There’s something about Martha … and a *GIVEAWAY*

Remember Martha from one of my prior giveaways? The Kentucky red head with a thick southern drawl, who won’t wear ickie undies and who can make Photoshop dance about wildly?

When was the last time you danced about wildly? Without embarrassing yourself? Mine was in utero.

Martha is still in Kentucky, busy raising her husband and three kids and her eclecticRed business. She refused to come visit me in New York to celebrate my one year blogiversary, insisting that she doesn’t do cities, especially New York City where she’s got nothing to wear that would be suitable for getting chewed up and spat out on a dirty sidewalk near a subway just in time to get mugged or run over by a taxi, all before getting a chance to holler in a southern twang HAYLP ME! HAYLP ME!

I told her to just wear jeans, for crying out loud! They’re perfect for any occasion! But she ignored me.

I keep telling her that I live in upstate New York which is about a million light years from New York City, and at least five fashion trends behind. That she’d have to trek into one of our backyards and find a sturdy cow and ride it at least two full days to even get anywhere near New York City from my house.

But she won’t listen to me.

Why won’t anyone listen to me?

Are you still there?

Martha couldn’t make it here to celebrate the fact that one year ago yesterday, I typed up a little story about how I married my tall, dark, handsome, rebound guy and put it on the Internet and became an official blogger.

But I forgive her. Want to know why?

She paid me lots of money.

And she offered up another cool prize for a giveaway.

Remember how she makes Photoshop dance?


Here, Martha made Photoshop do the paso doble (pronounced paas-o dobe-lay) all over this photo of a soldier. The Paso Doble is a masculine dance full of pride and dignity. Betcha didn’t know I knew that, huh? Think I only watch Dancing with the Stars to ogle the guys’ chests? And bums?

Oh, please. Like you don’t?

This is a full color line art rendering of a photo, hand drawn by Martha. Line art is a style of digital design made up of … lines.

I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about, don’t I?


Here, Martha made Photoshop to do a waltz all over the canvas, creating this adorable baby announcement in the process.

Sometimes I wish my uterus was not in retirement.

Until I hear MOM! SHE CALLED ME A FREAK! Then I’m all about the retirement.


When Martha forces Photoshop to perform the lindy hop, this is what it does. How cute is this?

When I instruct Photoshop to perform the lindy hop, it spits at me.

This is a line art drawing of Martha’s daughter, made up of … lines. And other stuff.

The drawing, silly! Not her daughter! Her daughter is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Just call me Emily Dickinson.


Here’s Edward from Twilight fame. Martha looked Photoshop right in the eye and demanded it DO A MAMBO RIGHT THIS INSTANT and Photoshop decided that a mambo wasn’t hot enough for Edward Cullen so it said HEY, HOW ABOUT A CHA CHA INSTEAD? Then it channelled Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough from the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars when they performed a cha cha so sexy and raunchy, the entire audience smoked a cigarette afterwards.

Apparently, many people of the female persuasion find Edward sexy. I’m sure some of the male contingent do as well.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The above Edward is a vexel rendering where Martha layered thousands of shapes and colors to create the image. And when I say thousands of shapes, I’m not exaggerating.

Not that I’m prone to exaggeration. Because I’m not. You can ask my husband, once he’s done spending eleventy billions dollars buying up every single item on earth over the Internet.

Martha once told me that one of her vexel renderings had 2000+ layers.

My computer would choke and drop dead. So would I, for that matter.

By the way, Martha’s got Edward on sale! For $5, you can download Edward HERE and then you can stare at him all day and tell yourself that you are NOT a cougar.


Here’s another paso doble performance from Martha. It’s a vexel of Tom Riddle/Voldemort from Harry Potter.

I love saying paso doble.

Paso00000000000000 doble.

The Paso.

Pasoooooooooooooooo. Doblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Sounds like something you can eat with cheese.

Pssssssssst: If you want Tom Riddle as a screen saver or, if you want to print him out at any size upwards of 25 inches by 10 inches (can you say GO BIG OR GO HOME? Geez, you’d think Martha was from Texas), then run over HERE … Martha is giving him away. As in FREE.


OK. So … what am I giving away to celebrate my one year blogiversary?

I thought you’d never ask!


One 11 x 14 custom piece of line art designed by Martha.

