetto lol. I was all unemployed and feelin a bit wee sorry for meself, and then pops out this gorgeous rainbow. I mean, its H U G E!!! covering at least 5 or 6 city blocks huge. And Of course I had to go photograph it. And scrap it. See?

    ( dont worry, it’s not spam. Its just my flickr. opps! Can we say that with JanMAry’s dad here?)

  5. Avatar

    Sunday. The sun was bright and it suddenly started to rain. I ran outside and there was a big gorgeous rainbow spanning all over our backyard.

  6. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was this last fall. My husband I were driving through Michigan on the interstate and it appeared as drove went up a hill. It was so beautiful.

  7. Avatar

    I see rainbows all the time, I live near a waterfall so we see them quite often.
    Beautiful designs janmary!

  8. Avatar

    It’s been so hot and dry down here (hottest and driest summer on record) I couldn’t tell you when I last saw a rainbow. But when I do see one, soon I hope, we need the rain, I’ll be delighted and not drenched in ‘boob sweat’…… sorry Janmarys’ dad for saying boob.
    .-= Davinia’s last blog post is here ..Wednesday’s Child =-.

  9. Avatar

    What a crackup you are 🙂 The last time I saw a rainbow was in our front yard after the last unexpected rain – it was beautiful!

  10. Avatar

    Believe it or not, it was yesterday. We have been dealing with massive flooding here in NJ, and I drove by a big waterfall, and there it was…a gorgeous rainbow.

  11. Avatar

    I would like to point out I have dragged myself out of my sickbed and all the way downstairs to the computer *just* for your blog post o’ the day. Um, I mean, my *bed* isn’t sick, but I sure am. Not in the head, I mean really sick. Well, it *is* a head cold, so yeah, actually, I am sick in the head, just not in the way you mean. Let me put it to you Irishly: my sinuses? Totally banjaxed. So banjaxed that I just blew a rainbow of ick out of my nose. Does that count?


    Okay, a legitimate “made by God and/or Mother Nature” rainbow sighting? When we were in Disneyworld last month there was a big honking rainbow right over the giant golf ball at Epcot that I *would’ve* taken a picture of if I hadn’t had both hands occupied with trying to keep the kid from plunging over the side of the boat we were on at the time and going headfirst into the World Showcase lagoon, she was leaning so far over the dang rail.

    I am totally, totally adoring JanMary’s jewelry designs, holy moly. Or should I say “Faith and Begorrah” to be all cool? (Um, apologies to JanMary, her dad and any other Irish folk reading this – I’m only partially Irish by marriage; my husband’s paternal grandmother was an O’Rielly.)

    Okay, I’m taking my banjaxed sinus cavities back to bed. (Don’t worry, JanMary’s dad, there’s nothing “nudge nudge wink wink” about that, I swear!)
    .-= Heather @ nobody-but-yourself’s last blog post is here ..DST = Darn Stupid Theory =-.

  12. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was when my nephew was born 9 ish months ago! It was a rather dreamy experience! Within 10 minutes of his birth! xoxo


  13. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was on TV last week watching the wedding of Molly and Jason from The Bachelor. Oh wait, that one might not count since it was on a mindless television program. 😉 In real life, I don’t know if I can remember for sure the last rainbow I saw but the last one I REMEMBER was at one of my daughter’s ballgame last summer. I took pictures too!

  14. Avatar

    I can’t remember the last time I saw one. I Think I saw a snow-bow at some point during this everlasting winter, but it could have been a dream. Do snowbows even exist?

  15. Avatar

    I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow. I live up north and our eight months of winter aren’t up yet . . .

    PS. gorgeous, drool worth jewlery 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Oddly enough, I was leaving the grocery store the other afternoon aggravated as all get out because of the things that people do that cause everyone on an aisle to re-route, etc. Yeah, those things! 8)

    I saw a rainbow on the way home, I felt as though it was a reminder to be happy!!

  17. Avatar

    I haven’t seen a rainbow since last fall, since it’s been dreary and gloomy for months here. Happy Paddy’s Day to all!

  18. Avatar

    I LOVE your Irish brogue. I LOVE Janmary’s designs! I have no idea when I saw a rainbow last. I am sure it has not been too long as we have had a ton of rain but isn’t it so sad that I just cannot remember?

