Ears are going to be hyperventilating all over the place! LOTS of winners!

I know I shouldn’t have been, because Harry is so darn talented, but I have to admit it … I was shocked at how many of you guys were already familiar with Harry Mason and shared my obsession with his jewelry! Here I was, thinking that I finally had a scoop on something! Albeit an old scoop since I had my first eargasm back in 1988, but a scoop nonetheless!

I am now scoopless. Without scoop. Scoop barren. Devoid of any scoop.

Why can’t I ever be the first to discover something? Other than my own bellybutton lint? See that loop everyone is standing in? I can’t, because I’m standing way the hell over here. Three miles west of outer space.


As if offering a $100 shopping spree wasn’t generous enough, Harry would like to show his appreciation to all of you who entered this giveaway. So … if you entered this giveaway, please email Harry at harrymason @ harrymason . com (delete the spaces, please!) with a copy of your comment you left on the giveaway post HERE. Make sure to put the letters “BIGO” in the subject line of your email. Harry will then send you a surprise gift. I have a pretty good idea as to what the gift is and let me tell you, you do not want to miss out on it!

Honestly, Harry is like a skinny Santa, don’t you think? Except with better grooming and fashion sense.

And now … on to the grand winner of the $100 shopping spree!

As of 9:00 pm eastern time yesterday, there were 584 entries to the Harry Mason $100 Shopping Spree Giveaway. I asked to choose one random number between 1 and 584, inclusive, and this is what it shot out at me:



And the winning comment is:



Congratulations Pat Kaley! Email me at within forty-eight hours to claim your prize, you lucky little ducky!

Wait! Before you all send me emails saying HELLO, YOU ARE AN IDIOT, I realize that Pat’s comment number shows as #166 which, unless you’ve been drinking copious amount of alcohol, does not in any way, shape or form resemble’s choice of #473.

Remember when I mentioned in the giveaway post that I use Thesis as my blog theme and that for reasons known only to it and to its whacked out God, it refuses to continue sequential numbering of any comments that spill over to a second page and instead, begins numbering any comments on a second page back at #1 again? So, in essence, I get two sets of comments? This is why I mentioned it – in the event whoever won wound up having a comment on the second page, which Pat did. So I have one page of comments numbered #1-307 and a second page of comments which should have been numbered #308-584 but instead, were numbered #1-277 because Thesis is an asshat. But if Thesis had behaved itself and continued to sequentially number the comments like it was supposed to do, Pat’s winning comment #166 would have instead been correctly numbered as #473. In other words, 307 (comments on first page) + 166 (Pat’s comment) = 473.

Whoever has not yet dropped dead out of boredom, raise your hands.

I cannot believe that I inflicted math upon you. MATH SUCKS THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING.

I’m sorry. Somebody go beat up Thesis for me.

For God’s sake, if anyone uses Thesis and can tell me how to fix this stupid asinine feature, please tell me. Please. I will give you a million dollars, provided you accept Monopoly money. It’s colorful and pretty and probably worth more than actual American dollars nowadays anyway.

To all my readers, thank you so very much for participating in this giveaway! I loved hearing what you wanted for the holidays. Some of your answers made me laugh, some made me tear up and some made me think long and hard about what’s really important in life. You guys rock. Don’t forget to email Harry for your surprise gift!

And a huge, profound thank you to Harry Mason for his generous spirit and his unparalleled talent. I adore you, Harry. You are one of the reasons I leave my heart in San Francisco every time I visit.



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22 thoughts on “Ears are going to be hyperventilating all over the place! LOTS of winners!”

  1. Avatar

    Emailing Mr. Mason now. Congrats to Pat for winning! 😀

    Lunch? Maybe Friday? If I’m still alive and not behind bars for having killed someone on Kiddo’s CSE team at one of the seventy squillion and three meetings we have regarding her services and school between now and Friday?

    1. Avatar

      Hey – I resemble that remark! 🙂 Then again, if it’s not nailed down, I might eat it, regardless of what it is. Twenty WW points do not go far.

      Your comment is #150 on the first page of comments. I about went cross-eyed looking for it too!

  2. Avatar
    Mamie L. Dickerson

    I’ve purchased several pairs of Harry Mason designs over the years and I always get comments on how special they are from my associates. Some wonder how I managed to get them on. Last weekend I was asked where I bought them and how in the world was I able to put them on. I explained that it was easy once you get the hang of it. Thanks Harry for you vision of lovelyness for the ears. I can’t get enough of your funkey stuff. Mamie L. Dickerson Atl. Ga

  3. Avatar

    Are you kidding me, Andi?!!! I got my email from Harry Mason, and it’s for a $25 shopping spree, PLUS a free pair of earrings. I already had some things picked out for the dd’s, but I had to add more to the cart in order to use up the gift certificate. Wow.

    I’ll be paying it forward, as he suggests. I just can’t get over how generous he’s being. We’re not going to put him out of business, are we? I mean, 540 comments . . . .

  4. Avatar

    Andi – thanks so much to you AND Harry – I have never seen these before in the UK – so you were the first to find out about them as far as I am concerned! Yay you and your pointy elbows!

    Have been on and ordered some beautiful butterfly spirals and also got the snowflakes free! Will definitely be showing these off as much as I can and I really hope I can get some business for the generous Harry.

    He was so sweet – he even put a personal ps on my email! Will have to take his (well actually his wife’s) mantra to heart and see what I can do with my “runaway” body! LOL


  5. Avatar

    hey, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! You’ve got a lot going on here, so I’ll be back, I’m a fan of Anderson Cooper too, I saw him on the street once and almost fell over, he’s a handsome man!

  6. Avatar

    Wow…. SO generous of Harry!!!!! I’m so excited, I sent the email from Harry to the man. Hopefully I’ll have something pretty under the tree lol

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