Simple black and white renderingΒ  -OR- full blown color chock full of design … it’s winner’s choice.

Just email or snail mail her a photo and she’ll wave her wand and make Photoshop do the foxtrot all over it. Then she’ll provide you with a high resolution digital file that you can download and print at your favorite online site or brick and mortar store. Shutterfly? Costco? Walgreens? Or how about your Uncle Harry’s down the street because he owes you a favor from that time you caught him wearing pasties and a hooker?

And think about it … you will have a high resolution, digital image. This means you can print off as many as you’d like! How about some early Christmas shopping? Hanukkah gifts! Want to shrink it down and use it for announcements? Invitations? Wallpaper your bedroom? How about printing off 768 of them and sending them to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar so they can give one to each of their kids?

OK … here’s the scoop:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post, telling me the last time you danced. At your prom? Your wedding? Your divorce? While waiting for the potty? Mine was this morning. I did the hustle in the shower and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
  • Did I just type that out loud?
  • No entries after 5:00 pm eastern time on Sunday, May 10, because that’s when I will be busy playing sloth on the couch, right before lapsing into a calorie induced coma from gorging myself on breakfast, lunch, dinner and the 34 desserts that have had my name written all over them since last Tuesday. It’s Mother’s Day, after all.
  • I’ll use to select one winner. I love all things random!
  • I have big knuckles.
  • Please don’t enter more than once. It makes me cranky and no one likes a crankapotamous.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Thanks so much for celebrating my one year blogiversary with me!



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105 thoughts on “There’s something about Martha … and a *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. Avatar

    Happy blogiversary, Andy–thanks for sharing those laughs for so long! Uhh, I think the last time I danced was at my Grandpa’s 100th birthday celebration, with my son in my arms… =)

  2. Avatar

    Happy anniversary!!! So glad that I joined you just before the celebrations! Martha sounds wonderful!
    I think the last time I danced….was last weekend when we put on some funky music and I tried to get my one year old and 5 year old boys to shake their non-existent booties along with my substantial one!!!

  3. Avatar

    how fun! This friend of yours has talent for sure!

    The last time I danced? It was actually YESTERDAY at work πŸ™‚ I’m a nurse and got floated to the pediatric ward and during some downtime, one of the med. techs and I spontaneously started doing a bit of an Irish Jig. You know, the kind where your “legs flail about as if independent from your body”? (-Chandler, from Friends)

  4. Avatar

    Happy anniversary, Andy! I absolutely love your blog – I come here every time I need a laugh.

    The last time I danced was… um. Can’t remember actually. Does thinking about dancing count? πŸ˜›

  5. Avatar

    I danced while waiting in line to check out at the commissary yesterday to entertain my cranky 2 year old. I also sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider. The things we moms do.

  6. Avatar

    The last time I danced? Well, I did the “Oh HECK did I just step on a hairball in barefeet AGAIN?” hop around 5:30 this morning…. Oh, that wasn’t the kind of dance you were looking for, was it? Hmmm. Oh, I know – I was totally boogieing (is that how one would spell it? Boogeying? Nope, that sounds nostril-related. How about “Doing the boogie?”) with Kiddo’s kindy yesterday afternoon. We were rocking out to one of those fine, fine, elementary school music class ditties. I had to prove to them that even though I’m approximately fourscore and seven years (or, one and a half score and one year, if you want to get technical about it) (that is, if I’m remembering correctly that a “score” is twenty years) (yes, I *was* on Jeopardy back in ’03, but that was *before* the kid was born and my brain cells turned to pudding) (anyhow, I’m parenthetically digressing, so I shall return to my original point) (um, I would return to it if I could remember what my point was, you do recall I just told you that my brain cells are pudding now, right?) ANNNNYHOW, I was proving to the class that even though I’m significantly older than all of them AND their teacher, I *still* have Crazy Dance Skillz. So, there you go.

    Also? I really, truly hope that at least one of your desserts on Sunday is a Cheesy Eddie’s Carrot Cake. (No, not cupcake, CAKE cake. It’s Mother’s Day – calories don’t count for us!) (Shhhh, don’t tell me if they do, I love living in the Land of Delusion.) (Oh heck, here I go again.)

