What happened to us
If you haven’t blogged in a year, are you still a blogger?Something to ponder. That, and why we put so[...]
One year later. And my 82 year old mom is texting. It’s a tsunami of crazy.
Tonight will be exactly one year since my life shattered into a million little pieces of shit. A lot has[...]
We’re changing addresses and attitudes
I love my little corner of the Internet.I love that even though I haven't posted in ... let's see ...[...]
Maybe SUNY Geneseo will throw a bunch of financial aid her way if she promises NOT to go there
Remember the post I wrote about touring the SUNY Geneseo campus last year because it was on Zoe's list of[...]
That's me, bitch-slapping 2011 to the curb where, if there is a God, it will be run over by an[...]