  19. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was a few weeks ago after it rained in the middle of the day. Of course, we’re approaching monsoon season here in Florida, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing tons of them in the next few months…
    .-= Anne’s last blog post is here ..Spring Green: UPrinting Giveaway =-.

  20. Avatar

    The last rainbow I remember seeing was in Hawaii when I was there with my dad over Spring Break. We were working outside and the storm was moving over the mountain but the sun was still shining. There actually happened to be a double rainbow — hopefully something I won’t forget any time soon!

  21. Avatar

    This is such a wonderful post because I am SO laughing out loud right now. Like for real…not just the lol kind. Just say’n. Anyway…the last time I saw a natural rainbow was last summer, but I caught a glimpse of one of those fun ones you get just because the light hits your sunglasses the right way while you are driving the other day and that made me happy!

  22. Avatar

    Uh, does seeing one on tv count? Because then I’d have to admit to wasting an evening watching the trainwreck Bachelor wedding, and I swore off that show. But seriously, what else was I going to do while I was folding a mountain of laundry?? There was a rainbow on the show after the wedding. Isn’t that special?

    now this post makes me want to go to Ireland, love the jewelry and the photos! Gotta go get my corned beef into the crock pot, and make sure there’s enough food coloring for the beer. Does Nate get green beer today?

  23. Avatar

    Now your give away is so much more classier than mine with a box of tampons stuffed full of chocolate. One must do something drastic when she lives with a husband and 3 boys who think they can touch my chocolate and live.
    Very nice stuff and lurv the pictures. Happy sigh
    .-= Joanna’s last blog post is here ..500 And A Give Away =-.

  24. Avatar

    Last time was back in the summer. My youngest son’s Sunday School teacher called him to say, “Run outside and look at the rainbow!” They were going to be discussing the story of Noah the next day – how fortuitous!

  25. Avatar

    I haven’t seen a rainbow since last August….so I’m in serious need of some pretty jewelry to brighten my day! Is that pathetic? LOL. Thanks for the opportunity to win (and for not keeping the post totally 100% clean for the sake of Janmary’s dad, cuz we outnumber him….bwaahaahaaa.)
    .-= Marlene’s last blog post is here ..Wanna Get Lucky? =-.

  26. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was in Key West. Ever been to Key West? Lots of rainbows there. My personal favorite was the Rainbow Bend Resort.

    Thanks for keeping me laughing at work while I should otherwise be working!

  27. Avatar

    I saw a photo of a rainbow on a blog the other day, does that count?! In person it has been awhile….winter makes me sad.

  28. Avatar

    Oh my word you make me laugh so hard that my sides hert and as I was trying to read this out loud to my husband he said it was impossible to understand me….
    Ok so now that I have composed myself, I am ready to answer the question about the rainbow. On Sunday afternoon there was a magnificently bright and vibrant double rainbow that stretched right over our church. I was so touched as it was my second week at my new church and I just felt like it was God’s way of saying that I had made the right choice.
    So that is my fabulous rainbow story.
    The leprechaun came and caused a little meihiem in our house; thanks telling us about that so that I was prepared when he came here and did that to us and my cousin’s kids thought it was aweful. 🙂

  29. Avatar

    You are bustin’ me up! Gorgeous works of art and photos here. The last time I saw a rainbow wasn’t that long ago. Maybe a month or two and my kiddos were with me. It was a double rainbow which we see quite often here on the Oregon coast.

  30. Avatar
    Dave Kuchenbecker

    Hi – Would love to win this for my wife…would make a great gift that would give he appearance of me being really thoughtful. Excellent 🙂

    Last rainbow I saw was a few weeks ago – had a bit of rain with sunshine in Wisconsin.

  31. Avatar

    I just discovered your blog last week and I am so glad I did because you have given me some very much needed laughs! Thank you!
    As far as the rainbow sighting……haven’t seen one since probably last summer but was fortunate to see another unusual, amazing event recently of a meteor streaking across the sky! Truly a once in a lifetime occurrence!
    The jewelry is gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win.

  32. Avatar

    Last time I saw a rainbow was last year after a terrible storm. I think thats the only time we get to see them-no fair!!

  33. Avatar

    Last time I saw a rainbow was a double one over a dirty polluted lake by my house! Made the lake look a little better for a minute or two!