    Think Martha could do a mad Photoshop mambo over the pictures of my new house’s wallpaper? Even her mighty skills might be terrified of ALL THOSE FREAKING PATTERNS. Just sayin’ …..

    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! (Blogaversary? I never can decide how that is spelled…) HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR BLOGGING AMAZINGNESS! πŸ˜€

  7. Avatar

    Last time I danced was the a few days ago when I dug out my old Zumba CDs and Zumba-ed all over the kitchen while starting dinner. It’s not easy to Zumba while making Hamburger Helper, but I hit every beat and managed a few shrilling “Ai, carumbas” to top it all off. Next show is at 10:00 this morning, if you want to buy tickets.

  8. Avatar

    Am I the only person out here that has NO idea when my Bloganniversary is? It could be a year. It could be 4 years. It might be 9 months. Hmm, guess I should look at that.

    Ok, I want that prize. So I tell you the last time I danced.

    Yesterday. To the Bee Gees “Night Fever”. With finger pointing and hip swinging and all.

    I was very hot.

    I was home alone. So I can tell myself that.

  9. Avatar

    Congratulations on one year of blogging! I’ve enjoyed it even though I find more feminine parts mentioned here, more often, than a Dear Penthouse letter. Not that I read such letters.

    And no, that’s not to suggest I write such letters.

    And no, that’s not . . . never mind. Just, congratulations.

  10. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! I just love Martha’s work and your blog, too! It’s definitely a must-read to get my day going. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Here’s to another year (or several, or lots)!
    Oh yeah, the last time I danced. Believe it or not, I pretty much dance every day. Mostly just to annoy and embarrass my kids. If I have to listen to their music, they have to watch my dancing!

  11. Avatar

    So the last time I danced (you did not specify that it had to be danced well) was this past weekend while cleaning the house. I find loud music makes me clean so much better. So, popped on a Poison Cd (yes, the 80’s were and still are good to me) and did a very sexy and funky dance to Talk Dirty to Me! Now cleaning the house and dirty dancing were coincidental. I do have to say, had I been wearing skin tight denim with a body to die for, it would have been a most amazing sight. As it were, it was most likely an amazing sight, but for many different reasons. (by the way, a swiffer duster can magically transform into a microphone, in case you did not know).

    In summary, I would love to win and promise, cross my heart, and all that, I will not have a picture of myself dancing turned into the awesome photoshop prize! That would be wrong on so many levels. My senior son will get the honors for his graduation party. (at which I may dance….LOL….I so enjoy making him roll his eyes and groan)

    Happy Anniversary! You make me smile….

  12. Avatar

    I was going to say that the last time I danced was during a clean-fest, but one of the other comments reminded me about “the robot” – which I “danced” last night with my youngest daughter. Truly, a classic dance!

  13. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    What an awesome give-a-way! πŸ™‚ Thanks to you and Martha!

    The last time I danced… last week, in the living room, to a video that my 14yr old son was watching. Ya know what he did? He got up and danced with me πŸ™‚

  14. Avatar

    Wow – this girl is amazingly talented! Hm… the last time I danced…I seriously can’t remember! Probably something silly to goofy music with my daughter, but I really don’t remember. Thinking I need to do some dancing today…… πŸ™‚

  15. Avatar

    I get such a kick out seeing other peoples wonderful talents. You are a wonderful bloggerist??? Happy Anniversary.
    The last time I danced was in February. (See my pajama weekend post). I love the music from the 60’s. Not the soft, beach stuff but the Eric Burdon & the Animals kind of stuff. By the way I was all alone.

  16. Avatar

    last time I danced? this morning, in my head! LOL it’s about the only time I dance.. since my hubby is so not into it.. so I dance with myself, and enjoy every minute of it! great giveaway.. awesome.. what a great prize! thank you!

  17. Avatar

    The last time I danced was when I did a silly dance to make my son open his eyes and get out of the bed. I only dance to make my kids laugh, since I look ridiculous dancing.

    The Twilight guy is so NOT sexy to me – he looks like a drag queen! Really! I like men who actually look like GUYS, like they shave their faces and sweat and everything, not like they are fixing to belt out hits by Barbra Streisand!

  18. Avatar

    oh WOW, she is amazing! Those are FABULOUS! I love the one of her daughter… Awesome!

