I have 858 stretch marks for this?

Haircut: …………………  $45

Highlights: ……………..  $40

Flat iron: ……………….  $100

Eyebrow wax: ………..  $15

Contacts: ………………  $125

Perfect teeth: …………  $1200

Earrings: ………………. $ stopped counting

Acne treatments: …… $ freaking expensive

Makeup: ……………….. $ freaking expensive, times ten






Attempting to get a photo of your eldest daughter so you never again have to hear “Mom! How come you never post pictures of me on your blog? Huh? Huh? Huh? You do have another daughter, you know. Hello? Hello? WHERE AM I ON THIS THING?” ……………..  Excruciating





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29 thoughts on “I have 858 stretch marks for this?”

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    I knew you had another daughter, but I don’t think we’ve seen photographic proof for a while. 🙂 I’m thinking, though, that her picture’s been published in a magazine (scrapbooking, of course), which most people can’t say.

    I’m coming over from the DST blog train. Sorry it took me a while to post – I had trouble connecting to your blog. I switched to IE8 from Firefox and that might have helped.

    Have a nice day!

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    These photos look very similar to most of my photos of my daughter. LOL You’re paying $45 for a haircut?! Two words: Great Clips. I told my kids if they want anything more expensive than a great Clips cut they can pay for it themselves, or work it off around the house…

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    LOL!! Well her hair looks AWESOME! Love the highlights Zoe!!:) Aww…Andy, you know she’s worth it! Most of the time? Sooo glad Hannah is only 8! I can wait for the teen/tween years a little while 😉

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    The person who suggested Great Clips doesn’t really get it, does she? When it comes to haircuts, you really do get what you pay for. $35 each for my tween.

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    I am amazed that you got the photos you did. I have strick instructions never to blog about my kids (adult males). They never listen to me though so why should I listen to them? Brats.

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    Since my first time here, I didn’t know you had any daughters. 😉 But looks like she loves you using her for your blog as much as my wife and sister love me using them for my blog.

    Re: Maid of the Mist Niagara Falls. I’ve heard that. I think I was on it once when I was a kid, but it was so long ago…and I think I’ve been there in the winter too. It is incredible no matter the time of year you see the Falls.

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    Are teens really that expensive??

    I guess I can believe it. I once bought a dress for my two year old daughter that was $40 because she kept touching it and saying, “Pretty! pretty!” I really shouldn’t do that again. Because what if she becomes a teenager and believes that all she has to do is touch a car and go, “Pretty! Pretty!” in order for me to buy it??

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    She is a beautiful teenager! The top of her head especially lovely.
    One of my fond memories of Zoe was when she asked if she could call me “Granny Sue”.
    And thus my name was given to me by this very special Grandchild.
    Love you Zoe!

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    OMG that is so true! It occurred to me the other night that I don’t have any pictures of my son after he was about 6. That’s ten years of his life that is not documented unless you count his self portraits. He refuses to let me take a picture. It’s gotten to where I take pictures of him sleeping so I can prove that he was once a teen. And of course to embarrass the hell out of him when he is older.

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    Oh trust me, it’ll all come full circle….just you wait!! Someday she’ll wonder why you have no pics of her smiling at the camera. Can’t say you didn’t try!

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