    Would love to see one on lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

  34. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow on Monday morning during my drive to school. It was very faint and I really had to be looking at it. I only saw the very tail end of it, but it made me long for Springtime and more rainbows.
    .-= Rachel Hawkins’s last blog post is here ..Scrappy: Giving up? =-.

  35. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last summer — it was over the mountains near our house. So lovely!

  36. Avatar

    hmmmm. . . rainbow . . . I think the last one I saw was in the Fall. I was at a soccer game for my 10 year old in a driving rain storm. Thanks for conjuring up that little memory. grrrrrr.

  37. Avatar

    Truthfully, it’s been months since I last saw a rainbow. However, since I can’t remember when (maybe last spring…?), I’ll tell you about a spectacular one I saw years ago. It was a screamingly gorgeous sunny day and I saw a rainbow right by the sun and realized it was actually a full circle, pretty much with an edge touching the sun (yeah, I was nearly blind at the end of seeing all of this). Then I realised there were 4 circles, one on each side the sun, essentially blocking it in. I could only see arcs of 2 of them but you knew what they were. I have NO idea what kind of phemonon it was but it was VERY cool!!

  38. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was about a year ago in Baltimore, MD. I was with my brother & his wife, international shopping for a dinner we were planning. First to the german store, then polish, italian and greek. We gathered breads, sausages, pastas, cheeses, desserts and did this in the pouring down rain. We actually had a blast and stopped in different bars along the way to have a sip & bite. We were in our last pitstop, a bar, that looks over the city and we saw a double rainbow. It was quite wonderful to see and the day was clearing, now that we were completely drenched and I had chysanthemum hair. Either that or the bloody marys I had were making me see colors. No, it was a real rainbow, I don’t drink that much JanMary’s Dad….Honest! I am part Irish and I would not lie.
    The jewelry is rainbow spectacular! Wonderful placement of colors…Great work JanMary!
    .-= susie’s last blog post is here ..Irish I Had =-.

  39. Avatar

    lol that post made me laugh and those jewels are fantastic. The last time I saw a rainbow yikes I think it was last October……or at least I dont remeber any after that time! here in Malta we are pretty dry ;(

  40. Avatar

    The jewelry and photos are awesome! I would have a double rainbow day if I won! I saw a double rainbow years ago in MD, I dragged everyone out of the office to go see it!

  41. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last summer after a heavy-duty arroyo-flashflood thunderstorm. It was beautiful and floated over the Catholic church that sits behind us. It was perfect and I know I took a picture of it. It’s in my files somewhere and I’ll dig it up for proof if you need! 😀
    .-= Cathryn’s last blog post is here ..Merlin’s Magic =-.

  42. Avatar

    last time I saw a rainbow was last august after one of florida’s daily afternoon thunderstorms – just as it was ending i could see the lovely colored arch in the sky.
    Thanks for the giveaway and hope your holiday was fun!!!

  43. Avatar

    I was in Uganda in September – it had been a hard trip: orphans, AIDS, riots, deaths- I mean HARD! On the last day we were having a special dinner on Lake Victoria and there appears not one rainbow, but TWO – a DOUBLE RAINBOW over Lake Victoria. We got some incredible pictures and it makes me happy just to remember it! What a great blessing!

  44. Avatar

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow. We do get them fairly often here in Florida after one of our furious rainshowers. But I’m pretty sure I saw something colorful, maybe it was a rainbow, from the gorgeous pictures of JanMary’s beautiful work!

  45. Avatar

    The last rainbow I saw was last summer-we are just coming into spring here so I’m looking forward to the next rainbow.

  46. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was about a week ago. I was taking an online class and the professor was demonstrating the electromagnetic spectrum.
    Not very magical, but hey, it was a rainbow.

  47. Avatar

    Oh wow, I haven’t seen a real rainbow in a long long time. I did, however, see a rainbow made of crepe paper at my work today after holding a “decorate your cube” contest for St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

  48. Avatar

    So how come I just found your website now I wonder. You`re TOO funny and TOO SWEET for protecting the tender ears of JM`s Daddy. Um, would I have to have special magic reading glasses in a reg`lar post to protect my eyes and ears too, for my eyes shrivel into dried goji berries and my ears fold like dried oyster mushrooms with those types of words too. Do you have all them thar wild words IN your spell checker haha.