    So… the last time I danced?? Was last night when I was cleaning up my daughter’s room, trying to get her to help me- we were singing the “Clean ‘Em Up” song by Laurie Berkner and frolicking around picking up toys.

    When you have to pick up toys, a little frolicking never hurts πŸ™‚

    Thanks! jadensmail at gmail dot com

  19. Avatar

    LOL!! ok so I’m commenting and I can’t even win something done by ME πŸ˜‰ That means if my # is randomly chosen YOU have to make me a page Andy!! YES YOU!! No excuses! Why oh why do you consistently bring my undies into this?? I keep telling I don’t WEAR any! LOL! Hey…you are right about NY though! Me? In the city? HA! Happy Blogaversary!! See? Told ya so!

  20. Avatar

    Dancing? Me? Are you kidding?? The most dancing I do is in the kitchen with Katy. Though I did do some “real” dancing at a wedding last summer. With the groom, as opposed to my husband, who can’t dance to save his life. Happy Blog-iversary (did you coin a new word??) πŸ™‚

  21. Avatar

    I will fully admit that I danced in the bed last night!

    In my DAUGHTERS bed… at her request! (Sheesh! Gutter…) It was her special bedtime request, she said “Mommy, Dance Bed Please” so I stood up and did the twist in her bed. πŸ™‚

  22. Avatar

    I danced last night in the hallway from the shower to the room to get my changed. I did the running man, then a short robot (arms only), followed by a cabbage patch kids mixed in with a soldier boy. All to gross out the lady in the room.

  23. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary!! I love this site, please don’t ever take it away from me.

    I danced this morning in the bathroom while getting ready and then, I danced in the car, on the drive in this am. I totally got busted by a REALLY hot guy in the car next to me. I just waved and went on dancing.

  24. Avatar

    Hubs and I like to go swing dancing on Saturday nights… when we’re not exhausted from work, or not enough sleep during the week. Which means we go once every 6 months or so. πŸ™‚

  25. Avatar

    Sadly, I never danced at my wedding because we had the reception at my parents house and we forgot to play music! The last time I danced was this morning, in front of my girls while they were watching High School Musical 3. LOL

  26. Avatar


    OMG! I LOVE her! And get this, I’m working on a new blog called “Fan Crafts” that is going to highlight crafts inspired by the books, movies, music & tv shows we love, with an emphasis on Twilight and Harry Potter. Is that weird or what? It’s soooooo not ready, but here’s the link: ElectricRed will be the first post.

    This is awesome. This is an OMEN! I’m going to make Fan Crafts too, when I can get my head out of my butt. Heck, maybe I’m make THE OMEN crafts. Somebody slap me!

    The last time I danced was on New Year’s Eve four years ago at the Spotlight 29 casino. I’d just moved down here. I went with my soon-to-be-husband. And afterward when we were good and liquored up we went to eat at their all-night cafe and sat next to a group of farm workers, one who was eating his eggs off of a knife. I will always remember that.

  27. Avatar

    I am in love,… oh, that adorable baby… I want that!

    When last did I dance? Ah,… three weeks ago,… a cousin’s wedding. How can I forget that event,… I had to explain for the upteenth time that I am OK with being single,…

  28. Avatar

    Happy blogaversary! hmmmm, dancing…I danced in front of my husband (he was a very new husband at that point) and he said “Who taught you how to dance like that?” in a very pointy way. I don’t think I’ve shaked my groove thang so much since. me so sad.

  29. Avatar

    Love it! Last time I danced was in the kitchen with DH to our song we used for our first dance at our reception four years ago. It was a waltz…well sort of. More one of those “men pushing off their right foot only while pivoting on their left” kind of dances. Very romantic.

  30. Avatar

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! and thanks for the wonderful prize opportunity! Martha is truly talented!
    the last time I danced, I danced like nobody was watching and it was last week!

  31. Avatar

    Happy Blogiversary!!!! Hmmmm, the last time I danced?? If you want a silly dance, it was yesterday doing the Hokey Pokey with my kids…something I’m not proud of but it was necessary to keep my kids happy. Serious dance? The last time had to be at my wedding 7 years ago….very sad, huh?

