Someone’s waking up to $100 worth of eargasms

Before I reveal the winner, let me remind you that *ALL* who entered this giveaway are eligible to receive a $25 shopping spree with any $50 purchase from Harry Mason Designer Jewelry. Simply email Harry at harrymason @ harrymason . com (delete those spaces, please!) and include a copy/paste of the comment you entered in the giveaway – you’ll find all the comments HERE. Make sure you put “BIG O” in the subject line so that your email doesn’t  land in Harry’s spam filter and die a slow, agonizing death.

OK – There were 334 entries so I asked to choose a random number between 1 and 334 inclusive and this is what it shouted at me:

And the winning comment is:

Congratulations Henrietta! Contact me at admin @ thecreativejunkie . com (delete those spaces, please!) within forty-eight hours to claim your prize! After your ears get through kissing the living daylights out of you, that is.

Thank you, Harry, for your creativity and generosity and thank you all for participating and sharing your dream dates and making this a truly fun giveaway! May we all one day really win that stupid foreign lottery crap that finds its way into our inboxes and then all of our dream dates will become reality dates.

Don’t forget to email Harry and claim your prizes, everyone!



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6 thoughts on “Someone’s waking up to $100 worth of eargasms”

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    Woot woot Henrietta! It took me forever to think of a dream date. Kinda glad since my comment is nowhere near yours. I’d be tantruming if I were 41 or 43.

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    Congratulations, Henrietta!

    Andy – thanks for the opportunity to compete for the them!

    Harry – Thanks for the great discount!

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    Congratulations, Henrietta!

    And thank you Andy and Harry for the discount. I just ordered those funky star earrings that you pictured on your other post. It was love at first sight.

    And an aside for everyone else, I’d like to share that Harry is a wonderfully nice guy. He read where I posted that I thought that a pair of earrings my Dad bought me years ago was one of his designs, and that I was so sad to have lost one. He offered to replace the lost earring for half price. Long story slightly shorter, after some back and forth discussion, it turns out that it wasn’t one of his, but I think that the offer and the time he took looking into it for me were incredible! It really made my day.

    Looking forward to my new earrings, and thanks Andy for introducing us to him!

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