    I wonder if the leprechauns came about AFTER the good irish coffees!

    I agree with you about wanting to live in this GORGEOUS country of JM`s – course she pickes out the very best bits to share with us. What a talent she has for so many things, her blog has been a constant and delightful friend for quite a while now.

    Thx for hosting this giveaway! May the best blog-commenter win. May the rest of us be very very very jealous.
    .-= Barb’s last blog post is here ..More Campin’ =-.

  49. Avatar

    Wow, I’m amazed at how many people see rainbows on a regular basis. I can’t remember the very last time I saw a real, true rainbow. It was probably last summer. It’s been raining like crazy here, but it’s also been so darn dark and gloomy, so no rainbows. I did see a “rainbow” this afternoon, though. My son must be learning about “Patrick’s Day,” as he tells it… he made a “rainbow” in kindy and brought it home today. It made me smile, so that’s as good as it needs to get, right? 😉

  50. Avatar

    October 12th. I was driving to Alpine Texas and saw what I thought was a double rainbow. I almost drove off the road when I realized it was a triple! I tried to get a picture and failed, but will always remember seeing such a neat one!

  51. Avatar

    My last rainbow sighting occurred as I was leaving the supermarket, of all places. Rising above the ridge, blazing through the clouds, there it was: a perfect, glorious rainbow.

    Happy St. Pat’s and God bless you! 🙂

  52. Avatar

    Probably about 6 months ago. To see a rainbow that is. But I’m thinking I just HAVE to have that gorgeous purple and pink beaded necklace and the multicolored necklace and lots more. They really tickle my fancy, what ever that means.

  53. Avatar

    Oh jeesh… Honestly I can’t remember the last time! I’m sure in the past year or so. I do have a most memorable (respelled that a few times and no matter what, it doesn’t look right…) one. About 10 years ago we were on a cruise. In the middle of the ocean, we were hit by a HUGE thunderstorm. Boats rocking like crazy, major wine, huge swells, the works. Right after I went outside to check out the sky. There were still huge black clouds, but there was some blue peeking out. And tere was the biggest rainbow I had ever seen. Even got to see both ends. It was amazing!!! 🙂

    By the way, the jewelry looks pretty danged amazing too!!! Oh please, I hope the Random thingie picks me!!!!!

  54. Avatar

    About a month ago I saw a rainbow that reached right across the sky. Just beautiful.

  55. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was very early in the morning a month or so ago. I was driving to work, and just happened to look over and see it in the sky. So pretty. macd82 at gmail dot com

  56. Avatar

    Most recent Rainbow siting: my honey/hubby were driving home from visiting relatives in Wisconsin and the stormy weather reflected the experiences we had during the visit. Driving home the sun broke through bringing with it a magnificent DOUBLE RAINBOW.

    It was magnificent and inspiring/uplifting – WOW!

  57. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow just outside the mall a few weeks ago. I always take rainbows as a sign from God- not sure of what, but a sign, definitely…
    .-= Dee’s last blog post is here ..Irish Day =-.

  58. Avatar


  59. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was about 6 months ago when my husband and I were out driving. It was an amazing rainbow so I asked my husband to pull over so I could take a picture. Unfortunately, he waited a bit to pull over and we were in a CVS parking lot so althought he rainbow in the shot was pretty, the surrounding buildings didn’t make for a nice picture.

  60. Avatar
    Karen Pochodowicz

    Well I have probably seen a whole bunch of rainbows that I don’t remember. We don’t get rainbows very often in Seattle because the sun rarely breaks through the clouds for more then a brief moment. The last rainbow I clearly remember.. I was standing on the beach in Phuket Thailand looking out into the ocean and there was a rainbow.

  61. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was a year ago – while I was at work – from the window of my office.

  62. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was a little more than a year ago, when I was driving in the car with the kids. We were driving out of a rain storm, and I stopped the car so the kids could get a good look at it before we went on.

  63. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was probably last spring. I was waiting to pick up from my son from school. It had been raining forever and when it stopped, there was a beautiful rainbow! Did so much to lighten my mood.

  64. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last summer. I was walking out to set the slip n’ slide up and looked up and saw it. it was a double rainbow!