  32. Avatar

    First I’d like to wish you a very happy bloggiversary! (Hopefully that’s spelled somewhat correctly?!) Thank you for making me laugh, smile, giggle, nod my head in utter agreement! You are a very talented writer and I look forward to checking you out – well your blog anyway – each day!
    The last time I danced was last weekend at my daughter’s 7th birthday – with her in the background yelling – “Moooommm, you are embarrassing me!!” And she’s only 7 – so oh do I have yeearrs to embarrass her! Hee hee!

  33. Avatar

    You seem so much wiser that a typical one-year-old! And less wiggly.

    The last time I danced was last night. Dance recital, and I was trying to keep my one-year-old entertained, so we danced in our seat.

    You wouldn’t want to see me dance standing up. ‘Nuff said.

  34. Avatar

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I visit your blog weekly & it always picks me up! By the way, I dance all the time with my daughters…we just danced this morning to the Bee Gee’s!!

  35. Avatar

    One time, I danced at prom. Then I tripped and fell on my face in front of everyone and I’ve never done it since.

    The End.

    Thanks for your blog, it’s my favorite source of entertainment, daily.


  36. Avatar

    Oh. Happy Blogoversary!!! The last time I danced? The night before last…with my man. We were weirding our 16 year old out before bedtime. We snuggled and danced, before hubby went to bed. (he had a Springsteen ticket yesterday, so he needed his sleep.) I dance with hubby every chance I get.

  37. Avatar

    I danced in my kitchen last weekend when a friend’s two year old was making a toy play “I like to move it, move it.” He joined me in dancing, so I must be a pretty sweet dancer:)

  38. Avatar

    lol, funny you should ask. I just broke into a little dance just the other day, while watching an excercise infomercial. They may not have gotten me to buy the exercise tape….but they got me to imitate the instructor. The artist is fantastic, would love to be the proud owner!

  39. Avatar

    Real, full-out dancing? Two weekends ago at my niece’s Bat Mitzvah.

    Gettin’ down with my toddler listening to the iPod…a little while ago πŸ˜‰

  40. Avatar

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    The last time I danced was on Monday when I was watching Dancing with the Stars and playing on my Wii Fit in the free step. I like to make my own moves instead of doing the boring “step-up, step-down” the whole time.

  41. Avatar

    About an hour ago my toddler and I were shakin’ our groove thing in my bedroom while we cleaned up. He loves to listen to “tunes” on my iPod. πŸ™‚

  42. Avatar

    I danced last n ight while hubby cooked dinner. ‘I ain’t cooking dinner…I ain’t cooking dinner’.

  43. Avatar

    Congratulations on one year of blogging! You always crack me up!! The last time I danced was with my lovey Gary in our living room to our favorite Eagels song. The kids usually tell us to get a room but we don’t care. πŸ™‚

  44. Avatar

    Congrats on your one year!

    The last time I danced was a couple of hours ago at our table at Quiznos for lunch. They were playing fun music, my ten month old was bopping along to the music and I just had to play along.

  45. Avatar
    Nancy Stearns

    Oh, you are so going to think I am lying, but I was dancing to “You can’t hurry love” when I read your post. Cross my heart!! I’m at work standing behind a counter. LOL Just found my way to your blog from 2Peas. LOVE IT! Sounds like a super cool prize, and I know just which photo I would have done. oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  46. Avatar

    The last time I kinda danced was for my birthday this past march, the last time I really danced like all night till my feet hurt was the year before when I threw myself a 31st belated 30th prom party! My friends wore real prom dresses and tuxes, one friend wore her wedding dress (because she’s divorced and what was she going to do with it anyway?). It was the best night of my life. My school didn’t have proms so I always felt like I missed something.

  47. Avatar

    happy blogoversary! Good for you for sticking it out this long…


    The last time i danced was Tueseay, in my kitchen – the best place for dancing, while i was demonstrating to the B-rad the newness and AWESOMENESS that is my new bra…how it holds me in, better than many sports bras i’ve owned in the past…and it may have involved a sexy chair dance, a little bit of Carmen Electra’s Strippercize moves, and a poorly executed head toss/hair flip that may or may not have put my back out.

    the end.

  48. Avatar

    Lets see the last time I danced was on Tuesday when my 7 year old son came home from school showing me that he lost his first tooth. So him and I did a happy jig to celebrate.

  49. Avatar

    Wow, last time I danced, huh?! Maybe my 8th grade graduation?

