Either I am an adult in a Charlie Brown special or I am simply yelling under water.

Here is my PSA for today:

  • Do not search the Internet for shih-poo puppies in January after you have yelled YOU ARE NOT GETTING A PUPPY UNTIL JUNE no less than eleventy-three million times to your kids.
  • Do not find a breeder within an hour’s drive who happens to have a litter of seven shih-poo puppies born ten days ago.
  • Do not look at any pictures of the puppies. At all. I MEAN IT. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Do not pack your husband and kids in the car under the premise that you are simply driving to the breeder’s house for the sole purpose of checking her out and asking her questions so that maybe you can possibly work with her in the future since YOU ARE NOT GETTING A PUPPY UNTIL JUNE.
  • Do not spend the entire hour drive constantly reminding the kids that this is an information only trip and they are not allowed to even glance at anything small and furry that could even remotely be construed as adorably cute unless they want to be immediately flung into the trunk and FedExed to Tibet because YOU ARE NOT GETTING A PUPPY UNTIL JUNE.
  • Do not think anyone is actually paying any attention to you. AT ALL.
  • Do not be a bit surprised that it takes all of 1.3 seconds after crossing the threshold of the breeder’s house for your kids to fall onto their knees and into love:



  • Do not think that your husband is going to be any help whatsoever unless “We might as well do it now; now’s as good a time as any” can in any way be construed as helpful, WHICH IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT.
  • Do not think, for one second, that you are getting out of there without forking over a down payment for a few ounces of puff and fluff like so:



  • Or so:



  • Do not say YOU ARE NOT GETTING A PUPPY UNTIL JUNE unless by June, you mean March 4, 2010.



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37 thoughts on “Either I am an adult in a Charlie Brown special or I am simply yelling under water.”

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    And the power of the puppy begins……you know it will exert mind control over you?….yep even from an hour away! Dont believe me? Hmmmmmm…within the next week you will be looking for bowls, collars….and BEDS. Can you feel the power pulling at you???
    Oh – and this power? The strength you feel? Yep, thats from an hour away…..imagine how it will be when that little ball of fluff enters the hallowed doors of your home….and those stairs???? No more! My advice to you re the stairs is “dont let him notice that you love em!”…Have you seen how much damage a puppy can do with those little needle sharp teeth? Dont give him a reason to hate them!


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    Those razor sharp teeth also love shoes. And clothes. And more than one dog I’ve known in my lifetime has had a penchant for removing things from bathroom garbage cans (generally of the feminine variety) and then dragging them out to the carpets/nicely finished hardwood floors and chewing into bits to strew and grind in……

    So really, the puppy is going to be *great* for you because now the girls will have a whole new level of incentive to keep their rooms and bathroom picked up, lest that favorite pair of jeans/shoes/shirt that seems to typically dwell floorside or under-the-bedside become Puppy Teething Implement. 😀

    Just please, please, please, please, please promise me: no clothes for the dog. Do not let the girls get all Paris Hilton with him, mmmkay? No sports jerseys, no baseball caps, no jaunty sweaters, etc. Well, maybe a bandanna though I don’t know how badass a Shih-poo can look. (Is that pronounced ship-ooh btw?)

    In closing, congratulations! I’m a teensy bit jealous since my own husband is expressly forbidding any canines from joining our family until at least ’11.

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    Those puppies are too cute! I’m a sucker for puppies, I just wish they’d stay cute like that, but no…they grow up and become raging monsters! Not really, but they are just too cute at that age, like children.

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    awwww they are so adorable. I wouldn’t have been able to go look without getting one too. Don’t lie, you feel in love too. Remember that feeling when you bring it home and it pees and craps all over everything. God made them cute for a reason. 🙂

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    Oh I so understand. My method for not getting a dog was to never ever under any circumstances set foot in the animal shelter with the family. DH & the boys went regularly ‘to visit the dogs’ but as long as I never came along it could never go any further. Then the time came where I had to admit defeat at finding homes for 6 kittens born on our porch and we had to take them to the shelter (where at least 5 adopted within 2 weeks. I kept checking because I felt bad) And that meant I set foot in the shelter with the family. We arrived to drop of 6 kittens. We left with one 18 month old mixed breed hound.

    Never never ever again am I going near the animal shelter with my family. ever.

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    Well, they ARE adorable. 🙂 I have a shih-tzu and I’ve never regretted getting him. He’s so much fun, and my constant companion. Congratulations!

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    Can I fly my kids over to let them stroke and cuddle the puppy when it arrives. It would probably cost less than having a puppy of our own. You can also ensure they clean up the poop as they PROMISE of course that they would do that too!

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    Oh My! You never go just to look!! It doesn’t work!!
    WOW. so glad you are not waiting until June. It’s so hard to wait…
    Can’t wait to greet our next Grand-Dog.

  9. Avatar

    March…June…it’s all the same! Woohoo!

    And, you can have Chuck Norris RIGHT NOW! I know he’s no Andy Cooper but, he’s waiting for you over on my blog, with a fantastic round-house kick… Cry.

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    They are sooooo cute. I miss having a puppy around. But since I moved into this apartment…my only alternative for satisfying my pet lover’s addiction was to get a cat x 2.

    Self sufficient, temperamental, lovable in spurts, and tolerant to a point of us lowly humans.

    Hopefully, things will work out….especially when they decide to stop scratching the camel piss outta me!!!

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    I’m sorry. I made the same mistake except when I did it the puppy was old enough to come home that day! My husband forked over the $500 and we came home with the dog. Enjoy the last 6 weeks of your life!

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    Going with the kids to look at the puppies – that was the end. That puppy was guaranteed new home.

    Remember it could have been multiple puppies…..

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    I think having a puppy will be a great experience for you. You will have lots to blog about! Hahahaha… We have a yorki-Poo and she is the sweetest, smartest dog in the world.

    I advise you to read everything possible about potty training a puppy. Then I advise you to get a product called Resolve, because it cleans carpets well. Then, if even the thought of puppy pee or poop makes you feel faint, I advise an anti-anxiety medication…

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    OMG too funny…we went thru a similar thing earlier this month: went to the breeder’s house to look at Corgi pups “just for information”…spent the hour driving there telling the kids over and over, “We’re not getting a puppy”! And we got there and FELL.IN.LOVE.

    Fortunately, the breeder has no pups available from this litter, so we are waiting till her next litter at the end of the year. *whew*…..!

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    My grandma and I should’ve read this before we went looking for our Chihuahua. We went to a place where we KNEW would be a whole bunch of chihuahuas. And guess what we came back with. 3 chihuahuas. And none of them were the one we were looking for. So that day we lost about 600 dollars and our dog. But we gained three more. Somehow I don’t think that balances out, but hey, they’re cute so..

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