  65. Avatar

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen a rainbow that i can’t even remember when it was.

  66. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last spring after 2 days of heavy rain. My daughter and I were so excited to see it after being cooped up in the house for 2 days sick. Thanks for the great opportunity. I love Janmary’s Designs–Simply Stunning work.

  67. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was at my brother’s wedding! It had been a rainy, yucky day, and then a rainbow popped out!

  68. Avatar
    Suzan (Belaymonkey)

    The last time I saw a rainbow was right at sunrise in late January here in Daytona while I was running the 5K on the Daytona Speedway for a race event. It was so amazing to see it while working so hard at something I thought that I could never complete. I finished the race in 33mins!

  69. Avatar

    A Rainbow? In central Oklahoma where the weather is hideous? I haven’t seen one since I’ve moved here. Now, in Germany we saw them all the time and they were spectacular. If I won this, I would actually give this necklace to my best friend in the world. She is irish, and I’d buy myself one too!

  70. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was a couple months ago. I was picking up the kids from school and turned around and there was a huge, bright, double ended rainbow that met the horizon at both ends. It was the most perfect rainbow I’ve ever seen. And of course I didn’t have a camera with me. 🙁

  71. Avatar

    My Irish eyes are crying…your post totally cracked me up!

    I saw a rainbow maybe 6 months ago over the Target store parking lot. My little 4 y.o. was amazed because it was the first time she had ever seen one.

    I don’t know what I love better – the jewelry or the gorgeous photos of Ireland.

  72. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow last week….it was stretched tightly over some lady’s (and I use THAT term lightly) butt. Makes me wish for a little rain to *hopefully* show me a real one!

  73. Avatar

    Last time I saw a rainbow was last summer. It brightened up the grey sky and was very memorable.

  74. Avatar

    The last ranbow I saw was while I was on playground duty at school last week – all the kids stopped to look too 🙂

  75. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow had to be last summer. We’ve had a really grey winter. I think it was when we were walking to the car after a wet baseball game. 🙂

  76. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last year….on Spring Break on the way home from the beach…and it was a double. My kids wanted to find the end of it so bad…so we drove for a while…until they understood, you can’t 🙂

    Thanks for the fabulous chance to win! I love it all!!!!

  77. Avatar

    Ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me!! I mean, my last name IS Murphy, so I’m practically a shoe in. Also, I’m trying to type this in Irish Brogue but it keeps turning out Indian. But no worries, mon. Dang. There’s some Jamaican.

    Yo, I saw me a rainbow the other day whilst driving my two kids to school. It was so big and fat we had to drive several blocks to see the other side. But I’m fairly certain there was no pot o’ gold at the end, unless the local factory that smells like burning bottoms is the pot.
    .-= Kearsie’s last blog post is here ..Health & Wellness is NOT For Sissies =-.

  78. Avatar

    It must have been last year, and I think I only saw one in the summer. I need to spot more this coming year!

  79. Avatar

    How fun! I enjoyed reading your post, you’re too funny!

    The last time I saw a rainbow? It was last week. DH saw it first and pointed
    it out to me.

  80. Avatar

    I seen a beautiful rainbow last summer. Looking off my deck! It was so beautiful! Can’t wait to see on again this spring!

  81. Avatar

    The last time that I remember seeing a rainbow was back in September the week before my wedding. It had been a horribly stormy day (not to mention a stressful one, as it was one week before the wedding!) and I looked outside as the rain stopped and saw not only one, but a double rainbow. I tried to snap a picture of it, but it didn’t do it justice. What it did do was remind me that things were going to be ok even though life seemed to be going crazy at that moment!
    .-= Heather Parker’s last blog post is here ..Monogram Chick Give-away! =-.

  82. Avatar

    Woo-Hoo!! This is the first Give-away of yours that I have been lucky enough to catch in time!! Must be the Luck O’ The Irish I’ve got going for me.

    THe last time I saw a rainbow was 2 weekends ago in a parking lot. You know how water and oil mix and kinda make those pretty rainbow-ish colors that swirl all together? Yep…that was the last rainbow I saw. Does that count?

    If I win, can I pick these up in person? I would LOVE to see Ireland someday.