    I wouldn’t really call it “dancing”, but I do get a bit of a jive on when I hear the song “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley…does that count?! πŸ™‚

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway…Martha has some MAD Photoshop skills!

  50. Avatar

    For someone who loves the paso doble so much, you should watch the movie Strictly Ballroom. Very good flick.

    I don’t dance. I have no rhythm. Or at least my rhythm fails to sync with that of any known music.

    Very cool artwork. And congrats on your blogiversary

  51. Avatar
    Laura Hatfield

    Last time I danced was with my daughter at the Opening Ceremony of her Special Olympics track meet. It was sooooo much fun and NOBODY cares how you look when you dance there. It’s just pure happiness.

  52. Avatar

    Where has your blog been hiding all year?! I love it. Well .the last time I danced was just before I threw my knee out. I have no idea what I did to it and neither did the doctor, although he did like my purple toenails and spongebob pajamas. By the way , I’m 53 , and thought all women my age wore spongbob , until I had to go to the hospital dressed that way……………….

  53. Avatar

    The last time I danced was about 10:30 this morning in room 6 of the Childrens OR because Dr Mac Guyver(not his real name, but the name I gave him because he can do anything with nothing and get a good result and help a real sick kid live instead of die) had that crazy song that goes “Whoops, there it is….whoops there it is…whoops there it is” on his iPod and all I could think about was Buddy the Elf in the mailroom and had to dance.
    And then I cracked my knuckles….

  54. Avatar

    Yeah, I didnt miss it this time! Last time I danced? Hmmm, when I did the “shake your booty” dance to my husband when I told him I won a $50 gift card to Chili’s this week. Now, he keeps chasing me around the living room. I think I started something.

  55. Avatar

    The last time I danced was last Saturday when I cleaned my house. I put in my mp3 and go to work! The mop and broom are better partners than my hubs…

  56. Avatar

    I don’t dance, so I can’t even say. I sing a lot of “Winnie the Pooh” though πŸ˜€ to my 5 month old Goddaughter.

    I love, love, love Martha’s line art of the solider!!

    I sooooooooooo hope I win one of her works of art!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for giving a heads up on the giveaway πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  57. Avatar

    Congrats on the anniversary! One year of anything consistent is stellar at our house so I am in awe.

    Dancing? Last night in the kitchen with my hubby. . . it quickly became a foursome because we each had a kid clinging to our leg within minutes.

    PS Anything involving music and me can only in the very most general sense of the word be classified as dancing. I’m not graceful. πŸ™‚

  58. Avatar

    I’m 41 and that’s really old to my daughter and her friend. I “danced” in my car last week to Beyonce. Screams of horror filled the car! I threaten to dance outside my daughters school in daisy dukes to keep her grades in line, works like a charm!

  59. Avatar

    Wow is it already a year! I enjoy reading your blog so much it always makes my day. As for the last time I danced well it was yesterday. The sun was finally shining and I was playing music while cleaning and decided to add a little dance to it to make if more fun!…..I know I need a life! Happy Mothers Day

  60. Avatar

    A most happy blogiversary to you.

    Last time I danced was at the wedding of my cousin. It was a while ago. Cousin has since had kids, gotten divorced, gotten married twice more, and moved to Florida.

    Yes, it has been a while. But I’m good with that.

  61. Avatar

    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I’m so new to blogging & twittering, I’m still getting the hang of it… very addicting, it is! I love the soldier piece… my son just graduated from boot camp a couple of weeks ago! Okay, so the last time I danced was yesterday morning with my daughter… we dance every morning in the bathroom while mommy gets ready to go! Love it!

  62. Avatar

    Happy blogiversary! I don’t dance often, which is a sad thing I know. But it doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t do my dancing for me, which is to say, that I am not a sad person.
    I was luck enough to babysit my nephew a few days ago. He is almost 2 and loves to dance. It was great fun dancing up a storm. I have even tought him the yummy dance!

  63. Avatar

    What a fantastic artist. I would just be so tickled if I won. I love art of all kinds and spend 3/4 of my time online hunting for great art to drool over.

    The last time I danced was during my son’s high school graduation time. Getting him through was rough and tough. He has several learning disabilities so shcool and good behavior (lol) were difficult for him. On the day of graduation all of the other mother’s were crying. But not me, no sirree, not a single tear did I shed. I was so relieved to have those school years behind us and over with that all I could do was smile and keep doing the happy dance.


