I could use a Mother’s Day at least once a month. Twice during football season.

Breakfast in bed …  my favorite oatmeal, made just the way I like it.

Served around 9:00 a.m.

And it was even warm.

A handmade card – my favorite kind!




Great cook

Wishes to not have to do laundry

Dreams of getting Oliver housebroken

Wants to win the lottery

Who wonders what she’ll do when Zoe goes to college

Who fears bedbugs in hotels

Who prefers to avoid bridges

Who likes chocolate

Who believes I will be a great student

Who loves her family

Who loves photography

Who loves Oliver

Who loves herself

Who plans to get Oliver in puppy kindergarten

Who plans to go to New York City again

Who plans to make her blog bigger

I love you mom



I invented them.

Not the furry one.

I’m so very grateful to be a mom.

How was your Mother’s Day?



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11 thoughts on “I could use a Mother’s Day at least once a month. Twice during football season.”

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    We celebrated early since hubby had to work, I got a nice nap in, got to the gym, even got to go out to The Melting Pot for dinner. Yet on actual mother’s day, my daughters were nice enough to let me sleep in and NOT destroy the house. Even though I had to clean, do laundry and cook dinner, they helped every step of the way! Loved it!

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    Wow! Your Daughter, my Granddaughter is so wonderful to write those things about you.
    You’ve done a great job, Mom.

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