I think this constitutes a silver lining

Remember Bear and how emotionally attached my nine year old Helena still is to him? And how we live in fear that he’s going to sneak into Helena’s dorm and dance with her at her wedding and probably be godfather to her children?

Right now, he’s in my office staring at me reproachfully while sprawled atop my printer where he was flung by yours truly in a fit of annoyance after I unwittingly rolled my office chair over his tattered body and nearly decapitated him. Twice. In my defense, he should know better than to play hide and seek under the desk of a hunger-ridden, delusional lunatic who is sweating the minutes until weigh-in.

Bear remains a constant source of aggravation in this house because he is everywhere he shouldn’t be.

At, on, under or otherwise within a two foot perimeter of the kitchen table.

Swinging from the bannister.

Camped out next to the keyboard with his toe! Jammed under! The! Exclamation! Point!


Waiting patiently on the toilet.

Hitching a ride to Wegmans.

Bear has managed to raise the act of being a nuisance to an art form and as such, he gets flung a lot.

And not just by those who are restricted to twenty measly, God-forsaken, HOW CAN ANYONE BE EXPECTED TO EXIST ON THIS AND NOT KILL SOMEONE points a day.



But sometimes, when Helena comes home from school with a tummy ache and headache and fever …

when she falls asleep on the couch while maintaining some sort of weird death grip on the coffee table …



when she’s earning a pillow fossil on her cheek in the process …

sometimes it’s hard to find fault with Bear …



because he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be.



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29 thoughts on “I think this constitutes a silver lining”

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    Cathleen Monique

    Thats so sweet! I had a blanket from when I was born all the way up to about my 11th grade year in highscool (at this point it was just a little square). Even though I only slept with it my parents hid it from me and never told me where it was. I think I’m still a little upset about it

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    So I’m rapidly careening closer to 38 and I *still* have my teddy bear. Her name is Star Bear and she still lives on my bed. Usually hidden under my pillows so that other grown ups don’t see her and think “seriously? a teddy bear at your age? if that’s what that…. thing once was, anyhow…..”

    I’m just saying, Star Bear did go with me to college and still lives with me but that didn’t mean that she danced with me at my wedding. So never fear, my dear! 🙂

    Hoping Helena is feeling better quickly! I’ll miss you at Zumba!

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    Does he at least buy you a coffee at Wegman’s?

    My soon to be 3yo HAS to have his binkie AND blankie for bed. I’ve been trying to get rid of the binkie for a year to no avail. I fear it’s going to Kindergarten with him at this rate.

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    Okay, that’s me but with a blanket every night. No joke! I won’t say how old I am but I have to have something to hold on to. Even my DH thinks its strange. I have told him to call my echmm, mommy to verify that I have always had a thing for blankets. Since my squirrell with a blue acorn mysterily disappearred during a move. So, with that said, my wonderful Dh got me a special “mother’s day blanket” told the kids don’t touch it don’t use it and don’t mess with it. See blow note

    The binkie can be “accidentally” damaged but the blanket had better stay other mommies.

    Come see my blog..

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    That was sweet and cute! I like Bear! Friends like Bear are very important in children’s lives, even though we want to burn them at the stake after falling down the stairs, after they accidentally on purpose trip us!

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    Dangit that’s so sweet! I had my green rabbit “hippy” that I took with me everywhere, so I can relate. I love my kids’ snugglies. Even when I am searching for them everywhere at bedtime and finally find them stuffed in a box somewhere. Agh!

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    omg! how adorable are those photos! and yup. i can relate. we had a bunbun. sigh. and good luck w/ww i lost 32 lbs and for the 2,754th i’m at 3 lbs of my goal weight (and seriously i’m not stressed about it-i’ll get there LOL). it works so hang in there.

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    I can TOTALLY relate, but from the child’s POV. I had a special teddy bear that required my parents to go back to restuarants, stores, peoples houses in order for me to go to bed at night!!! But that bear was my confidant, friend and shared more “kisses” and “secrets” with…

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    awww….ya know james would KILL me if he knew i was saying this..out loud…on the internet BUT. i will anyway 😉 he still sleeps with “big bug” and he’s 11!

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    I still have Harvey – my old bunny – and a woobie, too! Sometimes we grownups need a little comfort & security – without resorting to valium! I often wonder if the world leaders had bears, bunnies, puppies and woobies – would world peace maybe be easier to attain?

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