  83. Avatar

    Yikes! We live in Nevada and I can’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow in real life! I did see when on TV last night though 🙂

  84. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow it was last weekend… There wasn’t any sun but it was peeking thru the dark clouds.

  85. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last summer after a rainstorm. Not many rainbows in Wisconsin in the winter!

    Beautiful jewelry and pictures.

  86. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was late last summer. Followed a particularly quick and scary thunderstorm.

  87. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow, it was actually a double rainbow! It was last summer in Texas.

  88. Avatar

    wow, i don’t know when the last time i saw a rainbow was – it had to be months/years ago

    autumn398 @

  89. Avatar

    Saw one last week while driving home. It hailed on me, then wow, a rainbow. Worth working all day to see that!

  90. Avatar

    It has been awhile since i have seen a rainbow, but the last one I do remember seeing we were on a drive around a local lake. My then 6 yr old said lets go find the monies lol. He was all gung ho to go find the money at the end f the rainbow hahaaa

  91. Avatar


  92. Avatar

    This is pathetic.. but the last rainbow I saw was on Jason and Molly’s Wedding. You know… the Bachelor couple whose wedding ceremony was televised a week or two ago. They had a horribly rainy outdoor wedding in CA but at one point were blessed with a gorgeous rainbow. As for an “in person” rainbow, not since sometime last year.

  93. Avatar

    You would think with all the on-again-off-again rain we’ve had over the past few weeks there would have been a few rainbows, but no such luck. The sun stayed hidden behind that dense sheet of clouds. The last rainbow I saw was in bubbles at the park. . . does that count?

    Beautiful jewelry JanMary! Love all the colors you work with.

  94. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last summer. Hopefully now that it is getting nice out I will get to see one soon!

  95. Avatar

    Last time I saw a rainbow. The ending of last summer… Now I miss it… 6-12 inches of snow here tonight and tomorrow.. perhaps I’ll see my Colorado Spring time soon.

  96. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was about a week ago. I looked for the pot of gold but alas! The wee leprechaun took off before I could cath him.

  97. Avatar

    Wow, I haven’t seen a rainbow since last year, but whenever it gets hot in summer, we set out the sprinkler for the kids and one usually appears!

  98. Avatar

    I don’t remember the last time I saw one – probably from a photo album as it’s been winter and dark for so long now!

  99. Avatar

    I can’t actually remember the last time I saw a rainbow – which is too weird considering last spring here in FL it rained for forever! i’m going to try to keep my eye out this spring to find one.

  100. Avatar

    OK – I promise I am NOT entering my own giveaway – but just had to comment again!

    YOU ALL NEED TO MOVE TO IRELAND – we get lots of rainbows – probably at least once a month! I will make of an effort to photography some now, and put them on my blog.

    Obviously all that rain has some benefits.

    I’ll be quiet now……as you were………
    .-= janmary, n ireland’s last blog post is here ..St Patricks Day Blogging Carnival 2010 =-.

  101. Avatar

    The last time I saw a really awesome rainbow was this past summer. I used to think I saw really good ones until I moved here to PA. These are so close you think you can touch them.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  102. Avatar

    It’s been years since I saw a rainbow. Back when my fiance and I first started dating. Usually if it’s raining or has been raining, I’m inside. I’m scared of storms.

  103. Avatar
    Angela Winesburg

    Its been awhile, I believe the last one I saw was last summer in a quick rain shower, thanks!

  104. Avatar

    The last rainbow I saw was on TV (does that count). I just watched the movie 2012 – scary – but there it was at the end of the movie.

  105. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was at least a year ago, sadly. Spring is on it’s way though and we usually get lots of rain and sunshine, so rainbows should be right around the corner!

  106. Avatar

    Your writing style is great!!

    My last rainbow was on a foggy morning sometime last week or the week before. It was very beautiful as the sun was rising and the fog was hugging the ground.

  107. Avatar

    I last saw a rainbow while my husband and I were still dating and out on a date.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  108. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was in the summer time when we were driving home from the Lake. It was beautiful — we even took a picture (a double rainbow — two amazing arches). Thanks for the chance to win:)

  109. Avatar

    The last time I saw a rainbow was last Sunday. I was driving with my granddaughters when they saw it & pointed it out to me.