  64. Avatar

    Love reading your post all the way through – no skimming! Just so darn interesting! I definitely danced last on the way to the bathroom – I usually am glue to my keyboard and wait ’till the last possible moments yo go! πŸ˜‰ Martha does great work & your writing style is great!

  65. Avatar

    Happy Blogiversary!

    The last time I danced….yesterday when my dog jumped up on me, I grabbed his paws and we danced and pranced around the room. We love dancing together – well, I love it anyway since my husband doesn’t dance with me (because he says he’s no good at it. Honestly, he’s not πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the great giveaway – her work is amazing! And I loooove the lindy hop!

  66. Avatar

    First things first…HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! The last time I danced? That one is easy. Yesterday. To Mamma Mia coming over the loudspeaker in my classroom to let us know that the morning announcements were starting. Oh, and after announcements I danced again to the song that our special helper chose. The current favourite is called Disco Limbo and we all limbo under a yard stick! So much fun!


  67. Avatar
    Inga Wadenpohl

    Last time I danced? Yesterday, I guess. I use to dance trough my living room all the time. But like for real? In public? With guys staring and so on? About 1 1/2 month ago at the disco in DΓΌsseldorf. It was a very funny night out!

  68. Avatar

    Last time I danced, my husband and I were dancing to the theme song to “iCarly” about three days ago in an attempt to completely humiliate our 10.5 year old daughter. It totally worked.

    Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

  69. Avatar

    The last time I danced was this morning, with my 3-yr-old and 5-yr-old. We dance almost every day. Although, I have to say, usually it’s me dancing, and the kids yelling “Spin me next, Mommy! Spin me!”

  70. Avatar

    I dance around the kitchen lots of times to very loud music while trying to cook. It may be the reason I burn a lot of food…..mmmmm. You are hilarious, I do like a sesnce of humor but I love giveaways even better. I think I will follow you as I love NY and love to laugh. Found you via SITS.

  71. Avatar

    Thanks for the laughs. The last time I danced was a couple of weeks ago, in the livingroom, with my two dalmations, to Wham’s “Bad Boys”. Yea, I was an 80’s boy.

  72. Avatar

    I am SO lucky to have a three year old…..I danced yesterday – much of the day πŸ™‚

    We dance alot at our house. Yo Gabba Gabba isn’t my fave show, but I do like the Dancey Dance and we did it yesterday. One hand on your hip, the other hand on your hip, dig, dig. Too fun!

    Happy Blogoversary. You’ve given me lots of smiles – thank you!

  73. Avatar

    hmmm I’m a preschool teacher, I have to dance daily, its part of the job description… the part I like of that job description, unlike the parts about the changing diapers, getting sneezed on and coughed on and thrown up on…. all in a days work.

  74. Avatar

    I did some great car-dancing on Friday to the song “It’s Raining Men”! The other folks on the road considered calling 911 fearing I was having a seizure, but it was all good!

  75. Avatar

    happy blogoversary! the last time i danced was about 4 years ago in my living room- i was just sooo happy over something I don’t remember!

  76. Avatar

    Congrats on your blogiversary!

    Gosh I think the last time I danced was at my sister-in-law’s wedding about 6 years ago. That’s awful!

  77. Avatar

    Oh frig! You are super funny!!

    Last time I danced?? Um…I don’t stop dancing actually. I have wiggly feet, they get their groove on ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. They’re freakish.

    LOVING the digital Art, super FAB!

    Oh mighty random thingy PICK ME!


  78. Avatar

    I last danced on Friday evening at a charity dinner dance. My dh went too, on one condition, he did NOT have to dance!

    The band were great, the dancing was great…….my dh did not dance πŸ™‚

  79. Avatar

    I last danced in the car with my kids this morning. It was very much a lame headbob with a couple arsenio hall’s thrown in the mix. It was a blast and I am sure cars nearby were cracking up if they caught a glimpse. Thanks- her photoshop work is incredible! It would look like a spicy has Salsa dance on my wall.

  80. Avatar

    As a Kentucky girl, I laughed out loud at Martha’s fear of NYC. (I say HAYLP, too!)
    She does some incredible work!
    And, in my house, we dance daily, with babies and small little girls in our arms. πŸ™‚

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