  110. Avatar

    I haven’t seen a rainbow in years – I really can’t even remember the last time I saw a rainbow…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow about 2 1/2 weeks ago it was the first time my kids saw one they were so amazed by it my son wanted to know where the gold was thanks for the chance to win

  112. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow on Tuesday–here in Oregon we have lots of rainbows this time of year-the weather changes constantly. I was walking to meet my husband and when I left the house it was sunny—5 minutes later it was poring just long enough to soak me–then the sun came out and there was a lovely rainbow—mad me smile -reminded me of my Dad pointing out rainbows to me when I was little.

  113. Avatar

    I think the last rainbow I saw was in the fall. It was so pretty I tried to take pictures but they just didn’t do it justice

  114. Avatar

    It must of been last July sometimes. Because it started to snow here sometime in September and snowy skys do not produce rainbows all that well!

  115. Avatar
    Mikell Robinson

    I enjoyed your explanation of why the Irish don’t eat corned beef and cabbage. : )

    I think I last saw a rainbow about a year ago, and it was here at home. It was lovely. However, I will always remember about 30 years ago (or more) traveling and being in Tennessee and seeing a gorgeous rainbow which we could see pretty much from end to end. It was wonderful and a vivid memory to this day.

    Thanks for the chance to win such a nice prize.

  116. Avatar

    Hi – It rained about 2 weeks ago and their was the most beautiful double rainbow in the

  117. Avatar

    I saw a rainbow last fall, while driving through the Ozarks w/ my family. My kids were so excited to see their first FULL rainbow and in such beautiful surroundings!!
    .-= kristina Wilmoth’s last blog post is here ..H2Uh-Oh =-.

  118. Avatar

    Last time I saw a rainbow was 1/20/10. On a snowy morning drive into work, there was a gorgeous sunrise coming over the trees and there was a huge, bright rainbow. Luckily, I had my camera with me and pulled over to snap a photo. It was beautiful and totally made my day start off in a happy mood! Here’s the pic:

    I am however tasting the rainbow this morning as I munch on some Skittles! lol

  119. Avatar

    last rainbow i saw I was on the train back home after a lovely weekend with my sister and her family feeling a bit gloomy just like the rainy day it was. and I don’t know what it is about rainbows, how do they know when to pop up just when you need it? And there it was, this awesome perfect arch rainbow with both ends touching the ground.

  120. Avatar

    The last rainbow I saw was probably the most unusual one I’ve seen. It was about a month ago and it was snowing outside!

  121. Avatar

    Your brogue is spot on and I am in love with janmary’s jewelry! The last rainbow I saw was two weeks ago after the forever rains we had here in Texas. It was lovely, so lovely in fact that we quit eating dinner to go ooh and ahh over it. 😀

  122. Avatar

    Wow, it’s been awhile since I have seen a rainbow, probably a year or so. Out back or to the side really of my daughter’s apartment. I love rainbows, specially double ones. Thanks so much for the chance to win some gorgeous jewelry!
    .-= Dawn ‘s last blog post is here ..Join Me for Some Sweet Talking! =-.

  123. Avatar

    Too Funny~That is a great way to describe Sonia!!
    I’ll be watching the same thing with my honey too
    The last time I saw a rainbow was last week as we had so much rain but I had to go to the store and on the way back I saw it! It was beautiful 🙂

  124. Avatar
    last time i saw a rainbow i was driving home from syracuse last fall and we went through a rain storm. when the rain stopped the rainbow came out, the whole family got to see it which was cool. it’s so rare to see them at all and to be together was even better.

  125. Avatar

    It’s been about a month and I saw the most beautiful one I’ve EVER seen! It was amazing!

  126. Avatar

    Last fall when I was on the way home from work. My husband pulled over so we could look at it for a minute or 2

  127. Avatar

    I honestly can not tell you the last time I saw a rainbow outside but I saw one on TV earlier on today! Does that count? Sorry…

  128. Avatar

    I see a rainbow daily in my house as we have a house that faces east and every morning the morning sun shines through the peep hole which casts a rainbow onto the fireplace.

    The last time I saw a rainbow outdoors was in January after it rained.

  129. Avatar
    Creative Junkie

    TIME’S UP! Thank you, everyone! A little change of plans – I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday instead of Saturday.

    See you then!

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